Instruction. The behavior of the customer (Client) during a love spell and after a love spell

So. You chose the only possible way for a return of the lost feelings of love through the love spell. The first and only independent decision-your choice of a witch.
After the first meeting or communicating with witch, your amateur for the return of a loved one should be stopped. All that now you are going to take to be agreed with the witch, and thy going out in strict accordance with the selected its tactics. Each method has its own witch. But they all share one thing-you have entrusted the fate of his love impartial third person (the witch), and only now she directs your actions. Love spell is a serious work of witches and a mutual customer.
The success is guaranteed only to those who can fight for their love coolly and smoothly. Do you want results, if you please accept this condition.
All others will also be important, but secondary.
Here they are:
1. Self-control and self-control again.
Now that the war for the love went into the area of mental, all your bad thoughts can undeniably affect object magic impact. So in your mind- positive solid obtained by any available means to you. Deliberate actions, your hysterics pushed far into «later.»
2. Silence.
About your actions other than the witch must not know anyone, ever. Friends as advisors should be forgotten for the duration of magical work, as well as for many years after its successful completion.
3. Strictly forbidden to engage in an «oversight» of other magicians, fortune tellers and clairvoyants. Any unauthorized viewing situation,«foreign» witch can completely demolish all the positive changes and move the work for a few months ago, or even ruin it.
4. All contact with the object of magical effects can occur only after they approve a witch.
Calls, fictitious reasons for the «accidental» meetings, and drunken crazy night sms excluded. If you do not have control yourself, do not waste your money on a love spell. And especially, do not lie witch.
5. If you have the feeling of loss of love, but the object of magic influence continues to live with, or sometimes comes to visit you -Take care of some prey items, which subsequently can be very useful. This is a manifestation of any organic object of your hair, nails, blood, &semen. Of the inorganic -photography, unwashed underwear, insole, cigarette butts, handwriting. In short, everything that had some contact with the body of cherished individual.
6. Do not forget that none of the love spell alone can not give you happiness. In addition to the mental, you have to work hard on changing their image, their habits. To change all that, because of what you threw. Extremely friendly attitude toward the object. You and only you took responsibility for his (her) soul, for his (her) comfort. Witch-only vehicle of your desires.
Love spell is an ancient means of stimulation of love. All the effects and rules of conduct during the love charms tested thousands of practices. Do not expect to become a pioneer, or guarantee you will get only more problems than you have had so far. Success was achieved only people motivated and able to listen to your witch. Otherwise, I give no guarantees, and can `t please do not waste your money and my time!!

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