Wiccan magic. Truth or Scam?

wicca magic  wicca love spellAs they say in America: «If You Want To Become A Millionaire, Found A Religion ». That's what made Gerald Gardner. As befits such cases, Gerald said that his creation — a survivor of the ancient religion of modern witchcraft.

Quote from Wikipedia: «The truth of the allegations Gardner could not be definitely proven, because it is considered that Wiccan theology did not emerge before 1920.» Historians and other researchers often have very little connection with reality, because it made the case do not know. Wiccan theology arose when it emerged. That's when the first mention of it appeared — this is the date of her birth. Stories of the ancient book / film / recordings, which gathered dust in the attic and were found by accident by some ordinary man, and immediately became a very well-sold for a fortune, to put it mildly, cause we have a categorical denial.

We now turn to the magical part Wicca. Wicca magic is very popular in the west. If you look magical western sites, most of them are Wiccan. Why is it so?. Real experts find very hard for charlatans find very real. Although they at times less than in the Russian segment of the Internet. This is due to the fact that in Western countries decided to sue the cheater, not persuading the phrase: «He is my picture!» And remain silent in a rag.

Why is it so popular it became Wicca? Wicca solves the problem with the lawsuits! Wiccans generally do not provide magic services, and earn a teaching magic, Wicca, and other bulk sales of all sorts of ingredients and tools for rituals.

To become Wiccans have to pass a basic course for initiation. At this point it all depends on the place of learning. If you are working with a teacher, you will need to advisable dedication when it comes to learning via the Internet, you may not have the dedication. The basic course is in the public domain, but worth the money. Symbolic of money, but still worth it. Once you become Wiccans, it's time to act. In order to operate equipment needed. The basic equipment includes: robe, Paton, sword, Atam, a magic wand (yes, yes… the same one that Harry Potter), a bowl.
All this equipment Wiccans buys immediately on online store that is «friendly» with his teachers. Once the basic equipment purchased, you need to start buying all kinds of books, amulets, the ingredients for the rituals and stuff. Prices Wiccan utensils are not the same, and high (we watched the western shops). They are soft and very accessible to marginalized groups (juveniles, the survivors from the mind of pensioners, the unemployed living on welfare).

The trick of this case lies in the fact that almost all Wiccan rituals require consumable components. Wiccan rituals and spells are simple, they require little or no real training complex, which require real magic rituals. Wiccan rituals are easy to find in the very same online stores for Wiccans. It's simple, you only buy the ingredients. Components are sold individually or in sets. And in the right set of ingredients includes instructions for the ritual! There is no mystery. I bought a set of ingredients and went to do rituals. One ritual — one set.

It is for this vikkanstvo so popular in the west. Serve the lawsuit is not for nothing. Money paid — ingredients available. «Something does not work? Well, not all at once, we must try harder!» (As is usually said Wiccan teacher)

For those who have not yet understood. Wicca is the most common pumping money. Nothing to do with this magic wicca no
Wiccan religion condemns the love spell.
This is contrary to the Wiccan religion!
So Wiccan love spells is a fraud and scam!

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