Passionate Couple (Spell for Sex)

spells for lust and magical spell for sexI’m excited to present to you a bar of magic soap shaped as a couple. As you know, soap has been used for casting love spells for centuries. Magically spell for sex, it can make any man or woman sexually attracted to you, regardless of your current relations.
To begin with, my soap is not only charged magically, but is also completely safe for human health. Made of natural ingredients, it’s lauryl sulfate free. It contains no surface active substances. It contains natural avocado, coconut and almond oils. It smells of Nina Ricci, but if you want another fragrance, men’s or women’s, can be used instead.
This magic item is designed to help cast spells for sex. There are several ways for you to do that. However, before use its spell for sex, learn the following spell by heart and say it seven times over your magic soap:
As spring water gives body purity,
This soap frees (your beloved’s name) from thoughts about others!
He (she) will want only me!
He (she) will long only for me!
Unable to sleep at night!
About (your name) dreaming!
I’ve said. I’ve tied up. I’ve taken the power for my wish from the beginning of all beginnings!

Now you can start performing your ritual spell for sex. You can do that in 2 ways

1. Take a shower or bath using this soap to boost your sex appeal. Remember, your enhanced sexual energies will be perceived not only by your beloved, but by all the people around you.
2. Give your magic soap to your beloved and make sure he (she) takes a shower or bath with it. This will make him (her) sexually attracted to you.
My magic soap with ritual for sex can be used to:
— Keep your family together if it’s falling apart because one of the spouses has no sexual interest in the other
— Prevent your spouse or partner (male or female) from cheating on you
— Attract a man with your sex appeal to be in a relationship with him (her)
— Have a one night stand if you want it but but don’t know how to do that
My magic soap helps only people with clean energies and karma. If you’re destined to be alone and have no sex life, neither this soap nor any other magic item will be able to help you. Don’t believe those who claim their artifacts can help you even if you’re cursed. Buying such “magic” items is a waste of money. Until you have your energies cleaned and karma fixed, magic is powerless.
As a very powerful witch, I can diagnose your karma and subtle bodies to identify your problems and fix them. If you want to fix your sex life, put an end to your dissatisfaction, impotency and loneliness, just contact me. I will fix your subtle bodies and karma, so finding a partner will never be a problem for you, and you can enjoy your new full sex life.
Each energy-related problem is very individual. That’s why there’s no universal advice on its solution. Contact me and I will select a magic program and magic rituals which will suit you best.

 Questions about spell for sex

Question: Will your soap help me if I’m an ugly woman?
Answer: I assure you it will. Our sex appeal is not in our looks. It’s inside us. And this magic item can make any woman beautiful inside and any man sexually attractive.
Question: How old do I need to be to be allowed to use this soap?
Answer: Contact me and I will answer your question personally.
Question: What should I do after I use up your magic soap?
Answer: Contact me so I can send you a new one.
Question: I learned from your articles that you can customize your magic items. Can you adjust a bar of your magic soap so it will influence a particular man who I love very much?
Answer: The soap is adjusted when I cast a spell for sex over it. After that, you adjust it to yourself with the help of the magic spell above. By saying the name of your beloved, you adjust the soap to influence that very man. If you’re not sure you can do everything right, contact me. I’ll adjust the soap and make sure it’ll work exactly as expected.
Question: Are there any rules for using this magic item?
Answer: Yes, there are some rules for you to follow if you’re going to use this magic soap. Firstly, never throw your soap away. If its mission has been fulfilled, wrap the bar in a clean red cloth. Secondly, make sure your soap doesn’t get soaked (don’t keep it in water for too long), or it’ll lose its magic power. Let your soap dry before putting it away. Thirdly, never let other people use your soap. Only you and your beloved are allowed to touch the magic soap. If someone else touches it, the soap’s magic programs will fail, while such failures can’t be fixed.
Question: What if I get tired of the one I’ve cast a spell for on? Will I be able to get rid of this person and how?
Answer: Just stop using the soap or throw it away. Eventually, your relations with that person will get back to where they were when the soap was purchased.

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— Magic ritual – spell for sex ( i need your photos for ritual);
— Photo or video of the sex spell ritual performed;
— Free shipping.
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