Necromancer Amulet "Protection Fairies"

This light-hearted fairy flitted among the flowers when caught in the net. Now she is forever trapped in a locket, and now it has become a trophy. Fairy mummified body under the influence of witchcraft, dress petals of a rare blue roses withered ...

Medallion with a secret — is a powerful defense against alien witchcraft and curses.
All negative impact can be divided into two categories:
Physical and Power.
With natural clear — this talisman reduce hostility toward you, give the advantage in battle, operation, brawl, helping to avoid a collision, if possible, to protect against injury, protects from getting into an accident, accident

Energy Impact — or subtle effect comes from several sources:

— Spellcasters wishing to intentionally hurt you with the help of their own. — Envious.
— People who, without knowing it, have brought upon you the evil eye or a curse.

Our words always have the strength, so that phrase, uttered in the heat of anger, «but damn you,» can seriously harm you. Man has a dormant force that is activated when it is in danger, he is very angry, or vice versa — very happy. In this case, the anger and the curse can awaken dormant energy, get the most real curse. Behind him comes sickness, loss, disappointment in love, care of loved ones. Simple envious are about the same — they envy materialized in the evil eye. Not so serious, but very unpleasant. You can lose valuable things after the evil eye, suddenly ill. Against all this amulet to protect.
When painting the medallion, I used photos of the mummies of Sicily and Palermo for more naturalistic.
The size of the amulet:
Medallion 3.0 * 2.5 cm; the value figures of approx. 2.5 cm in length. It closes tightly.
Materials amulet:
polymer clay, mohair Tress, bronze accessories, acrylics, pastels, water-based lacquer

Amulet price — 2350 $ us(The price includes:  video report about  spell + tarot reading +DHL courier delivery).
Manufacturing  spells & amulet term (5-12 days)
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