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Jewish talismans. Jewish amulets

3.09.2001 Red Mercury

  It is quite clear that we should pay tribute to the Jewish tradition of mascots, more than any other. Would be true to say that in the Jewish community technique for creating talisman remained unchanged for thousands of years.

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Stone your luck

15.11.2001 Red Mercury

  The luckiest stones - those that are passed down from generation to generation. A good mascot - a stone, received as a gift from a loved one that suits you and not only by the sign of the Zodiac, and the type of character.

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Men's amulets (talismans)

10.09.2002 Red Mercury

You probably already know about the diversity of women's jewelry, charms with our ancestors. Men amulets (men talismans, mascot, wards) were simpler and female, usually performed in a variety of brooches, or clasps coats with symbols of protection.

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Beetle mascot. Beetle talisman (amulet)

1.12.2002 Red Mercury

Beetle talisman (amulet)In ancient Egypt, for one of the most revered symbols of magic is scarab beetle. His images are everywhere, and even in the Egyptian temples installed huge sculptures beetle. Beetle talisman (amulet)  was intended to protect the owners from snakebite and evil forces.

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Arabic talisman Arabic amulet

11.11.2003 Red Mercury

  Arabic talisman Arabic amuletArabs in the history of its existence were talismans and amulets. Arab talismans ( amulets) protect their bodies, homes and livestock from attack by evil spirits and protect oneself from the evil eye.

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Silver talismans (amulets)

11.05.2004 Red Mercury

  Silver from ancient times is the magic and power metal, so silver talismans (amulets) are extremely popular. And this is no accident - it can withstand silver and reflects a lot of energy attacks, absorbs all negativity.

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Japanese talismans. Japanese amulets

20.05.2004 Red Mercury

In Japan, there are many signs and amulets, and many Japanese people believe in them. Recall, for example, Japanese talisman (amulets)  in the form of cats with a raised paw called Maneki-neko.

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Muslim talismans (amulets)

5.07.2004 Red Mercury

  Muslim talismans. Muslim amuletsIs itself a kind of Muslim attitudes to magic, on the one hand, it is somewhat similar to the attitude of Christians, the Quran does not approve visits to fortune tellers, witches, magicians, as well as the use of the items they offer, like magic.

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Feng shui amulet. talisman fish turtle frog moent and other

23.07.2004 Red Mercury

  Feng Shui amulet (talisman)Technique or teaching, or perhaps at all, it's magic, because it is impossible to modern man to imagine that within an office or an apartment in the center of the city, can be quiet, calm, measured, and that help to this, small figurines, feng shui talismans (amulets).

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Egyptian talismans (amulets)

1.08.2004 Red Mercury

  Talking about the features of Egyptian civilization, it should be remembered that its history, its structure is very different of other communities that have existed in other parts of the planet.

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