Taking pictures of and recording magic spells and rituals

Today, you can find a lot of pictures and videos online of magic spells and rituals, as well as magic items used while casting or performing magic spells and rituals. Naïve and ignorant people think they can help them study magic. As an experienced witch, I have to warn you against doing that. Not only can’t these pictures and videos teach you anything, but they are also very dangerous even to look at! Especially, if they have been designed to do harm to people.
Sometimes, spellcasters program pictures and videos to change the subtle bodies, or even the karma of those viewing them. They do that on purpose. Best case scenario, they upload such images and videos to pump out the energies of those viewing them. Worst case scenario, spell-casters program pictures and videos to shift their own problems, or the curses and hexes they remove from their clients, onto the viewers. A couple of pictures or a single video depicting a magic ritual or spell is enough to make the viewer sick, bring ill luck or hardships to him.
That’s why I always ask my readers to be careful and try not to be curious when they shouldn’t be. If you want to study magic, find a good, responsible teacher and use safe, proved books (most of good books were published 10-20 years ago).
Luckily, not all the images uploaded on the Internet are dangerous. Most of them are used to simply advertise magic salons. By the way, a true sorcerer or a witch will never post photos or videos on their website which may harm their viewers. Speaking of whether it’s possible to take pictures of or record a magic ritual, it depends.
Clients are not always allowed to be present during the ritual, because it may be dangerous. Danger comes not only from the energies a sorcerer or a witch attracts to perform a ritual, but also from the creatures called up from parallel worlds. While experienced spell-casters easily handle them and can protect themselves, their clients don’t have the knowledge or skill to resist such energies and creatures.
I personally welcome my clients to come when their spells are cast and rituals are performed. This allows me to adjust the changing energies of each client (whether it’s about casting a love spell, money spell, beauty spell, health spell, youth spell, or good luck spell), clean his subtle bodies (remove curses and evil eye spells), connect his energy streams with the energy streams of other people (love rituals). Or change his karma. However, clients can be present only if the ritual performed constitutes no danger to them.
Speaking of the pictures, I upload pictures of my rituals only if I know it’s safe. To find out if a magic image is safe or dangerous, focus on your feelings when you look at it. If you remain calm, the image is safe. If you’re seized with fear or anxiety, or feel depressed, close the window or page immediately. That’s how your subtle bodies and soul let you know about the danger coming from the image.
By the way, the response of the sorcerer or witch to your request to see the ritual can tell you a lot about this person, including about his or her professionalism.
If a spellcaster doesn’t allow you to watch the ritual or take pictures or record it, he’s a fraud, a man with no magic knowledge whatsoever. In fact, he’s not even going to perform it, he doesn’t work with Higher Powers, energies or creatures form parallel worlds.
If a spellcaster insists on full confidentiality of the spells cast and rituals performed, bars you from the room and doesn’t let you take pictures or record him, he’s a fraud, too. He will take your money and promise you to perform the ritual, while in fact he never will. When you come back to him complaining that nothing’s changed in your life, he’ll find an explanation. Perhaps, this will be your “wrong” thought and actions.
Experienced black magic spellcaster  or witches will give you extensive information on the rituals they perform, as well as will allow you to take pictures of and record the whole process. Also, they will tell you which rituals you can’t watch or record because it’s too dangerous (like calling up demons). They will explain to you why you can’t come and tell you what exactly will threaten you if you do.

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