On the causes of female infertility

Of course, there are medical reasons for infertility. But I have to say about them will not, on this you can easily tell the doctor from the clinic or even a woman's site.

I'll tell you about energy causes of female infertility

Not everyone will like this information, because infertility is easier to blame the gynecologist-abortmahera either refer to a bad environment. But if you're really interested in the problem of infertility, rather than evasion of responsibility, see, ladies.

So, I start.

3 energy causes of female infertility

1) Termination of pregnancy.
I did not bring a focus on other aspects of abortion and vakuumregulyatsy, but only on the energy. Removing and destroying of the fetus from the woman's body is her stress factor.

A woman who interrupted pregnancy may subsequently be afraid to get pregnant again, «unscheduled» time «fly.» During intercourse or at the very thought of intimacy may come energy and nerve impulses of the female body in her own genitals.

That recall now, expressive and bright flavor of juicy, juicy, fresh lemon, a thin slice that you put into the language ...

You know how there are nerve-energy impulses?

That's about as a woman to have an abortion can go impulsive energy loss of her reproductive organs at the very thought of sex or pregnancy… And if this happens, the body itself off, blocking the reproductive function to save the unfortunate from the fear and stress.

Thus, the 1st energy cause of female infertility — once interrupted pregnancy.

2) Contraceptives
Condoms and all sorts of pills, which use a citizen wishing to enjoy, but do not want to give birth.

Perhaps, even now, women schoolgirls knows that sometimes torn rubber products, and pharmaceuticals sometimes do not work. Working ladies, successfully advancing through the ranks, too, know this ...

But shkolyarstvo women and studentstvuyuschie lady, and ladies engaged in sex work. At the moment the pregnancy, motherhood, and with it — the responsibility — well, not included in their plans. For many of them make a better cat or goldfish aquarium — liability is less than the bearing and birth of new life.

But these ladies sex, ladies and women do. Unprotected. And their bodies, their bodies at the level of energy to help them not to become pregnant.

For example, there is a cyst. Or blocked pipes.

Yes! I am a sorcerer Mstislav, saying in so many cases, these problems it causes energy!

Here mention the cyst, and obstruction of pipes. But there are other manifestations of designated medical diagnoses, energetic causes of female infertility.

By the way, our good-natured Esculapius, of official medicine specialists. These lovely person in white robes, soft handles signing directions to an abortion, or scraped out with his own women, with the appearance of fibroids is recommended: to give birth soon.

And in this I, the sorcerer Mstislav quite agree with the doctors.

Just need to add: a woman give birth even regardless of the fibroids.

You know, the well must dig before you crazy with thirst!

A monthly bloody reminder of the female body, dear lady who hide behind tampons and pads — it's confirmation of the correctness of data words.

That is, with respect to the wrong body, when the woman has sex, but do not give birth, taking pills, the body can respond. The inverse cycle of the body gives it a disease of energy hitting our same bodies, and the disease will cause infertility.
3) Wrong, outdoor clothing.
Of course, this is not the Middle Ages. Of course, it is hot outside. Well, the skirt above the knee is not a sign of depravity ...

I'm not going to read you a moral. To do this, there are preachers of different religions, culture and women-gossips. And I'm talking about energy causes of female infertility.

So, when a woman wears clothes that opens the body, adjacent to the genitals and breasts, it attracts and excites a man of his basic instinct. The same goes for tight clothes, under which it is easy to discern the silhouettes of a man of places of interest to the female body.

And the ladies know well. And happily erotic stimuli used for manipulation.

That shapely lady in a bathing suit walks along the beach, sunbathe, swim. Attracts coveted views of men. And the hateful eyes of women whose figures are not as attractive ...

Here is an easy walking gait of a young woman on the street. On her skirt above her knees, light T-shirt. And if the terms of the Administrative Code, she did not violated, then the energy it will be punished, believe me!

And psychology, psychiatry, and consider such a thing — sadism. In fact, sadism — is getting pleasure from inflicting pain, humiliation and suffering to another. That is, sadism — is the pleasure of aggression.

Imagine a hungry cat that had not eaten for two days. That someone is attracted by a piece of meat. And then — abruptly — giving a sniff, pulls his hand with the meat. And the cat is hungry. But not to eat, and gave shout starved for creating, driving. Is not sadism?

In humans, all slightly different. A woman in a stressed-seductive clothes walking down the street or is located near the work place by men. Suppose that a man feels sexual hunger.

And now, looking at the kind of seductive lady, male brains first scrolls the plot with different poses of intimacy with her. And then, when in reality, so close does not exit, at the level of instinct, a man wants her unkind. According to the principle: «If not me — that and nobody else!»

By the way, lovely woman, too, because sometimes unwilling male womanizer who have dropped them to run into a woman-bitch, which will select everything and leave in the same pants. But let's not digress from the topic of female infertility.

So, stripping on the beach, dressed seductively, women receive energy from the promises they desired to men. The action takes place according to the scheme to attract — not give — rejoice in his «victory» over a man.

Suppose then that «winner» is not surprised that she had, never giving birth or gave birth to only one baby will be painful periods, polycystic and all the men would shoot her.

Energy shocks and mental desires not get anyone who deserved it, felt then, over time. In a confusion of privacy or disease leading to infertility.

In the box for each stroke counts conducted by a point. A stroke may be weak. The athlete and did not feel it. But the point is scored against him. And the next. And more.

The water wears away the stone. A lot of very small energy promises from the men on the street, on the beach — will not pass unnoticed. I am aware that this is not the Middle Ages. I understand that it is hot outside.

Let me tell you, in Iran and Qatar are also hot. In Palestine and Syria are not cooler than in Moscow or Kiev. But the women of Palestine and Syria, do not walk down the street half naked. But in Moscow and Kiev is not uncommon. And one lady only exposed in front of his man, and the other bares his feet and bellies in public places. Some give birth, while others are trying to treat infertility!

I will not judge anyone! Just wanted to tell you about energy causes of female infertility, infertility results when the behavior of the woman: abortion, contraception and sex outdoor clothing.

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