Misconceptions about magic.

Almost everything about magic, steeped in mystery. Many people do not know that, in general it is and for them is limited to a pair of circus magic tricks or a few terms that you can show off in the community. Ignorance gives rise to speculation, but speculation is composed of a different view of magic. As a result, after going through such a «broken telephone» knowledge is distorted, losing one on the way and getting more. Sometimes magicians themselves knowingly take exaggeration of reality from his own knowledge or to give themselves importance. I myself am writing, so it was interesting to read, not just reporting the facts coldly. The reality is not always so colorful, so that was interesting about her story. Still, the truth is more expensive and I'll try to describe what actually represent a few of the myths about magic.

Myth 1: Just some «gold fish» to say his wish, as it is immediately executed, and executed exactly the way you want.

«Goldfish» familiar to us by the tales, is a kind of creatures are known as demons, devils, genies, spirits… This energy beings do not have the physical body (the body) in our world so they can take any form, including «Wear „over the physical shell. Demons live in my own world, from which they can be called into ours. Typically, such a call is a kind of violence to exist, so it does not burn with the desire to fulfill any wish of the person who ordered it.
Besides demons have their own mind, other than the mind of man, so man's desire to understand his own way and to do so, but the results can be quite so, as suggested by people. It all depends on how much like a man described his desire. There are many examples that demonstrate the “wrong» understanding of the demons or desires of people kind of demonic manifestation of a sense of humor:
a) Execution of desire: «I want a lot of gold.» The result depends on what exactly is meant by gold. One understands by the word «despicable» yellow metal. But this is not the only meaning of this word. If you're a gypsy says, «gilding the handle way» you do not understand it literally, but the demon will understand. For him, there is no concept of good and evil, as initially they were not included in it. In this regard, his actions often do not fit into the framework of moral principles people. Although the demons, who were for a time with people, people are beginning to understand and adapt to them. If the daemon is required to fulfill the desire of a man, but a man wants to take revenge for the abuse, then there appears all the demonic nature in all its glory. In principle, any desire or concept can be interpreted in different ways and the demon can choose one of the options that suits him best. In this case, «I want a lot of gold,» give a man a lot of something that is called gold, but gold is not in the concept of man, give a lot of gold, but only for a short period of time or under certain conditions (as in the human desire to not does mention that, given how long it's gold or any limitations) to give people two gold grains or a few gold coins (as in the human desire to look and not determined the exact number of units of gold, which he wants to receive, and «a lot» — a loose concept), etc.
b) execution of desire: «I want to be parted from her ever.» In this desire guy never want to part with his girlfriend. Demon granted his wish, but look as the boy and girl have one body for two. Day it was the body of a guy and a girl at night. And the consciousness of guys and girls have coexisted together, and if the day was the dominant consciousness of consciousness guy, then at night, respectively, the consciousness of the girl. In no time the second consciousness suppressed, but the memory remains a common and what happened to the guy knew the girl and vice versa. As you can see, the desire demon guy was done, literally fulfilled, and nothing to complain about. Though hardly a guy expressing his desire imagined such a scenario.
c) Design of desire: «I want to never die.» One of the most common desires corresponds to the same set of a typical embodiment of the demons that desire (see «elixir of immortality»). Under «do not die» people tend to imply the existence of unlimited time in his physical body, while the physical frame is not the man himself. For the execution of desires just enough to bind the demon soul to some object and not let her go to where people's souls go after their physical death. For this process of separation of soul and body is generally understood by people, the word «died.» Here the demon, there are many options: you can bind the soul to not to destroy the human skeleton, and you can include it in any thing is possible for that person to stop time, etc.
These are just some of the examples that demonstrate the ability of demons «pervert» wishes of the people, and do them as they like demons, not people. For many centuries, with varying success the confrontation between humans and demons, where people try to cheat and use the demons and demons want to do the same thing with people. In order to benefit from communicating with demons are enough people adhere to the following procedures:

