Ethics witches

Anyone who wants to become a witch should not only acquire knowledge but also develop a special relationship to the people to the world. Do not show the person who has applied to you for help, that you carelessly or lightly to his problems.
Or do not pay attention to the request to resolve the situation in a manner different from that offered you, because your method might instill fear and anxiety. If you accept the client's wishes into account, the release of patient negative emotions can seriously interfere with your work. If you change the selected method is not possible, try to calm turned to you for help, explain the reason why you can not use another method to solve their problems, instill confidence in the successful outcome of the case. And, of course, do not forget that the boasting, the desire to show himself a superman is not only ugly but also your work will undoubtedly harm because of higher forces can not stand you, invented their own authority and turn away from you, which of course entails repeated failures in work.
Always remember that you are — a link between the client and the Higher Powers, and they assisted only by your request. Therefore, all bragging about what you is subject to solve any problem, a false confidence in their exclusivity can destroy the force, which you already possess, and to nullify the existing skills.
And another very important aspect for you: learning how to be silent and discreet. After talking to the right and left of the mysteries of magic, you break the law of privacy. This means that the knowledge shared with anyone — is causing a direct injury.
 Witchcraft is based on knowledge, knowledge gives greater strength and power, shared with someone — it lost power. In addition, the knowledge that you have generously shared, can be used to harm people. you as a magician or sorcerer must never violate his word, and should try to develop a state of mind when everything no matter what you say is true. Remember that every time the word break, destroy faith in yourself, faith that relentlessly created before.
 When you spend a magical ritual that inevitably enter into a very delicate operation «mechanism». It consists of material from which dreams are made, and «electricity» that flows through it, be your own pulsating emotions and desires. In order to fix the mechanism, and then make it move, you must use your flaming will, unwavering faith and fierce imagination in equal proportions. You must call the hard work of the mind and the mind, then success will be guaranteed witchcraft.
It's no secret that anyone nicely bring joy to another. And then the witch- is no exception to these rules. Especially happy to help those people who have tried to cast spells or treat yourself, wanted to get rid of the effects of negative energy, money troubles. But they for some reason it did not work, and they come to you as a professional witch, to solve their problems. And if you help them, in such cases, people become kinder, more are starting to believe that goodness exists in the world. Therefore, to help the needy — a double benefit.
Cast for the benefit of people — it's very hard work. But is it possible to refuse to help? Strong and clever magicians lot. There is even a saying:&
«For every witch has his client» and vice versa. Meaning what? Whoever gets to a certain witch, and it is deserved.

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