Difference between Psychic, Clairvoyant, Witch, Spellcaster, Shaman, Healer, Fortune teller, Sorcerer

difference between psychic, clairvoyant, witch, spellcaster, shaman, healer, fortune teller, sorcererWe rarely think about why spellcasters, people with extrasensory perception (ESP), psychics, witches, sorcerers, bioenergy therapists, clairvoyants, shamans and healers call themselves differently. When it comes to the need for urgent magical help, we go not to true magic specialists who can give it to us, but to those who we see most often on TV or the Internet.

Who are psychics, who are spell casters, who are clairvoyants, sorcerers, shamans. who are witches, what is the difference

The results are not only deplorable, they’re unpredictable. Each psychic, man with ESP, witch, spellcaster, warlock, clairvoyant, sorcerer, healer and shaman has his own specialization, like doctors in the hospital. Would you go to an oculist to treat your rheumatism? Would you expect a proctologist to help you with your nervous breakdown? Choosing whom to go to to ask for magical help, you should understand clearly what each of them does, what tools he uses, and how exactly his help will be helpful to you (or dangerous).
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Psychics (Clairvoyants)

Psychic can see the past or the future, as well as all cause-and-effect lines coming from the past and creating the present events which will, undoubtedly, affect your future. Their main difference is that they have no fortune telling tools, such as the tarot, runes, wax, or coffee grounds. They’re told to have the “third eye.” Their predictions accurateness is almost 100%.
Psychics rarely help people. They can warn about danger, point to where the treasures are hidden, what happened to the person, where he is or how he died. A psychic is like a man retelling a movie he’s watched, while you are just a viewer. Besides, neither he nor you can change anything. However, our future is multiversion and it can be anything. We can choose any variant we want (which is the right variant for us and which will make us happy). The gift of clairvoyance and gift psychic isn’t passed on from one generation to another. People get it as a result of an accident or shock, like Vangelia (Vanga) who went blind and became a clairvoyant and psychic (by the way, she never cast love spells or hexes). Clairvoyants and psychic can’t cast love spells or black magic and they don’t practice magic. However, psychic can describe your problem better than anyone and give you a piece of valuable advice. Read more about clairvoyance here

Fortune teller and Tarot reader

Unlike clairvoyants, fortune tellers use various tools, such as the tarot, runes, dice, stones, seeds, chips, tablets, mirrors, etc. Fortune tellers can be strong and weak. A weak fortune teller completely depends of her cards (runes, stones…) so when you ask her, “But why?” she always replies, “That’s what the cards are telling me.” A weak fortune teller can’t do anything for you but to give you a more or less accurate prediction.
For a strong fortune teller, her tarot cards or runes, stones… are only a tool she uses to make her accurate predictions and explain what caused the problem and what should you do (the future is multiversion, remember?) to change it.
Some fortune tellers (it happens rarely) have healing powers. Often they can only give advice on which doctor or healer to go to, which drugs to take and which to avoid, what to do to get better. If you follow her recommendations, you will be able to cure completely.
A true fortune teller is not a practicing magic, spell casting, black or white magick. She can’t remove a hex, cast a love spell or a hex. They don’t treat people and have no gift of clairvoyance.
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How a healer can help you

