Terms of magical security

Despite the age of modern technology, man has become increasingly resort to Magic and Magicians services, as unable to cope with some of life's circumstances. To avoid becoming a victim of aggressive magical acts, should be more careful, especially in an environment where there is jealousy and competition.

Personal items

Personal thing object keeps a magic attack power of his master. Sometimes a personal thing may be seized and then returned after a special ritual. This can be accessories, jewelry, pin, comb, lighter, key ring, watch, glasses, a notebook, and more.
Small items are usually removed at the request of a magic specialist, performing a magical operation to order. The sudden appearance and disappearance of personal subject matter should cause concern. Personal thing and can be used for ritual or love potion envoltirovaniya (curse).

Biological elements

Biological particles person — even more convenient object for identification with the victim. It nails, hair, toothpicks, spit out the chewing gum, a handkerchief, cigarette butts, blood, intimate selection, etc.
Listed contains not only energy, but also the DNA — the information and the human genetic code.


Many privorotnye rites associated with liquids. Any liquids are conductors of energy programs. At the same time charmed items are added to drinks, food, used for making tea or coffee.
By the process of preparing food or drink is not safe to allow to approach strangers, especially at work. The transfer of fluid through the magic of the program usually takes place between the secretaries and bosses, rivals and competitors in the various spheres of life, hostile employees, etc.


Donated item can be lined, which passed the magical pre-processing. For example, lipstick, feng shui products, scented candles and oils, souvenirs and other trinkets.
Photographic image — a very convenient subject for magic attack or damage. So you can not distribute their own pictures, photos of their children and spouses of strangers, and leave them unattended pictures.

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