How to find a real witch? The difference between a real witch and witch-scam. love spell

In life, everyone has a place problems. With the majority of problems we handle ourselves. But sometimes trouble comes with a handle on your own does not work. This can be a serious disease that can not cure conventional medicine. Or psychological problem for which no one will undertake a psychologist. Many people go to this church. But the majority is looking for a mag or witch. And then there is a problem: how to distinguish a real magician and charlatan?
I have long been thought to create the topic and decided to write it.
Scam in magic now divorced a lot, every second of my clients said that several times already hooked and lost a quack a lot of money.
People who cheated, lose faith in magic and the fact that in this world there are still people who can really help.
If you want to find a mage and do not get to the quack, please read through this topic to the end, then describes the basic principles and you are definitely not get caught on cheaters.
In this case, I will try to give some important tips for someone who is a scam, but who is not.
Then decide for yourself.
No one will argue that the «magic market», as well as any other, there are those who faithfully serve the people, and those who just earns money on our own human weaknesses, illnesses, depression, fear. These crooks are among psychologists and doctors, teachers, coaches, lawyers.

Signs of a witch-scam. How to distinguish a real magician and scammed.

1. Many titles and pathos.
— Scammer does not communicate with you as a human, he either puts «gothic mask of sorrow,» or speaks as God is with mortals.
Mag-scammers are always maintains its exclusivity and superiority over all others. He calls himself a unique and inimitable.
For example scammer writes about himself, «I am the best witch 3rd Millennium,» «I am a great spellcaster of all time,» «I am the most authoritative and respected.»
More trick scam:
— The phrase «all-around liars, and I am a good and honest spellcaster» (about black PR see below)
— the phrase «treated me great actors and leading politicians from around the world»
2 Spellcaster-scam always guarantee you a 100% result. Some scammer and 2000% guaranteed result)))
These pseudo-spellcaster consider themselves better than God.
in their ads and on their websites, they often write: «Instantly make a love spell», «Love spell for a day or same day or the day of payment,» «I help everybody.»
The only area where it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the Magi is a medicine. Here, at least, the result can be measured. Disease and was gone. It should be understood that those people who have recovered themselves very much like this.
3. Spellcaster-scammers give you incredible time for the execution of your wishes.
1, 2, 3 days.
For example, a normal result for the period of the onset of a love spell from 3 months to 6 months. But if we apply the powerful techniques of black magic, the result can be much faster. Not exactly a magician (to within a day) you will not say when the act ritual.
If a magician calls are not real time, such as a love spell for 1 or 3 days. So it's scammers. Remember! this does not happen in magic. there is no such quick results! You cheated! Do not chase speed, but rather look for the quality of work! Exact timing of the magician will never give! And do not ask for these terms, much depends on the situation, and sometimes enough for one day, and sometimes have to work hard for months. Magic does not give results for a day or two or three. If you are persuaded that the results will be within 1-2 days — it's 100% scammers.
4. Mass mailing of letters of response.
Attention! Magus, who write big, long letters up to «send the money for such and such address» — scammers! In fact, all this nonsense, they are sent to all the people in a row like this: «I'll help you all decide for you ...» and then a bunch of text on a page or half page.
Canned Responses procured in advance, the text is written in order to exert psychological pressure on you. Do not understand the situation you are sending a carbon copy version of tirazh conditions.
Agree — this is strange.
This letter describes a magician in your past, instead of demagoguery «anything» for a few pages of text. A real magician will ask you your name, photo and date of birth. Without this information it is impossible to obtain information about the past, present and future clients, and without it you can not do the rituals and spells. Scammer almost never asks for photo and name, he asks only money (because it is a magical work will not do).
5. «Documentary» confirmation force spellcaster.
magnetic scammer slips you all sorts of false papers, diplomas, and expresses a high degree of dedication, or refer to some mythical organization. This magnetic field will not be shoved in your face a whole slew of diplomas and certificates in proof of his strength.
samples from sites on the Internet:
«I am a certified magician of the highest category. Master psychic sciences» (my comment, which of these sciences?)
«I learned the secret knowledge from experts in Egyptian magic» (My comment — yes, personally trained the Pharaohs)
«The people by popular demand, I'm leaving for New York City. And before that I went to the healing sessions of magic in Denver, Los Angeles, Miami»
(My comment,- the circus had come, meet!!).
6. Lack of communication with the client on the fly.
If the magician takes the full advance payment and to «let go you to the world,» as they say — is likely scammer. as the magic work in any case be in charge. And in addition to the magical way, you need to have feedback (physical control of the situation). Correspondence with the customer after payment is required! But not daily, 10 letters a day. Otherwise, instead of wanting to ritual, the magician will write to you. 2.1 emails per week will be enough.