There are three types of healers:
— they take your diseases which they later fight with the help of their body and energies (white healers);
— they send the diseases to Light or back to hell. They believe that all diseases are conscious evil beings which feed on your fears, pain and decay energies (white healers);
— they send the diseases and hexes of their clients onto others, sometimes random people or their enemies (black healers; white healers never do that).
That’s why healers are divided into “dark” and “light” ones. Which one you choose depends on your morals. In my opinion, the best healers are not those who can treat illnesses, but those who can protect their patients from falling ill again. If the phantom of a disease once bit into you, there’s a high chance that another one will bite into you too. They may have a gift of clairvoyance.
People with extrasensory perception (ESP)
You should understand that they are not people with a set of magical gifts to help you solve any problem anytime. In fact, these are people with some unstable esoteric talents. For example, today he can read people’s mind, tomorrow – treat headache, in a week – tell fortunes (like it happens in Psychic Challenge). That’s why you shouldn’t count of them expecting to receive answers to all your questions 24/7. All people have ESP (think about it: haven’t you ever known who’s going to call you or knock on your door?).
Abilities of these people depend of many factors, including their mood, weather, religion or pagan holidays, spirits’ goodwill, health and… magical influence on the part of witches and magicians they are exposed to. If you have a curse or a hex on, a person with ESP won’t see it. He can tell you nonsense about your life but it doesn’t mean he has no ESP. The thing is witches and spell caster can cover their rituals from psychics and people with ESP. So if the man with ESP you come to proves to be not in the mood, you will receive no help but will still have to pay him. People with ESP don’t cast love spells, curses and hexes. They don’t treat serious diseases, but can ease your headache, improve your health a little, cure your depression and carry out health diagnostics.
Healers represent one of the most ancient esoteric schools, some natural spirit charmers, shamans, druid, herbalists and soothsayers belong to. Usually, healers don’t have ESP, but their energy is strong enough to control home spirits and natural spirits, give healing power to herbs and decoctions and influence your bioenergy fields contributing to the recovery of your body, mind and soul.
Healers use spells, amulets and herbs extensively. Depending on the color of the spells used, they are divided into two dark and light healers. Dark healers use the power of dark forces (they work with the “wild” natural spirits), while light healers use the power of light and Angelic forces.
Going to a healer may be the best solution for you. A healer can not only cure you or change your fate. Sometimes he can readjust your energies to make you in control of your state.
Although they use almost the same tools as traditional Slavic healers, they are considered more powerful. Unlike healers, shamans can talk to the dead, tell fortunes, create different phantoms with different power and do many other things.
Despite the contact with the dead, visiting shamans is usually safe. The majority of them work with light or neutral powers and energies. This is where they are believed to take their powers from. Shamans can heal, remove hexes, possession, control weather, attract luck and success in different spheres of life.
For Castaneda fans, Don Juan wasn’t a magician. He was a shaman of one of the old tolketsz&magical schools.
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Bioenergy therapists
Bioenergy therapists are people with super strong bioenergy fields. Note that while curing you or changing your fate, a bioenergy therapist will insist that you take part in the process personally. Bioenergy therapists work according to the following principle (unless they are frauds or fools who claim to have some supernatural powers while they don’t):
— clean your fields from energy dirt, illnesses and alien beings;
— blow your energy channels through;
— make your chakras stronger, raising your generated energy level up to the maximum;
— send you back to your real life, believing that from that moment on you will be able to handle your problems on your own.
This way of helping people is be effective, given they understand that after visiting a bioenergy therapist they have to clean and restore their energy on their own. But bioenergy therapists don’t inform people about it. It’s their job and they have to earn money. That’s why their magical help is very similar to Botox injections which stop being effective after only a couple of weeks.
Bioenergy therapists don’t make predictions, don’t tell fortunes or practice ritual magic, don’t cast love spells and hexes and black magick.

Speaking about real spellcasters who actually exist (not made up ones), they are people using the knowledge from the Kabbalah and other great Jewish books, the Bible, as well as the teachings that appeared in the Middle Ages, such as “controlling the dead,” “creating spirits and beings,” “acquiring eternal life” which are also based on the Bible, Torah and the Kabbalah.
If you’re going to visit a spellcaster, remember that a true spellcasters is a man whose priority is self-development – acquiring qualities and possibilities which equate him if not with God-Creator, then with angels or demons. So if a man with ESP or a psychic claims to be a spellcaster, he doesn’t even understand which gift he has; or, being a man with ESP, he lives his life in a game playing a “great spellcaster.”
Can real spellcaster help you? They can. As long as they’re confident that God or Higher Powers whose tools they believe they are think it’s time for your recovery, enlightenment, enrichment, release from insanity, hexes and so on. Real spellcaster can read information from your casual bodies about how close you are to the moment of your release from karmic debts and punishment. They help us only after this moment comes.
Spellcasters are practicing magical specialists. They can cast a love spell, love magick or a hex, remove a black magic, solve business problems, tell fortunes. They don’t treat illnesses and have no gift of clairvoyance. Spellcaster its not psychic!
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Sorcerers or Warlock
Sorcerers use attributes and rituals of the existing esoteric schools and school that ceased to exist. If we try to describe a sorcerer using modern terms, he’s a man with extrasensory perception using techniques, spells and rituals from different teachings and whose magical powers are based on them.
Some believe that sorcerers are male witches. White sorcerers can treat people and have no gift of clairvoyance.
Sorcerers practice witchcraft, cast and remove love spells and hexes, tell fortunes.
Although witches usually work with dark forces and energies, they are not carriers of “pure evil.” The point is that witches understand that the majority of people live their life in dark energy worlds – driven by passions, sins, spiritual weaknesses, energy feebleness and mental underdevelopment. Unlike practicing magicians or theorizing religionists, witches understand that the most effective way of hex and curse removal, as well as exorcism, that is full spiritual, mental and energy purification, can’t be used for their patients. That’s why they have to work with what they have.
People who curse or hex themselves can’t be cured with anything but the help of dark forces. For average people who hate their neighbors, employers, relatives, more successful classmates, prices, football team, church and government, the best solution is probably going to a witch. Witch -doctor treat illnesses, but dont have gift of clairvoyance. Witches cast and remove love spells and hexes, tell fortunes, cast love magic, money spells, black magic, etc.
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No witch (and witches know it) can guarantee that in the near future no misfortune will happen to you. Until you change by learning to be purer, smarter and energetically stronger, no psychic, spellsacter or shaman can protect you from injuries, robbery, loneliness, evil eye curses, spiritual illnesses and dark forces influence.
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