About problems works of witch with some clients.


There are people who are either specifically, or by their own feeble mind like to interfere with other people (witch) to work. Probably many people have seen some drivers in public transport table «Talk with the driver while driving is forbidden».

But then, bad luck!

In this age of cell phones and the Internet, many people express their own innate talkativeness completely warped way. Just seeing someone to other people, those who work for them! Of course, this is true of their loneliness, from which do not save any social network, or a bunch of those. These ignorant people who are called by the word «friends».
Only now his behavior these persons pose difficulties. And I will give some examples of such difficulties in the work of witch.
Of course, in the first place are stupid questions.
«That's my picture, what can you say about me?». «Reddy, Hello. And what is your magic?» and another «Are you black or white witch?»
Interesting personality
Been reading stupid things — and I engaged in their education, expound. But it is especially difficult when these talkative creatures, and even blunt. I do not blame them, but then hard with them. First, they are also still trying to argue and persuade me. And secondly, some of them for a long time can not stop, do not take what they say to me, and common sense.
That's stupid, I explained that there is no white or black magic, there is no white or red astrology, there is no gray or black feng-shui. So this stupid to me in response: «Why, then, always writing? ...» continue — continue proofread nonsense.
The second place I dare to take a particularly well-read various «experts» question.
All sorts of «experts» as the issue can not only write their own statements, they are also asking all to show their supposed enlightenment in this area. Here it turns out, is very much important to know where to go away and damage, which was removed from them, because «they've read somewhere… and talked… and a friend of the senator urged the ...»
Of course, they operate on different special notation «Return pipe»,«rollback», «karma», «lining» ...It is known that if a person uses slang in speech or professional words and definitions, then, he wants to show her the sacrament to a particular category or field.
And those «involved» brazenly stolen during the witch. And if you look deeper, this time stolen from other people, those who need help the witch, and not simply the interlocutor.
In third place is the proletariat.
Once the working class, called cattle. After the October Revolution 1917 year under the leadership of Ulyanov-Lenin-Blanca workers were called «proletarians». And under this definition, meant that these people are extremely poor, but industrious as ants.
That refers to the witch proletarian sometimes. And this book is ready to work proletarian witches. But only the amount of money they offer proletarians have a witch, which you can buy only five pies.
And when the witch refuses, then the outraged proletariat, sincerely believing that the witch must be something to lower-income citizens. What is there to begin! And cries that real witch does not take money. And the appeal to the conscience, they say, «help for free — it is a duty. God's judgment and the threat and promise, that, well, you are back, goes around comes around ...»
Some of the proletariat can be safely attributed students. «I'm a poor student or young person,» — write various citizens, showing at once that they do not pay for your work. And when they said that some people, as students or teenagers, worked… Oh, what excuses do not see just by wishing to exploit the labor of others, that is, the work of witches ...
Here I am on this, the witch Reddy, until stop. But I'm going to continue to inform all people about those who do not know how to behave, turning to witch. Therefore, concludes this way: «The end of the 1 part. Extension will be!»

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