1) Give the demons orders or express their wishes expressions are not ambiguous. For mages, this principle is clearly a part of their nature, as Definitely — a necessary condition for almost everything related to magic. Your spell will not have an impact, if issued vague. If a spell that brings the ring, but it is not specified what that is, then you can get any of the existing rings, and you did not want. Ordinary people, as a rule, do not attach much importance ambiguity. One person can understand what the other was thinking, but the magic does not belong to the people and, therefore, requires a special approach.
2) To consider all possible scenarios related to wish fulfillment, with both positive and negative. It's something like the game of chess, when you calculate all variations on a few moves ahead and is offering the sacrifice, then you win. Then even the most unfavorable scenario you will be able to benefit. Of course, to foresee all the possible combinations are very difficult, and not everyone is a strength, but if you do not aspire to this, it never reach.
3) Do not communicate with the demons. It is clear that option where you just have to say a word, and your problem will be solved, looks very tempting. But demons — are creatures does nothing of kindness and for their services always have to pay. In some cases, less and others more. And your task is to decide whether what you will need from them, the price which you have to pay.

Myth 2: Working with the magic of a very difficult and involves complicated rituals.

In part, this idea of the work with the magic was formed because people saw her front part of which is likely to demonstrations and not for work. Any magical effect you can do in different ways: long and beautiful or quickly and quietly. It all depends on whether you have enough time and the audience or not. Magicians may have to work to the public to demonstrate their power and self-assertion. And who do you think people will take a steep magician — who healed people just by looking at him or someone who looked like half an hour around the man while doing a variety of passes and uttering strange and obscure words? People need attention, so mages as good psychologists, give the people what they want.
In reality, the most magical acts simply do not require too much of a magician gestures and not give rise to visual effects. In such a «pure» form they are applied, for example, in a magical duel, where critical performance techniques, not their external beauty. But magical battle transient, and are not so often, so the main consumer of manufactured magician magic acts are students magician and ordinary people. Accordingly, the magician has to adjust their actions to their interests. Born and rituals performed for clarity, not efficiency. (Although in fairness it should be noted that sometimes there are rituals themselves. This happens, for example, when you achieve the desired result by chance, and not knowing exactly where you did wrong to repeat the result you have to consciously every time to repeat the entire sequence their actions).
Complicating the process takes any action on the principle that as long as you want, as long as enough imagination, and most do not bother. In this case, the sequence of your actions become a ritual, and not remain just a sequence from a magician need only follow exactly once coined you order.
The ritual consists of two parts: the actions that really need to do to achieve the desired result and the arbitrary actions of the magician in the game make up the audience. Usually, both of these parts are intertwined, which makes ordinary people who did not know the essence of the ritual, to achieve the result is exactly repeat the entire sequence.
In principle, a magical ritual can be done from any action. The main thing is that the participants of the ritual did not know how else you can achieve the same result. Suppose we need to light a fire with a box of matches. Get fired in two ways:

1. Just strike a match on the boxes;
2. To bring together a bunch of people, say the various «spells», to sacrifice a virgin and her blood draw «magic» geometric figures; take up a match, and to appeal to the light or the dark forces patrons fire and then strike a match on the boxes.

Both of these methods yield the same result, but one will be the «magic», and the other does not. Therefore, the first method can be used when the magician is one, and second, he is among students and ordinary people. Pupils magician who does not know the secret, that this ritual is necessary, and that there is no need to repeat all the steps, and then, independently conduct the ritual is to my students, they can make something of themselves in it. After all, the elementary action eventually turns into a bulky construction, giving the people of the complexity and mystery of everything related to magic. And most interestingly, former students, already becoming magicians still genuinely believe that it is this kind of ritual is the only correct and possible.

Myth 3: Magic rituals require the use of rare and hard-to ingredients.

