Overweight. Do you want to know how to lose weight?

 Those who practice magic or just a real interest in esoteric knowledge, is certainly unaware of the existence of such an entity, which is called «obzhorny demon» (pig's spirit, the spirit of the pig). But here, I tell you, this is not always the devil is the cause of excess weight. Sometimes you just picked wrong foods cause an additional sense of hunger, desire to eat. I here give an interesting note, and then comment on it a bit:

What products are pushing us to gluttony

The cause of hunger is not an appetite, and foods that cause it. Afraid of getting fat, you eat an apple, drink a cup of soup or trying to kill your appetite with a piece of chocolate. But instead satiated, begin to even more hungry. The reason for this reaction is that you have chosen the wrong products.
Many of us believe it is the main reason for the appetite of extra pounds. This makes it to eat for lunch, not only first, but with the addition of second and dessert. He asks snacks at work and at several times during the night rides to the fridge in search of something tasty. Believe me, the reason for your hunger is not an appetite, and foods that cause it. If you know the face of provocateurs and learn to avoid them, the extra inches around the waist you are not afraid.

Soup is not eat!

If you pour yourself a dinner plate richness of beef soup and think that they shall be filled with plenty, you are greatly mistaken. Our body — a complex system in which everything is interconnected. When you bite, for example, a piece of meat, receptors transmit information about the brain and stomach acid begins to produce more active. A strong broth — it's not just food, but the maximum concentration of nutrients from meat or fish (including cholesterol, collagen and hormones that are fed animals). So, having tasted the richness of soup plate, you just will spur your appetite and will develop a number of gastric juice, which would have to eat a lot of second and eat dessert.

What to do? Do not order in a restaurant or a hodgepodge soup broth with an unknown history, as well as preparing yourself, first empty the strong meat broth and cook mushrooms and plenty of vegetable soups.

Cucumber: easy, but dangerous

Pickled gherkins, tomatoes, olives and olives, sauerkraut — it's all very tasty and low in calories, but if you are trying to curb your appetite, from this joy will be abandoned. In marinades presence of acetic acid, which enhances the production of gastric juice. Therefore, eating crunchy cucumbers, or wild garlic, you will eat much more than planned. Moreover, the acidic goodies there is a negative factor — salt, so you do not just eat a lot, but drink a lot. The water will come out of your body (salt retains it in the cells), and hence the weight increase.

Roast hits the nose

Sometimes even the memories of fried potatoes, or chicken with a golden crust is sufficient to ensure that the stomach ache. What to say if they lie to you on a plate, and tickle the nose fascinating flavors! Then like it or not, your appetite so played out that you eat every last crumb. In such a «binge» is a scientific explanation: our olfactory receptors respond very quickly to the characteristic smell of fried food and the body is forced to devote a large amount of hydrochloric acid. Stew, steam and boiled dishes have not so bright flavor, so in order to better pohudatelnyh choose them. Especially since the taste can be just as good as fried harmful.

Dill v. Pepper

If you are trying to suppress your appetite, please note that there are no sharp in your diet products. All peppers (except pepper), mustard, horseradish, fresh garlic and onions perfect warm up inside you, stimulate blood flow and lead to the fact that the appetite is increased significantly. But this does not mean that you have to eat only fresh food. Indeed, in addition to burning and hot spices are very safe herbs — oregano, basil, parsley, dill, cilantro. They do not contribute to an increase in appetite, but do dishes more delicious. By the way, people who are on salt-free diet, save it seasoning, if a piece of chicken or fresh steamed vegetables, sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with herbs, they will become more edible.

Apple does not bite

The people there is a perception that by eating an apple, you can always just kill your appetite. Not at all! Any sour fruit or berry, on the contrary, provokes the secretion of gastric juice. Therefore, if in the morning you can not cram into a single piece, try a slice of green Simirenko or drink freshly squeezed apple juice — and very soon the desire to feel normal breakfast.

If you have a handbag is an apple and you want to bite them in order to suppress hunger, it is better not to do so. Hydrochloric acid will corrode the lining of the stomach, and you want to eat more. However, not all people are sour apples in this way and tested it only in practice.

Chocolate for the appetite?

Chocolate, cocoa and coffee are also included in the list of «delicious» food. However, they are not so simple. For example, if you're not very hungry, and you know that the bite was back to normal about an hour, you can safely eat a piece of chocolate and stay on it for a while (right mom, telling the children: «Do not eat candy before dinner — perebesh appetite»). But if you have bad morning, had breakfast, did not have time for lunch and no one knows where to dine, drink the sweet is not: these carbohydrates are not enough to ensure that stifle hunger, but cocoa products stimulate the appetite. The same can be said about the coffee or cocoa.

Expert opinion

Alex Dobrowolski, dietitian:

In contrast, pickles pickles have no effect on appetite. But people who want to lose weight, you still better not to eat. They change the electrolyte balance and cause thirst, resulting in water is retained in the body. Along with fat excess water is causing extra pounds, and it may be elementary to verify. In just one day give up salt, keeping the amount of consumed food and fluids (2-3 liters), and stand in the morning on the scales: the difference will be from 1 to 4 kg.


Alcohol does not affect the production of gastric juice, but still increases the appetite. First, alcohol taken a bite. Second, alcohol weakens self-control. For example, if the chips were yesterday banned for you, but now with a beer, they went with a bang.

Source: «Arguments and Facts»

My comment: Actually, it's long been known to physicians that the soup, broth and any other soup and soup — sokogonnye products, ie, causing more production of gastric juices and enzymes.

So I decided to publish this information right now, when the spring in its manifestations are very similar to the hot summer, because it's time to prepare and to turn to fruits and berries, for vegetables and mushrooms.

Incidentally, in the concentration camp Buchenwald in different, fell thick and citizens, and thin. Over time, there they are getting thin. So it may make sense simply to eat less? And that is not particularly want, I recommend to read it again with this publication.

And one more thing. I know of cases where people take pills «Ranitidine» — drugs that reduce the secretion of gastric juice — to calm down the appetite and thus reduced food intake to lose weight.

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