7. This magician will never require you to pay extra. Price is always assigned a time and does not change throughout the magical work. If you are asked to pay (the magic failed to work because of the magician, not yours) — this scammer. This magician sets the price once.
8. Low prices for magical services.
This is also a 100% sign of the scammer.
Many sites on the magic I see the prices, which are (in my opinion) is very low. It also should alert you.
Magic ritual requires a great deal of energy costs as well as large cash expenditures (materials for the ritual) + money for a trip to the cemetery or in the woods. Sometimes you do the work in stages.
It can be concluded, and it will be quite real:
Ridiculous prices (30 $ -150 $) for a love spell, money spells, rituals, black magic or voodoo — it's the price scammers! There is no price too! Either this is a magician who has a value so low. Then you get a magical result, which will correspond to such a low price. Love for life for $ 30-150!
«I bought Johnny's for $ 30.»
You do not ridiculous?
materials for rituals are worth more, and the work of the magician must also be evaluated no less! For if the magician is to pay a little work will not quality, strength is still its taken away. Or do not give the desired result. But usually such low prices-appointed magicians charlatans who do not do, and rely on stingy customers who peck on the cheap services.
And to see these customers now have a lot of… people always want everything cheaper. Just then a wise proverb says: «mean paying three times»
It should be noted that the search is usually free of ritual and end scammer. Because as any true professional magician will not do a love spell for ridiculous money, but a charlatan gladly take the little money and just disappear from your field of vision. As a rule the real magician immediately decides that he will do and can determine the approximate cost of the work and it will not be changed during operation.
9. A good mags talks to you in simple terms and what you do not understand, be sure to explain. In his speech, there are no vague phrases. This magnetic field at all reticent. Having clarified the problem, he makes a decision, explain you in detail what is required of you and sends you home. A «President's address to the nation,» you will read only the scammer.
A real magician will always try to convey to you the essence of the problem, explain. that he was going to do.
When addressing the treatment of ailments, real magician always ask the opinion of doctors and what they were doing. A real magician will not deny you access to doctors or lawyers.
10. a cheater is always overestimated the desire to get your money.
Molestation, threats, assurances. In fact, this is still a magician — you refer to it or not. It's your personal problem and you solve them. If the «magician», «saliva» is based on trying to convince you to start work magic with it — make your own conclusions. This is a scammer.
11. Personal meeting
Many believe that a personal meeting or private reception — this is some kind of magical quality assurance services.
While in essence this is a great opportunity to apply the various techniques on the client such as NLP (the foraged gypsy witch and the like), and «traces».
If the magician is hiding, does not give a phone number, does not want to personally meet with you… this is a direct indication that it may be scammer! None of the normal magnetic field will not hide from customers.
Pay attention to the openness of the magician, his phone number, email, name and city. Location is not everything they write — but if you ask, this mag will give you my address. Not all lay out their addresses on the Internet, and it is justified.
With e-mail more difficult to break into the boxes and often have to change — but the real magician boxes combine into one and will notify you about the change.
Real magicians do not personally take on all days. A true master of magic, even if you initially contacted him through an Internet site, have a real address and phone number.
Often, the Internet can write that, well, still ready to see you, but only after the start of work and money transfers — is also a blatant lie. This is a scammer.
Remember, the magician is always ready to go into direct contact with the client, because in any case, personal contact is always better allows you to see each other and discuss all the problems.
So if you suddenly read somewhere that you refuse to accept for the reason that you still do not work well with this magician, or for any other reason — turn at the red light. it is an obvious nonsense. and after receiving the money you just forget. Scammer after receiving the money do not you ever answer.
If the magician is specified on the site that the personal meeting can be held only for a very large sum of money, tens of times higher than the price offered by any of its services, it is a clear sign that this is not a magician is a scammer.
Remember! If you are denied from the meeting, referring to the load, or indefinite leave to the Canaries — I think it is worth to think about that for a creature from another planet that your mage is afraid of and why the meeting. And perhaps you under the guise of the magician speaks of an advanced student or a large metropolitan city to make a bottle of beer.
This mag has a personal bank account and a real name.
12. Site of the magician.
Please also note the name of the site magician — a paid hosting or free hosting service.
All free site names are of the form: or -
-Www — first prefix that is often missing, no role is not important.
— Xxx — name of the site wizard, for example — rambler
— Yyy — this site where is located the name xxx. For example — webs or ucoz,
more — com-Zone it's just, it just does not matter, the zone can be any — org, com, info, net, and so on ....
that is — for example — the name of the website is: to free hosting, which means it is possible scammer.
A real magician can afford to spend over 10 $ us a month to buy your own domain name.
