Scientists have told you how to change the DNA at home

Exercise can not only change the appearance of man, but also affect its DNA. Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden say that after 20 minutes of physical activity, the DNA molecules in muscle undergo significant chemical and structural changes. Of course, the basic genetic code in human muscle is not changed.

This article is about epigenetic modifications involved in the increase or loss of chemical marks on DNA and regulate the number of amino acids in the muscles. These changes precede the genetic reprogramming of muscles on physical strength, but also associated with structural and metabolic changes caused by sports stress.

Their findings, the researchers made based on the observation of a group of 14 volunteers. After training on a stationary bike for all participants in the experiment samples were taken from the quadriceps muscle the anterior thigh muscles.

«Our muscles are actually very plastic. They adapt to human activity. If they are not used, they disappear, „- said Dr. Julian Zerat.

The researchers note that a cup of morning coffee affects the body like a small charge. Caffeine mimics the muscle contraction that occurs during physical stress.

Caffeine is found not only in the coffee beverage, but also in tea and in the “vibrations.» Many doctors do not recommend to use the considerable physical exertion of these drinks. But researchers at the Karolinska Institute does not rule out that such a «caffeine stimulation» in certain cases might be helpful.


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