How to cast a love spell is correct. (To spell work)

Since you are on the site of witchcraft. No one is going to read you a moralistic and discouraged to do anything.
We strongly recommend all newcomers and beginners to carefully read the text of this article.
Anyone who has decided to bewitch someone / quarrel / draw, etc. must clearly know what: diagnosis and cleaning. Sometimes after these 2 items do not need omens / quarrel and the list goes on.
Diagnosis of relations is viewing the current situation at the moment, by clairvoyance, divination, etc. If the diagnosis reveals relationships, whether in you or your loved any magical effect that he 'feels at the moment, which caused the situation and what to do. Very often the diagnosis is revealed, which is your favorite / favorite parted with you, because to him (her) was quite the impact, or he loves you, but just can not forgive, etc. In this case, you will not have to do is not a spell, you can do cleaning and harmonizing relations. Diagnosis of relations can be ordered Here
Cleaning - is the cleaning of the object of the negative programs that have been induced by magic (love spell, damage, binding, evil eye, etc.). Also, some cleaning brush «personal lock» personal «cockroaches» in the Galway facility, etc. Cleaning and should be chosen only after a diagnosis and to select for your situation, after the cleaning is to diagnose it again to make sure that all the negative away.
If the data manipulation you do not help, then read on.
Love Spell — is a magical effect, giving the illusion of love.
Sex love spell - is the impact, after which the achievements of object you passionately want to, but does not like.
Binding spell — is the impact, after which the object is well-read to you to show increased interest.
Blocking is a betrayal of the impact spell, after which the object does not want anyone but you, and even if he wants, he can not join with anyone in a sexual relationship. It is worth noting that this does not guarantee that the object will want you -it will need additional methods to «guide on the right path.»
Quarrel spell — this ritual promotes deterioration of relationships, people begin to find fault with each other, to quarrel, but it does not always work for long, especially family relationships.
Rupture of relations spell — of this ritual, in which the object begins to feel anger, hatred, disgust until the fact of the who made lapel.
Cooling love spell-object ceases to feel the love / passion for, from what she's done.
Challenge (caller spell) — the person starts to think of you often, seeking a meeting with you, but if the relationship before this were not the best, then he turned to dont& kiss you.
Weakening of Energy spell, is to make the object easier to lay down the program, often a little damage to health, etc.
Suppression of the will spell, is to reduce the resistance of the object program (spell, binding, etc.)
Protect spell -name speaks for itself, protects against magical influences, well, do not forget that the protection can be removed, or break, because usually put some protections.
Protecting the magic work spell — done in order to see if you made love spell / pop up a quarrel in public, they would not be so easy to remove.
And so, you are familiar with the above information and decide what you're going to do.
Typically, systems are doing in this sequence:
1) Diagnosis

2) protection (by itself) spells

3) Cleaning spells

4) Reducing the suppression of the will spells

5) Broil spell, bond breaking spell, cooling love spells (if there is opponent / rival)

6) Easy love spells, sex binding spells and so on.

7) Protection spells against cheating, we close the object of other people.

8) Powerful &love spell (usually done at the cemetery)
3 situations:
1 situation:
You have a picture your object or personal belongings, you do not know whether he has a boyfriend or girlfriend.
To begin a magical work Waning moon:
— Begin fasting (9 -13 days without eating meat, fish, butter, eggs, do not drink alcohol, drink coffee and tea, or smoke. In the last 13 days — nothing to eat or drink).
— making a clean-and he (she), if the diagnosis on Tarot saw a magical effect.
— weaken the will of the object (ritual)
— set the protection on yourself
— make out a ritual of protection against cheating
continue on a magical work Full moon:
— preparing for a love spell, buy the ingredients for the ritual meal for the repurchase. advance pedestrian crossing find close to home (back left to incur after the spells). select the day of love spell (look in the lunar calendar), do cleaning in the room where we do ritual.
-for some time before we put the protection of the ritual — the most simple — draw a clockwise circle of charcoal, after the ritual wash against the clock.
— make a love spell
— immediately after ritual left to carry them into the intersection. Can not be greedy!!
Mercy — Money (coins), expensive wine or vodka, fresh meat, candy, expensive cigars.
— from time to time after the love spell. doing a ritual challenge (caller spell)
Situation 2
(You have a photo your object.& object have boyfriend or girlfriend)
begin work on the magical Waning moon:
— begin fasting (which you can eat and what not to eat, I have written above)
-make a clean spell, if they saw the impact of the diagnosis.
— weakens the will of your facility and will opponent (your bf or gf)&
— make Break-up spell, &quarrel spells and so on.
continue to work magic on the Full moon:
Preparing for the ritual love spell: buy the necessary ingredients for the ritual meal for repurchase in advance to find the graveyard& for the ritual. select the correct lunar day for the ritual ..
daily ritual:
-put yourself on the protection.
— at night doing a love spell (the ritual at the graveyard)
— immediately after the ritual &left to refer to the crossroad. Do not be greedy! (a list of the things listed above).
— after some time, you can do caller spell or even a new &love spell.

Situation 3

if you had done a love spell. but no one spell does not work.
proceed as follows.
Add to the above rituals:
— by decreasing the moon. make the slavery spell
— the growing moon. make love spell with a doll (or Russian rituals of black magic or voodoo rituals) or do a love spell with blood
Next update love spell 1 time in 2 months — 6 months (depending on which love spell you're done).
It is also recommended to set the protection spells to each their magical effects.
General Information:
Constructive rituals (love spell, binding spells, etc.) are made on the moon rising, if the rite otherwise noted.
Destructive rituals (weakening and suppression will spell, quarrel spells, breaking spells, the cooling of love spells, protection against cheating,, the closure of the other, etc.) are made on the waning moon.
The rituals of the men made in the days of men's, women in the female.
Mens day- Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.
Women's day — Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
On Sunday, the rituals are not done. exclusion of rituals that do not last a day and can not «pass» on Sunday. It is also not advisable to start a new case on Monday.
Graveyard rituals are performed at any time if the ritual is not specified, the rituals of devils and demons are held from midnight until 3:00 am, unless otherwise specified.
It is also worth noting that the love spells «diabolical» start to work, usually faster (about a lunar cycle — 30 days), but the love spells are not kept for a long time (2-7 months). Cemetery love spells begin to operate for 2-3 months, and their duration depends on what kind of relationship you build with the dead that will work for you. (We are talking about the graveyard of love spells).
Also, women can not perform any magic actions during the days of menstruation, pregnancy and until their child turns 3 years old.

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