Your naked stomach is killing mans

Modern fashion is European civilization to extinction. Even in their territories, it is increasingly replaced by other ethnic groups in everyday life that have even a partial ban on exhibitionism (sexual bleakness of symptoms). Europeans place on earth replace the people who protect the chastity of their women and closeness, and thus also bereguschie their men. First of all, it's the people of Islam.

Fashionable emphasis on female beauty, provoking male sexual desire, can be regarded as creating a «sexual stress.» Because it includes a complex set within a body of «sexual rejection», ending impotence and cancer. This writes the well-known physician, academician Leonid Kitaev-Smyk, in his seminal book «The psychology of stress. Psychological Anthropology of stress. „

For clarity and understanding of the physiology of this process, the scientist gives the example of animal life. The female in the animal world, instinctively looking for the best male, more able to play a viable offspring — and rejects it, rejects the worst males. But the desire of those still remain, it is not satisfied, and suppressed.

The content of androgens in their blood remains srednepovyshennym, ie oncological dangerous. We are regularly rejected by the female average male androgen levels contributes to the development of benign prostatic adenoma, and in most cases it leads to sexual impotence. Because of this, “not the best» male, even by accident will not be able to leave «no better» offspring. Rejected such a mechanism are weak, «not the best» males in the population.

However, some «not the best» male adenoma does not deprive the sexual possibilities. So that they do not create «not best» offspring include the evolutionary «mechanism» for removing them (not «the best»), not only among the sexually active, but also the living members of the flocks, populations, sort of. They have a benign tumor — benign prostatic hypertrophy — reborn as deadly destructive cancer.

In science, is now accumulating evidence that similar processes occur in humans. There may be hiding an explanation of why the rich and developed nations of the West now dying out.

Over the past decades, the disease BPH and prostate cancer as an epidemic, affecting men in the countries of European civilization. By the early twenty-first century is already 40% of men found an adenoma. It is a half of European men over forty years.

American pathologists revealed prostate cancer in 80% of men who died over sixty years. In other words, many of them did not live up to the tragic manifestations of this disease. At the same time in Muslim countries, there is no growth of male cancer. Why not? After all, it would seem, Western countries have more advanced medicine and generally higher living standards.

In countries dominated by the «consumer society» in recent decades has become the norm fashionable clothes, and laid bare emphasizing feminine charms, speaking the language of science — secondary sexual characteristics. They began an obsessive everyday women exposed bellies and navels as a symbol of the fact that lower tempting to annoy covered with rounded and more wide-open neckline ...

From a physiological point of view of all this — sexual signals, awaken lust in men. Sexy ass and thighs female signal about her ability to bear the fruit of man conceived. Covered with, the more alluring half-breasts — the ability to nourish the newborn. Navels — the alleged possibility of intercourse.

Any excitation should lead to coitus — this is the mechanism laid down by nature. Eros is between a man and a woman — kind of an instrument of reproduction, it is in all aspects of benefits and benefit the body. We are well aware of the surprisingly beneficial effect of normal communication and erotic sexual acts took place smoothly. Because, in particular, the traditional religions encourage marriage and marital relations.

If arousal is provoked and often to no avail, it ceases to be realized, plunging, wiping out the subconscious. By the frequent contemplation of female beauty in the streets, in offices, in public transport as a man accustomed to even stop to notice his erotic desire.

However, submerged in the subconscious sexual arousal of men continued to pour out the blood androgens, but not in oncological safe amount, but with the carcinogenic dose — include evolutionary mechanisms «rejection of male losers.»

The average city dweller sees such «signals» of 100-200 times per day. As a result, often exciting, but unsatisfied man gets inside your body a powerful carcinogenic, destructive attack, which leads to the oncological outcome.

«Many women of the XXI century are literally digging the grave of a male nude for its health down and deep cuts. Each beautiful, going on a date in the topic, making just one — a happy man, and ten on the road — people with disabilities. Strippers can be called „weapons of mass destruction“ has turned the Western civilization in a society of sick men, „- says the LA Kitaev-Smyk, in his interview with “Assalam».

Interestingly, cancers because of «sexual stress,» women have a different nature than men. The main cause of female cancer (benign and malignant tumors of the breast, uterus, ovary) — is the lack of childbirth and infant feeding in the presence of sexual intercourse (sexual acts).

Complex structures within a body woman, «perceived» lack of delivery and breast-feeding as a signal of the «unfit» to reproduce its kind. Ostensibly it is unnecessary ballast in the family, ethnicity, distracting useless male sexual potential. For such women there is a «sexual stress.» Formed biological evolution mechanisms of population selection «discarded» non-bearing women, but sexy «cost» of men.

Stressful signs of sexual failure in men are «beer belly» for women — the lack of waist. This exacerbates neerotichnost figure. Medical statistics is a direct correlation between the probability of myocardial infarction and redundancy of the waist. So, apparently, the subject of non-participation in the sexual reproduction of a kind, ethnicity increasingly reduces its erotic appeal and then «entirely preclude» him from the race. These are the mechanisms of natural selection in human populations.

Peoples, ethnic groups, cultivated bleakness and eroticism (the ancient Greeks, Romans, etc.), disappeared and were replaced by other peoples, have kept only the names and some extinct language. Today the archaic customs with bare bodies retain Aboriginal equatorial countries. But their life expectancy is low and there is no reliable information about the origin of their male oncology.

Sexual promiscuity, the cult of nudity, captured the ancient Greeks and Romans may have become one of the causes of their degradation. Today, the company wiped off the map of history. And, not so much worn by military actions, how many — are destroyed from within.

The fact that in the Bible and the Koran says about the inhabitants of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah — one of many examples. They went through the self-destruction, violating the laws of nature and the natural breaking down of its mechanisms. By the way, «sodomy», homosexuality — is the ultimate expression of hedonism, sensual domination, which leads to the exposure of the clothes.

But still people alive who observe the traditional values of their ancestors. First of all, Muslim ethnic groups, but those in their time were ancestors of the Slavs. All Russian nationalities in the XIX century. women's clothing covered the body of a spacious, long-skirted dresses, jumper, etc. This clothing is bright, festive, colorful (often with lots of red). Beautifying women, she drew him to the men, but without the erotic appeal, nowhere facilitate shape and not in any way without stressing the chest.

Recall the old Russian expression «goof» — that is, accidentally drop a handkerchief, to open the hair, which means «to make a mistake, make a nonsense that should be corrected immediately.» Call attention to the old Russian frescoes, icons and manuscripts, portraits of the ladies of the last century, images of peasant women — we see the culture chastely beautiful women's clothing. Such a culture of clothing was, among all nations adhere to religious traditions. Preserving the secrecy of their chastity and women who took care of the society and thus the health of their men.

Today we need to return to fashion a little bit back to the traditional forms in order to restore optimal balance of health and beauty, a true understanding of the purpose of clothing — and then everything will be fine, says the scientist.


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