Why are forbidden magic?

How many of mankind, as it deals with magic and witchcraft. The words seemed to be familiar, but if we reflect that it stands for and why religion forbids these activities, not just black magic, but white

According to Scripture, life on earth created by God's plan, and only He has the right to decide the fate of the world. Magic is magic, and constituted interference in this plan. They are nothing more than a way to bend events to his will.

Imagine that each person is building the world around him as he wants. Yes, people are given a choice, but they sometimes resort to artificial means of life changes, thus violating the laws of nature and of nature. As a result, the universe can be broken cause-effect relationships, and chaos will prevail. That is why magic is banned.

Let's examine how some occult rituals can affect the future life of the people.

Love spell

A typical situation is when a woman bewitches you liked it man. But God can be anything, that he married another woman entirely, and as a result of this marriage was born a child who is destined to play an important role in the history of mankind — for example, invent some miracle cure. Thus, the spell destroys the karmic connection that can eventually lead to the extinction of the human race.

In addition, often want to bewitch a man, two women at once. Each pulls in his chosen direction. What happens to a victim of love spell? At best, she earns a neurosis, at worst — waiting for her death.

Divination and fortune telling

Look into the future — employment seems to be completely innocent. But it is only at first glance. Mastering the future, subconsciously hoping to somehow change his fate, he predicted, if not satisfied. Religious people often say: «All in God's hands!» That is the Lord himself knows that you need this or that person.

Leaves no doubt that there is at least a few options of things to come. Otherwise, people simply would not have left the choice, let alone about any magic out of the question would not have passed.

Fortune-tellers and prophets can only see one of the options for the future, in rare cases — two. The most gifted seers can tell the client: «You will live to a ripe old age, if you do not get killed in 40 years!»

So they try to warn people from misery and influence its choice. While not being forewarned, a mere mortal at some point it will choose the path that is pleasing to the supreme powers.

For instance, happily avoiding death in middle age, a man may live to old age with his wife. Left a widow, she married again, and bear a child, about which God has far-reaching plans.

Sorcery and healing

Illness or injury will never occur just like that, they are karmic in nature. Therefore, attempts to treat their magic practices constitute interference in karma. Conventional medicine treats only the physical level, that is a consequence of healing rather than the cause.

Sometimes the patient is indeed getting better, and this means that the lesson presented to the Higher Forces, they learned. How this can be a lesson? For example, a workaholic, from morning till night, sticking to the office, illness give time for rest and reflection. Someone's disease cause to think — and whether I live, maybe go the other way?

When ordinary means do not help, people resort to alternative medicine. This treatment is already at the level of the aura. For example, a psychic healer and immediately begin treatment, and even succeed.

Grateful patient goes — but over time the disease returned, or there is a new illness or other problems occur. A true healer first and foremost establish the cause. Complete recovery can occur only when people realize what or why he was sent to the disease. If this does not happen, then you can not heal: in this case, the psychic karma takes over and the patient also begins to fall ill.

Cure is possible only with the permission of higher powers. If the healer has a high level of professionalism, he would never take up a hopeless case. Even the village grandmother might say, «Yes you done to death!»

Of course, sorry for the dying, but did not induce damage accident: if a person is «spoiled», then either something in life is doing wrong, or is that God's purpose for him. In addition, damage is also the result of magical effects and, therefore, take it off on their own, not understanding what was happening — just multiply the chaos of the world.

The impact on the environment

Warlock, causing rain, or, conversely, stopping bad weather, does seem to be a good thing. They are, however, there is «above», it is better seen! Drought or heavy rains can be sent to people as a punishment for sin, and without realizing it, and they will continue to sin.

Or is God's plan may consist of natural selection: one will be able to adapt to difficult climatic conditions, while others will die as a result will remain the «best». In the biblical story known as the episodes, when God tested man, preceded by one or another problem. And the «magicians» of the number of deaths reduce everything to the test of no!

So, magic is real! And the temptation to turn to its services is large enough: the man who manages to control the situation, feels himself equal with God.

Meanwhile, no wonder the worst of sins in the Bible called pride: blinded by it, we do not think about what might cause this or that our actions, but because our every action one way or another affects the world around us ...

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