Thus, the normal domain name looks like this: or, respectively —
And now for the main site can be subdomains such as forum, etc. — That is, before the name of the site adds another letter prefix, such as on this forum, but the main site — rambler-as you can see remains unchanged.
the magician, who works for money, earn enough round sum, to a month to spend 10-20 $ us on your own site.
And if you stumbled upon the magician, whose site is free, but this requires the magician to have money for his services, then it is 100% scammer.
I see phrases like: «I am asking 100 $ us advance» — but this site is a pseudo-Maga is a free hosting… Why? simply because it is easiest to make a free website — well, this site and block the scammer immediately create a new one — easy! And it's free!
Check the phone number listed on the site wizard — call him, if after 3-5 attempts to call (at different times — not once), the magician does not respond — it means the phone — is incorrect.
Pay particular attention to sections of the site «Terms of Use» or similar parts, which describes the working conditions.
Very often I see on other sites such texts «The use of this site is for entertainment purposes only»
«All aspects of psychic and spell casting services are considered entertainment» and similar texts.
Attention! on these sites will not have the magic. Your problem for the owners of this site is fun to solve your problem, and no one will!
Sometimes on suspicious sites write about money back guarantee.
eg for 1 year after the payment. (If the spell does not work).
On such sites usually take a little money for a very complex rituals (a love spell damage, voodoo, money spell, treatment). What hope the owners of these sites?
— The fact that it will take a long time and you will forget about the money (small) and my problem), you will swap in the life of the priorities, plans, and the spell you will not need it. (For example, you want a love spell, bring back the guy… but a year later you'll meet a new love and an appeal to magic, can not remember a year ago)
— Or your problem resolved itself
Or find a thousand reasons to not return the money.
Very similar to the fraud.
13. Without advertising the crowd did not immediately run to the mage, and if a man and went to the magician — it only knows about the man himself, and nobody else.
Moreover, after communicating with the magicians of people lose the desire to gain, they just keep quiet about his visit.
By the way — as one of the elements of success — on his visit to the magician people try to remain silent and never tell no one.
Therefore, the forums we often see only the inscription of the charlatans, because those people who helped — keep your mouth shut. Then to other nations for his criticism and distrust that people have not destroyed a good result from magic.
idea of human — are multiplied by the many readers of the forum — this is also the engine.
There are some forums where pour dirt on people all in a row.
imagine — a man — call him Helen, now writes on a forum on the Internet that it helped the magician Fedot Fedota from the mountain.
All other members of the forum there and then throwing stones at Elena. And say: ", liar! Fedot you yourself is (Fedot is you), and in general — it is likely you have hallucinations, and it all happened by itself, or nothing at all happened. "
Unhappy Helen! After these thoughts in her human, too, will all fall apart.
That's why Helen is sitting and drinking tea instead of climbs on the online forums and praises mage Fedot.
This magnetic field is always warns the client: «When you get the result, never tell anyone about it do not tell. Otherwise, the entire result of the magic will be gone. » This rule is magic!
Another trick scammers:
1) often come across in forums such reports, «mage» Saruman «scammers! He lied to me. and then I found a good man who helped me. who needs his name — write me an email, or by email this magician (and gives it to email) »
2) or a message here: «Anna, write me, I know how to help you. I have a friend of the magician… „
Well, nothing like?
Do not believe anyone on the forums who will advise you supposedly “good» expert. This «good magician» would be the same advertiser, who wanted to advise you, that is, energetically promoting himself under a false name.
14. In addition, there are fans of black PR — that is, obgadit good magician and then write a little lower than what they have found a true specialist Magus.
The calculation is that the readers of the forum, write such scams and ask the address of the «real» magician, in 99% of this will be a magician himself wrote a swindler, who decided to defame the real magician due to a money grab as people — because the alleged swindler knows this magician, and point to his email, by which he himself had with you and sderet coin. That is all the positive feedback from customers on the Internet scammers write themselves, and not real customers.
Trust the reviews in the forums are dangerous, remember the times when the collected whole rooms of people and people pay money to the straw that allegedly cured on stage in front of everyone, the same is now happening on the Internet — the same person can quickly all Forums to distribute false information, and based on it — either praise the magician, or put it through the floor (slander), but still — use a proxy server, a bunch of charlatans who give different IP addresses that do not understand anyone that says one and the a person under the name «Alex» and the nickname «John».
Reviews of the magician in the modern Internet — a real nonsense. Now everyone can stipulate any person, simply because it is stiff competition among the myriad charlatans.
If you find (almost everywhere), only positive feedback on the same magician and no negatives, no doubting the client — is a charlatan. Positive feedback on the personal website of magician, often writes himself a magician. About
Pay attention to the style of these reviews. Usually you will notice that these reviews are written by the same person.
