Some principles of magical spells texts

magic spells textFrom ancient times practicing magic to create and use verbal formulas, and only the most effective of them were transferred to the next generation.

So magically powerful word ancient spell does not require a mandatory speaking strict concentration and effort of will, and even a clear understanding of its meaning — it works by itself (though not always the case, as was assumed by the speaker). Moreover, the result will always be different, as a fully identical, even for two such experiments impossible.

«No matter how simple or was our idea, we will never give it to another person in its entirety and the accurate — because in this case the seed of our thinking falls into someone else's land, and the fruits of it will not be the same.» Aleister Crowley

Magic is an art — so each Mage — is the creator of his formulas, but the Magic — it is also a science, and therefore the working patterns of text to be investigated.

However, all of the principles set out below — a tool. Like the acclaimed master of the violin: in the hands of a talented musician, it will do wonders, but is powerless to do genius of mediocrity and useless in the hands of the profane.

Word Mage — is an expression of his will, guided by reason, the life of the Magician — either triumph or failure of His Word ...

Word — the shortest way to the unconscious, the universal specific conditioned stimulus, which can replace the impact of any physical stimuli.

The essence of things lies in the word, it denotes. Successfully created a word we penetrate deeper into the essence of things, rather than in the process of analytical thinking, thinking we recognize the phenomenon and the word conquer and surrender it.

Universal mechanisms of magical influence word perfected over centuries and were fixed in the relevant genres of texts. These include spells, prayers, incantations, mantras and formulas hypnosis and anger management.

Important contact with the person of words, which he says, in other words chosen genre magician must relate harmoniously with his personal qualities. Because, you see, is a big difference between a witch whispering conspiracy, and a professional psychologist, hypnotist.

Regardless of whether it's poetry or prose, whether they have a clear meaning, or are just a set of sound, regardless of the language of the presentation and the size of the overall quality of the works of all the texts — rhythm.

Any magic formula or is a poetic form, or close to it in spirit.

The varied use of synonyms makes even the rhythmic prose text. Particularly the increasing use of the text of synonymous names.

Word length in syllables is inversely proportional to the rhythm of the utterance.

Paradoxically constructed statements erode the meaning of words, thus giving the text of rhythm.

Spells for an impressive and colorful descriptive imagery — «picture» painted with words, allows you to become one with the forces described.

General text is inversely proportional to the complexity of its symbolism and shape. The most complex and rich symbolism of spells designed to strictly defined cases. Accordingly, the simpler the text, so it is universal.

Noteworthy is the frequency deviation of the use of any of the normal sounds specific to the language.

Native speaker intuitively correctly identify these normal frequency of sounds and letters, and the reader or listener in advance subconsciously «expects» to meet every sound normal number of times.

If the share of any sound in the text is in the normal range, these sounds do not have a special meaning and expressive load their symbolism remains hidden.

Significant deviation from the normal number of sounds dramatically increases their informative corresponding symbols like flashes in the mind (subconscious) of the perceiver.

Simple harmonic construction in poetry — quatrains, the top can also be considered «golden mean.»

She responds to such a division into two unequal parts, in which the ratio of the larger part to the smaller is the ratio of the whole to the most part.

«The Golden Ratio» is found in all areas of art. Has been suggested that the frequency of its manifestations is one of the objective criteria for assessing the genius works and their authors.

It must be emphasized that the information provided at the point of the «golden section», directly affects the subconscious mind, bypassing the mind.

«Golden Section» most magical texts coincides with the culmination of the text and divides into two unequal parts, often with different characteristics (present-future, for example).

It is known that primitive peoples are much more afraid of witchcraft strangers than their own wizards. It is natural, therefore, that spells a foreign language are perceived as more powerful than the native.

At the same time, we find Crowley: «The experience (confirming the words of Zoroaster) suggests that the most powerful spells spoken in the ancient and almost forgotten languages, or by deliberately obscured and distorted as possible incomprehensible jargon.»

And further: «According to tradition, spells, contained several multilingual elements have a definite advantage. Obviously, the reason for this lies in the fact that any change to bolster waning attention.»

Subconscious attempt to understand what has been said in a different language provokes a state of trance, and the repetition of unfamiliar words strengthens it.

Do not confuse belief with the suggestion. Persuasion — the impact of reasonable arguments, the conscious perception of the word. Suggestion — verbal effects, perceived without criticism.

Magic has long resorted to suggestion as a way to influence people against each other. First, such an effect was used intuitively, and only with the development of science began to emerge attempt to give an explanation for this phenomenon.

In Papus find: «Doing a term suggestion, we lay in the center of the subject impulsive grain of a dynamic being, the exact moment of the appearance of the light which we define text suggestions. This dynamic creature will act in due time from the inside out, so it is not a feeling, for significant feature chuvstvayavlyaetsya action from outside to inside. This is the idea that the will of the hypnotist illuminates special dynamism and as the fetus puts in an impulsive being subject to it on a certain day activity was shown by the energy contained in it, activating the appropriate facility. This kind of obsession. „

Language spells — the maximum uncertainty… to maintain the magic of contact is necessary that you offer resonated with images of who you are working.

You may not know exactly what's going on in the head of another.

Very clear and certain way can cause internal discord with paintings, and as a result, contact failure.

Uncertainty also gives room for imagination and fill the missing parts “native» internal images. Idea is perceived as «private.»

Skillful use of negatives in speech. There is an interesting property of the negatives — they exist in the language, but not in the subconscious.

If you want to achieve something, then talk about what you want and not that one should not do. Well, or vice versa. (Think of the classic: «Do not think about the white monkey ...»)

Helpful comments Aleister Crowley: «In order that the words had their effect, apply one of the two formulas, directly opposite in nature. First, the word can get strong and eerie properties as a result of constant repetition. This is how most religions are ...

The opposite formula — this is the formula of the sacrament. The idea is perpetuated by the fact that it is being allowed to mention 

The combination of these two methods can be very beneficial for the magical practices — in particular for the preaching of the new Act.

On the one hand we have to be boundless openness and a willingness to tell all his secrets, on the other hand, we must remember the sublime awe that all genuine mystery non-transferable. „

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