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Discover your magic and psychic abilities. harmonize your chakras

The development of magical abilities

Mystical abilities and psychic energy

Magical abilities are based on the ability to control the psychic energy, which has a certain margin for each person. In yoga, this energy is called "prana" and in Chinese medicine - "chi." Psychic energy has different properties and quality - depending on our level of consciousness.
This energy is closely linked with the chakras and subtle bodies of the person. The chakras are spinning wheels of energy, in which the energy comes from outer space, and transformed them, fills our physical body. They are called - converters.

Thus, the better development of the chakras - the more cosmic prana they can absorb and convert. The level of development is determined by the degree of their chakras opening. And as each chakra is associated with certain structures of our physical and subtle bodies, its development and defines the magical abilities.

In other words, the acquisition is the result of the disclosure of Siddha Chakra. Do not spiritually awakened people chakras are small and dim, and the chakras enlightened magicians resemble glowing swirls, similar to the sun.

What abilities are stored in the chakras

The lower chakra Muladhara, located near the coccyx, is responsible for the physical well-being. The development of this chakra gives us a perfect health. This significantly reduces the time of sleep, a person recovers quickly after heavy physical and mental stress, there is a burst of energy and increased alertness. This, of course, does not apply to the magical abilities, but without a healthy and strong body to practice magic is very difficult, almost impossible. In addition, the Muladhara gives knowledge of past, present and future events, the ability to see beings from other worlds, and to perform the most simple desires.

Svadhishthana development, focusing on the level of sexual organs, gives eternal youth and longevity (for mages this is very important), causes attraction in the opposite sex, can develop the ability to go to the astral plane, evokes clairvoyance and clairaudience primary level.

Manipur, which is located in the umbilicus, gives us the knowledge of past lives, empowers our thoughts and words that gain unprecedented power and start running in real life. Charms and spells are very effective, becoming a powerful weapon to transform the world and themselves. Magician also gains the ability to enter into other bodies at will and create precious metals.

The Heart Chakra Anahata is directly connected to the other world, and its development gives him the ability not only to understand other people's souls, but also manage them. This chakra is responsible for clairvoyance, clairaudience, levitation and movement of the air.

Vishuddha, which is located in the throat, the man gives a subtle spiritual hearing, through which you can hear the sounds of the subtle world and interact with its residents. Opening this chakra gives understanding of the laws of the universe and helps deeper understanding of the world at the level of intuitive insight. Magician also gains the ability to control the world, to feel the ecstasy of the whole body, talk to animals and plants, and the most interesting - after the death of mummifying the body, keeping it for centuries without any signs of decomposition.

Ajna, the so-called "third eye", is associated with clairvoyance. Magician can see how events thousands of miles away, and the motion of tiny particles of matter. Magician contemplates gods and other higher beings, communicating with them and work together. This chakra increases and grinds all the siddhis, which the magician has owned up to that time. Also, a person with a developed Ajna chakra may all wishes and completely control the body, according to his will in motion certain processes or stopping them. It is known that yoga can consciously die, ceasing to work your heart at will.

Sahasrara is concentrated on top of the head and is directly linked to the achievement of liberation - stopping a succession of births and deaths, the wheel stops samsara, which revolves soul. Mage completely renounces his body, can easily get out of it, traveling to outer space. He can also reduce or increase the size and weight of the body, control the world, traveling to all corners of the immense universe and materialize objects.

Awakening Kundalini

To open the chakras and find magical ability to evoke a mystical spiritual energy of kundalini, which is like a snake curled up asleep in the coccyx. Once the snake awakens and looks up, it begins to rise up the spine to the crown of the head. In this case, all the chakras awaken man in the spine feels hot heat, exhibit all the hidden features of the organism, and the mystical forces are not forced to wait long for its manifestation.

Can awaken kundalini through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, which is not merely a system of some kind of exercise, but the whole art. It includes asanas, pranayama, stretching, relaxation practices, mudras, mantras and meditation. It is very hard work, requiring high concentration, endurance and creative ambition. But for someone who wants to become a real magician, not in this world, nothing is impossible ...

Do you want to learn magic? But you do not know where to start?



Do you want to become a psychic? or do you want to harmonize your chakras?


I will help you discover your magic and psychic abilities





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Opening your magic abilities and increase vitality


complex ritual and spells


 $580 US

Preparation of and access to the Mental Worlds


lucid dreaming, astral traveling


$ 600 US

Opening of the memory of your past lives.


For information about your past lives, reincarnation through lucid dreaming


 $ 580US

Communication with your dead relatives


a ritual designed to gain by your ancestors, to establish your connection to the family. I recommend this ritual for those who have been kind to the people with extraordinary magical powers.


$ 200 US/session

Open your clairvoyance


$ 800US

Open your clairaudience


$ 650 US

Open your third eye


complex ritual and spells


$ 1000US

Open your abilities of telepathy


reading other people's thoughts


$ 850 US



"connection" to a particular people, to gather about him (her) information


$ 750 US

Attachment to your good spirit-helper


ritual of catching the spirits and keeps them close to you


$ 640 US

Grounding your Energy


$ 350US

Restores your etheric, mental or astral body


complex ritual and spells


$ 350 US

Restore your energy 1


helps to restore your strength after a  ritual/spell


$ 400 US

 Restore your energy 2 


helps to restore your strength after a complex rituals/spells


$ 400 US

Energy for your brain 


helps in learning, contribute to memorize large amounts of information


$ 390 US

Secret of your sleeps (dreams)


removal of existing units, remember the disturbing dream and received in a dream given information


$ 390 US

Strengthening of the energy  your aura


complex ritual


$ 400 US

Getting rid of your laziness


$ 400 US



ritual will help you pass the test and exam. Mobilizes all forces dealer's apprentice, send your forces for an exam, give attention, concentration. Makes exam success, a success


$ 570 US



Ritual regulate your speech will make your performance more beautiful, more will open your speaking skills. This ritual is required for lectures, presentations, negotiations and the protection of oral tests - in areas where need is your good, competent speech. Also, this will help ritual you make a magical ritual with no errors, remove fears. you will not confuse the words in the text of the ritual)


$ 590 US

Know the secret thoughts of your enemy


$ 250 US/session



The discovery and protection of your chakra


$ 250 US



The discovery and protection of your chakra


$ 250 US



The discovery and protection of your chakra


$ 250 US



The discovery and protection of your chakra


$ 250 US



The discovery and protection of your chakra


$ 250 US



The discovery and protection of your chakra


$ 250 US



The discovery and protection of your chakra
 $ 290 US


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6) All services listed on this page, you do not require any additional actions (practices).

The exception to this rule are:

Opening your magic abilities and increase vitality, Preparation of and access to the Mental Worlds, Open your clairvoyance, Open your clairaudience, Open your third eye, Open your abilities of telepathy.

 (when ordering the services you have to understand that the best results, you can achieve using meditation, reading the literature and a lot of practice. Combining all this together. with my rituals and spells, you can achieve maximum success in discovering your abilities)

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