This myth is closely related to the previous one (the need to perform complex rituals) and comes out of it. In this myth, but as in any other, the reality is interwoven with fiction. Indeed among the objects and substances used in the ritual, there are those without which the ritual is not carried out, and they may be rare and difficult to access. And there are those whose presence is possible, but not necessary. Say magician who conducts the ritual, the ritual for the success may require a certain kind of stuffed birds, but there is a stuffed or not, the ritual is no effect. It only gives an effigy ritual patina of mystery and inaccessibility.
In the absence of a mage rare ingredients needed for the ritual, he can do those that he has, at the same time not distorting the result. The fact is that for the ritual to one of the properties held by the ingredient, but not all. And this same property can be duplicated using a different, more affordable ingredient. For example, for a spell by air and property — the ability to float in the air, and this property can give us a bird feather. And no matter what kind of pen, and what kind of birds, only the birds, who knows how to fly.
When using a substitute must be remembered that the partial substitution of properties (say instead of gold — bronze) can affect the outcome, and it will not be so, as it should be.
Another popular misconception during rituals is believed that the greater the amount (weight, size, etc.), the better will be the ritual. It is not. For the very presence of the ritual is important component with the desired property, and not how much it has. There's even a drop of blood has the same weight and importance as a whole bowl of blood.
At the end of threads used in magic rituals rare ingredients, I want to emphasize that, as a ritual, held in the traditional way from old recipes using hard and rare ingredients and ritual, performed with more available ingredients with similar properties — both have the same rights to exist, and can lead to the same result. If the ritual to build a house, no matter of what exactly it will be built: brick or cards. The important fact of buildings, but not feasible procedure.
The decision as to how to carry out the ritual entirely at the magician and depends not only on the availability of the necessary components, but also the habits of the magician and on whether the ritual to make an impression on someone or not.
«The elders of the eight awards to adhere to this belief — the traditionalists to the last magician — so piled up around guns oktogrammy differed clearly defined, no nonsense, occult views. Among the tools featured horns, skulls, ornate metalwork and heavy candles, although the younger wizards long ago discovered that the rite AshkEnte (call Death) elementary accomplished with three small wooden bars and four blocks murine blood. „
If you have the impression that the magic ritual is connected only with the dark forces, it is not so. In fact, it means some kind of action to be undertaken to achieve a certain result. In our case — the implementation of the spell. Spells are different, and those that interact with the physical world, must somehow be reflected in it. This is reflected in the actions performed magician.
Myth 4: Mages can resurrect the dead.

(By the resurrection, I do not mean simply a revival of the body of a deceased person, ie, providing body to move independently, and a complete reunion of soul and body).

People think of their ignorance-powerful wizards and think they can do everything, well, just like God, only slightly smaller. While the mag — it's just a person who is able through various tricks and compromises do a bit more than anyone else. Speaking of death, the magicians did in some cases the person may return “from the dead.» And one of the main conditions for this is the existence of a functioning physical body, which must be returned to the shower. Imagine that the human body — is a vessel, and the soul — the water poured into the vessel. If the vessel is full of holes, the water will pour out of him constantly as long as you do not shut up all or at least most of the holes. It is therefore important that the body, though with difficulty, but functioning. The soul can leave the body and return to it for a variety of reasons:

· At the time of death, when the physical body ceases to function normally, the connection of the soul with the body;
· At the time of sleeping man when his soul wanders for whatever their worlds and meets there that prevents it back;
· At the time of failure of the brain caused by nervous stress (for example at the time of the accident), when the brain decides that the physical body can no longer function properly and is commanding the soul leaving the body, although this is not sufficient prerequisites. In this case, a person «in a coma», ie his body continues to function, while the soul is not there.

