Pyramid of Madness Spells for Revenge and Punish Enemy

madness spellsI need to warn you from the start: if you feel discomfort, anxiety or fear viewing this page, you need to close it immediately. Your soul or Guardian Angel is giving you a signal that you’ve encountered very strong magic and using it may be very dangerous. But if you think you’ve finally found what can help you right a wrong, punish someone who deserves it, this powerful magic item designed to make any persone or someone madness insane is just what you need.
However, your confidence in the ability of this madness spells to help you doesn’t guarantee that I’ll agree to sell it to you. I bear full responsibility for everything I do before Higher Powers, and I’ve promised them that I’ll sell this Pyramid of Madness only if the buyer persuades me that he really needs it. For instance, I’m ready to sell it to someone who wants to punish a rapist or murderer who’s somehow managed to escape punishment for the crime he’s committed. Pyramid with madness spells can be used to punish robbers or sadists who’ve maltreated or humiliated you and you still can’t forgive them and forget what’s happened to you.

Powerful Madness spells

Don’t try to lie to me by making up some heartbreaking story in hope to talk me into selling this madness spell ritual  to you. I’ll find out the truth anyway, even if for that I’ll need to perform a magic ritual of diagnosing you. If your story is made-up, you won’t get the result. So don’t waste your time (and my time) and don’t try to order Madness spells if you’re not sure Higher Powers will approve your revenge.
Don’t try to punish an innocent man or cause a man more suffering than he caused you, or you’ll regret it. Higher Powers will punish you for that and make you suffer. It’s called magic side effect. This kind of punishment is very difficult to remove. Remember, this amulet has been designed to make someone madness using black magic crazy spells. Can you imagine how devastating the consequences of misusing it might be?
This  pyramid of madness is a perfect weapon for hex spell casting. To use it, you don’t need to be a witch or a spellcaster. All you need is this insanity pyramid with Madness spell and a photo of thesomepne ( yor enemy) who you want to punish. For the pyramid of madness to start producing its destructive influence, take the photo (make sure it depicts only one persone and has no other people in the background) and put the pyramid on it. I assure you enemy will go insane, and no spellcaster, including most experienced and professional ones, will be able to help him.
Now you understand why I don’t want to sell this terrifyingly black magic powerful artifact to random customers. You’ll buy madness spells with pyramid only after a personal consultation: I have to find out what makes you want to revenge yourself. Besides, I have to disappoint you if you expect this pyramid to give you a feeling of being almighty and unpunishable: the pyramid is adjusted to influence one particular individual. It means that it can drive just one particular man insane and you can’t use it to punish anyone you want.
I know the human nature very well, that’s why I’ve equipped this artifact with a magic safety device. If you try to use this pyramid to influence a man whose fate we haven’t discussed, the pyramid will start driving you insane. I’m sure this will prevent you from misusing the power of this magic artifact.

How to make Madness Curse spell on enemy

Question: What’s exactly going to happen to the man hexed with the help of this  pyramid of madness?
Answer: As a rule, people are slowly being drawn up to the so called dark worlds. The pyramid blocks light energies coming from “heavenly” (let’s call it so) worlds, and people connect to the energies coming from the dark worlds. These worlds are called “infernal” because they cause people nothing but suffering. People feel fear and get depressed. They lose control of their reality, start hearing voices and seeing something no one else can see.
Besides, people under the influence of this madness spells hex lose control over their own selves. Their world gets distorted. They are confident that countless demons living in it are all trying to harm or enslave them.
Question: What does psychiatry say about it?
Answer: Victims of the madness spells are diagnosed with insanity, madness, schizophrenia, autism etc. This black magic item is very powerful and can cause a range of various mental disorders.
Question: Will medical treatment help?
Answer: No, medicine is powerfulness against magic.
Question: What should I do if I hex with madness spells on  someone but then want to remove the hex from this person?
Answer: Just put the pyramid aside and say aloud, “I forgive you, because in my opinion you’ve paid enough for the evil done to me and my family.”
Question: What should I do with the pyramid after that? Will it constitute a threat if I keep it in my home?
Answer: When you realize you no longer need its help, call me and I’ll tell you what to do to neutralize the pyramid’s magic power.
Question: Will I be punished for casting a hex madness curse  on my enemy?
Answer: As I’ve said, I’ll do everything I can to ensure that you don’t suffer punishment. If you still have doubts, read this article over again. However, sometimes Higher Powers punish people even if they initially approved their revenge. It happens when, for example, a person fails to hear Higher Powers’ plea that the enemy has suffered enough and his suffering needs to be stopped (by removing the pyramid from the photo). Or if your enemy regrets what’s been done to you and apologizes to you, but you don’t want to forgive him.

If you buy «Pyramid of Madness spell» you get:

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- You get a photo  or video record of casting ritual «madness spells ritual»
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