The structure of magic rituals

The structure of magic ritualsInstrument of magic — ritual. But what does it mean? «Ritual» — a fascinating word. Word dance. Word needle. Word-clay. From it you can sculpt anything. Ezheutrenne coffee — a ritual. God candle — a ritual. However, as the line — poker, too ritual, by the way.
Freud compared the household ceremonialism — sign of the cross on the church, running past, to write a note for the health and for the peace — with children's obsessional neurosis, which, for example, makes the child placed under the pillow socks. And in fact, in both cases it seems that «now, then all will be well.» Responsibility for the well-being of the metaphysical — the, family, living and dead, shifted.
However, the word «magic» is compromised by not less than «ritual.»
«Magic,» «ritual» — a dangerous mix of «terrible words.» Meanwhile, it is «only» about personal experimentation in the area that all the last millennium has been usurped by the official religion.
And such experiments in the «borderline» of metaphysical suggest laying responsibility on myself.
So how does a magical ritual? I would venture to suggest the following scheme. As such, the ritual consists of four structures. Call them for clarity Robes, Explorer, Engine and Grain.
Thus, the core of the ritual — the grain of our Freedom. The first driving force of Magic. In other terms — the Spirit. Perfect choice, determination, shot an arrow, unbending intent — that is, Will. Here, the root and the potency of action. The will of free choice and complete focus on the selected object. Concentration to learn, even though it was not easy. Therefore, based on learning magic tricks are concentration, going back to yoga, qigong, and other «Eastern practices.»
If successful, the will create a disturbance of energy fields (the term is bad, but it gives an idea about the subject.) In other words, the will start the engine. It consists of mental images and the energy of the rod and wire in the inductor, speaking very simply. Often he did not start the first time. Sometimes just jerks — like a clunker, who wishes, but has no power to pull away… It is very important that the engine (the thought-energy) worked smoothly and efficiently.
Create mental images and energy production is the basis of any ritual work. How often do people memorize the text of the ritual, unaware of what is inside «protection» work with thought and energy! And then they complain about — that de «ritual does not work.» Well, then, waving his arms, muttering incomprehensible — and, though useless.
The engine drives the conductor (technician would say «drive»), whose task to convert and transmit energy to the idea worked out.
Conductors we call such methods as visualization forms and vibration names — whether or mantra, such as «barbarian names.» Conductors generate a response.
But to realize all possible responses, leads, or need Robes. Robes — external aesthetics and dynamics. Ritual robes — are eidetic settings. Symbolic objects and actions, attributes, and gestures, colors, colors, smells, music and verbal images create a tuning fork of the sacred. But in only one case — if all components meet virtually, which set out to meet the magician. If they all meet Will.
Why is it necessary — to understand quite easily. Our perceptual apparatus is such that the images that appeal to different senses, have considerable suggestive and awaken a second key effect of the ritual — Imagination. It is a creative imagination with a capital letter. It just ties worlds noisily paving the bridge between them, called out from the darkness of the unconscious (archetype, Limba, Paradise, Hell, a parallel universe — the right to substitute) the entities to which charted date practices, or help him get out of the Master's themselves.
However, according to the ancient masters, as you continue on in the way of serious ritual work, the need for external eidos disappears. Then you can work directly with the conductor. Then — with the engine, clean energy and thought. And at last, the highest stage of the Great Work — one only our will can create and destroy worlds.

On synchronicity and magic.

At first, tell the story.
Once I rehearsed mantra, overcoming death — Shiva mantra Mahamrityundzhaya, translated from Sanskrit which looks something like this: «We worship the three-eyed Lord Shiva, fragrant, Bringer Good. Yes, we free ourselves from death for the sake of immortality. „
Deciding to take a break, I went to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of tea
and delved into the book, which then read: “VALIS» Philip
Dick — this autobiographical novel, writer-visionary
devoted to his relationship with God in the form of a Comprehensive Ak
tive Logic Intelligent Systems — Valis. Through
I met a half-minute reading is the same Shiva: «Eye of Shiva -
understanding of how fires VALIS information ...
— So, it is the third eye is able to lead us out of the labyrinth — said Bold — that's why in Egypt and India the third eye is identified with the divine power or enlightenment.
— What is the same, — stated the Mini — Godlike, enlightened.
— Really? — I asked.
— Yes, — said Mini. — That is the man in his true form. „
What happened with me, Carl Jung described as one of three types of synchronicity — the phenomenon of “acausal», that is, having no external cause, communication phenomena. All of us are confronted with such things very often — thought of pigeon, dove right there, sit on the windowsill. Jung first described it in a generalized symbol of the «fish of the day»: it all started with the fact that he served for lunch fish. Sitting at the table, he saw
the window a passing fish van. Then there came to him a former patient and presented in gratitude for the successful treatment of a picture of a big fish. Behind him was a woman who asked to explain her dream where she bathed in an environment of fish shoals. When puzzled psychologist went for a walk along the shore of the lake to think about all this strange invasion of fish, he slipped… on small fish,
After a series of observations and reflections Jung brought three types of synchronicity. First — matches the mental state of the observer (in my case the absorption in the Mantra) with what is happening in this moment of objective events (in my case, the description of events in the book.) The causal link between mental states and external event has been observed.
The second kind of synchronicity — matches the mental state with an external event beyond the perception of the observer, that is, from a distance. And make sure that you can only subsequently.
And finally, the third type — match the mental state of the future — distant in time — event. The reality of this synchronicity, we can also establish only much later.
It is easy to see that it comes to those phenomena which in other terms describe as clairvoyance, visionary experience, or what could be there to hide the magic. In this first appearance clearly tells us about the so-called magic of light — to create conditions for the internal mental Great Work adept. The second type — of sympathetic magic, the third — the magic
Carl Jung discovered synchronicity, but could not explain it. It tried to make his famous patient and associate Wolfgang Pauli, who codified the principles of quantum physics, and found in it a certain prerequisite for «unexplained coincidences» synchronicity. But until now, synchronicity coincidence explain, at best, as the unknown pattern.
Philip Dick, meanwhile, suggested that the universe is an energy-charged (radiated) information, «we materialize»: universal mind is not talking to us, but through us. In other words, the unfolding events (including the events of our inner world) is nothing but a «statement» of a
Reason. Therefore, they can be connected to logically external. On
I think this is quite working hypothesis. Energy-nature of the universe explains many oddities of life, including the work of magic, and even the phenomenon of so-called. «Miracle».
But one thing — we accept this hypothesis, and the other — to understand and come up with a working technology to «foreign language» to convert to his own statement. Would suggest that the artificial creation of synchronistic chains — than, in fact, are the best matches occult dictionaries, especially, «Liber 777" Aleister Crowley — and is the basis of the «rearrangement» of the connections, in fact, the basis of ritual work.
Problem only in the preparation of the mind — its ability to work with this information, take it and re-encode.
To do this, we need to adopt a more ancient — though not understood until now the idea: what is above, so below.
What is «above» — creativity — should have the dimension that exceeds our own, at least by one. That is, it-it-it-it certainly transcends the world of cause and effect and is valid in the energy reality. To become like him, we must rise above causality or karma, which means to rise above
death… But for this we need a mantra, conquers death, yoga, ritual and magical techniques ...
Finished the last sentence, I saw that the mail came a new message. Common spam — unknown sender asked me to pass a training workshop, built on the principles of deep analytical psychology of Carl Jung.
«Fish Day» continued ...

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