In the normal state of man, his soul is connected with the physical body peculiar thread — a channel through which the energy comes from the body to the soul, and is for the soul «Ariadne's thread», without giving a lost soul, where there are no roads, no direction, and return to his body. When a person dies the thread breaks and soul, freed, can not return to the body. If the magician gains access to the body of the deceased immediately after the time of death or soon after and can repair the damage of the body, leading to death, under certain circumstances it is able to return the spirit to the body, and thus revive the person.
Sorcerers know that in addition there are the Living Road Paths of the Dead, which can also go live. Paths of the Dead — the worlds and paths between these worlds in which souls travel, plus shower and even those creatures that do not have a physical body. Thus, the living man to set foot on the Paths of the Dead in the physical body can not — so here the way ordered. To follow it to himself in a way to be dead, that is, leave his body in the world and stay only in the form of the soul. Implementation of procedures for the allocation of the soul is most often performed in the supine or sitting position, as in this position is easier to relax or concentrate on the contrary. Itself pose does not really matter, just select the soul, the magician loses control of the body, which can break loose. And the return of the soul to the body mage extra pain of a bruise or dislocation no pleasure. Another well-established tradition for wizards is to leave his body in a safe and inaccessible to other place. At the time of the absence of the soul and the body of the magician is defenseless if destroyed, the soul will have nowhere to go, thus saving the lives of others, the magician will find his death. Freed from the body, the magician meets or soul of a deceased person next to her dead body and sent her into the world of the dead.
It is believed that the souls of all the dead people before their rebirth can be found a place known only as the dead. Itself a place (though, like many others) does not exist, although it is possible to come. This is possible because you have to, and what not, is determined by your perception, not the reality. Because in this world, the notion of «time» is not (or means something), then you can meet any man's soul after all his rebirth. In other words, if someone in one of his life was Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great in the other, in the third Ivan Petrov, the world of the dead and you will find one and two and three of his alter ego, though, in fact, it is will be one and the same soul. And this soul, in certain circumstances can be returned to its pre-repaired or some other normal body functions, remaining without a soul. Thus the «raising» of a specific person.
Once you have found the soul and get her agreement to return to the living world, both souls are sent back. And here the way back they can find only in the very threads of energy that connects the living soul and body, and the dead have broken.
In the normal state of the human soul is invisible and almost dematerialized, but there are also times when after a person dies, his soul does not leave the world of the dead, returns and materializes in the world of the living. In this case, between the living and the world of the dead is a kind of exchange: in the world of the dead man's body, and in the world of the living — his soul. Such a soul retains all its properties and gets another: such a «man» can not be killed because soul destroying almost impossible, and he can not die, because he was already dead. If this person is also a magician, he gets enormous power. To cope with the dead magician difficult, but not impossible. For this to his opponent to get himself on the Road Dead, dead body found magician find his soul and force her to return to her dead body. Then there is a reverse exchange between the world of the dead and the living, and everything falls into place.
Some magicians to resurrect a dead person to make themselves stand on the Paths of the Dead, with which they may not return, prefer to use the services of beings capable dead on the roads, such as the various demons and other supernatural forces. In this case, between the magician and the demons is a contract in which the demons have to find and return the soul to leave the body, and for that they receive the appropriate payment. That is quite a common option used where the demons act as a kind of thieves robbing because they paid for it, not because they are robbers.
Demons too, not all do «hands» and the operation often attract creatures that are dangerous to the soul, that is, those she will be afraid. In the world of the dead, as in any other world, there are «predators» and «grazers.» And these «predators» they use to catch the soul. This is how the soul through intimidation and giving her only one way for the retreat, the demons get their way.
When a contract with demons and at the time of the return of lost souls mage and other people in the location of the body of a deceased person whose soul is returned, it is very important to protect yourself from the other world influences. The contract is only for one person and there is always a possibility that, returning it, and thereby fulfilling the contract, otherworldly creatures taking with him someone else's. Such protection could provide even outlined a circle around himself if his draw with force. It does not matter whether the circle drafted chalk, paint, blood, or something else. It is important that it be closed and torn.
On returning to the body of the soul resurrected man some time will come to life, restoring the «correct» view of the world. At this time, the soul is reunited with the body and starts again in one piece, which is usually called — people.
Where the soul of man alone can not return to the body while it is sleeping or due to a malfunction in the brain, the energy relationship between mind and body is not broken, which greatly simplifies the task of the magician. Though he still has to devote his soul and to enter on the Paths of the Dead, but it facilitates the search for the soul, as now he needs only to move along the energy channel that connects the unknown soul and left her body. What do we find the desired per-fits does not exist and has to act on the environment. The main thing — to eliminate the cause that led to the non-return of the soul, and the soul can return on their own.

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