As is already known to most modern people reviews on the Internet generally are written with a purpose.
Typically, this is the purpose white or black PR, very rarely we can see real reviews real people.
If you see a list of where all the magicians in a row in the list of charlatans you can be sure someone has created a list of the Magi, to remove the competition.
Also, these black lists created category «Mount magi charlatans» who have no customers.
This magician will never be «throw mud» of his colleagues, even if it quacks.
WARNING! Never trust any reviews! Neither good nor bad.
Pa free portals open up topics that start obgazhivat magicians, but those mages, which you will not find on this list — most likely will be the customers of these «black writers» in order to eliminate competitors.
Bribery is here that the doubters will find reviews of magicians and of course come across a black PR on the desired magician, who built a competitor of the magician.
I repeat again — the most efficient way to check the magician or the scammers is to ask about your past, present, or well.
All the reviews — this is nonsense, in fact, order a «black PR» competition is now on the Internet costs about $ 300 a month,
But if people really spoke to the magician — he (or she) can be scanned online payment documents and set a campaign to prove to the magician, and not to evade an answer, as is done by charlatans, beginning immediately ask:
«Proves that the check?»
It is advisable to answer — that «the check is evidence of your collaboration with the magician.» Comment on the magician on the Internet without this document — simply a lie and paid PR.
As the saying goes, there is evidence of cooperation with the magician — hence it is advisable to provide them, and not unfounded to accuse good people.
If the same people who wrote the phrase in any forum, «the magician (name), I was deceived.» refuses to provide evidence of cooperation with the magician — a magician with the correspondence, checks, and things like that — then it's 100% custom-made «black PR» from competitors.
All reviews must be reasoned and substantiated
15. Personal meeting and appearance of the magician.
The magician will not be in front of you to conjure, create a mystical atmosphere, and to please you with his talk — he will always tell you straight that is. in his office at the magician this is only the most necessary. There is an abundance of useless trinkets, there are no characters that are contrary to each other. If this is the orthodox healer, it can not be Kabbalistic symbolism. Conversely, if this is a wizard (a wizard and healer are different people), the icons hanging on the wall — this is too much, and deception. Clothing should be the most common.
Robes and other paraphernalia a sorcerer wearing only work in certain places at certain times.
You do not see, because these rituals require solitude.
If you meet a man stepped out, wrapped in a robe and hung by chains from the amulets in front of you 100% of a charlatan.
This magician may scold you for misconduct and the failure of his instructions, it may even refuse to help.
This Wizard will not you take with your friends. Contact the magician client.
16. Another myth — though there is no pre-payment assistance ...
Yes, it does exist, but only for beginners who have just started to learn the basics of magic, and still does not know that people get what you want, do not rush to pay for it. Either the magnetic field helps the gift in exchange for your soul, your health and your happiness and good fortune 
I can tell you about myself:
So, 100 people have signed with me in my office, the official service contract for the magic.
And how many of the 100 people paid for results, what do you think?
Yes, yes, for the result at the end of ...
only 4 people!
the other 96 people just gave me her soul, happiness and health. and health and happiness of their children!
That has turned out such a business.
so that, on the basis of the statistics you can do to the conclusion that no normal magician will never agree to help you pay for the result.
Then for some reason people forget to thank the magicians and sorcerers because you spend your money to help ..
17. In the real magician is not always possible to respond immediately to e-mail or phone calls. it is also taken into account. Real magician you need to take people to carry out rites, prayers, worship and a cemetery, but still need to do household chores.
18. A real magician can always offer you sign a contract with him for the services that you protect yourself and your money. In the contract the magician does not take money.
Do you know how much to me for a year, paid people to help them without any payment?
Around 7000 people. When I suggested that they be documented our relationship, people stopped writing. and the contract (the magic without prepayment) agreed to all of the 7,000 — only 100 people. To
Where are the rest of 6900? perhaps they would then just to deceive me, to get help.
I'm starting to check clairvoyance… -This is what I see. trite that want to cheat and then spit into the soul of a magician.
Then I got tired of scanning «Without pre pay customers.»
and I realized for myself that if people do not want to sign a contract — then just do not want to pay for the result.
Alternatively, the client initially refuses to pay because he does not need help, but he (she) wants to see a free magic tricks and clowning
19. If you do not feel right and you feel that you have been deceived, it is likely that feelings do not deceive you, you must apply to the magician who will trust you intuition. Trust intuition you are unlikely to disappoint!
Even if you make a mistake, even this is a plus… nerves will save (after all, no one will blame), but a!
I hope you will set out the necessary guidance of the many ads and you will not be a victim of a charlatan.
As information becomes available, I will add this topic ...

best regards,

witch Reddy

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