Reasons of Children Autism from the Point of View of Magic. Cure autism and magic

Reasons of Children Autism from the Point of View of Magic. Cure autism spell removeIn medicine, children autism is believed to be an incurable disease which is poorly studied and is unpredictable. Diagnosing a child to suffer from autism, doctors usually say they can’t do anything about it and offer two options to the parents:
— to put the child in an institution (which usually resembles either a half-abandoned prison or a cemetery) so other people don’t know about him;
— to take care of him on their own (that way, the parents will understand that they will have to carry their cross on their own and with each day the cross will get heavier and heavier).

Children autism treatment magic curse find a healer

However, is that true? Is children autism really incurable? Before answering this question, I want to say this: miracles happen and they happen pretty often. However, no one can guarantee one. So, in the first place, consult a specialist to find out if your child’s autism is curable or not. Remember, each case of children autism is individual and requires both an individual approach and a set of knowledge and skills of the specialst.
What specialists are these? Of course, I’m talking about healers and magicians. They are the only people who can treat children autism letting children enjoy their life. To understand why they can’t always help your child and you, you should accept the reason the magician claims to cause the disease. So they can help not all of them. On top of that, today half the people working in magic salons who claim to be psychics are in fact frauds.

Let’s hope you’ll meet a real healer. So, only a real magician will tell you that there are several reasons causing children autism

A child with no soul
While American psychics believe it to be the main reason of children autism, it happens rarely. Yet it does happen. So, the parents whose children have autism should consider it as well. The parents should be prepared to find out that their child’s been born with no soul. No, he’s not an alien or a biorobot. He’s a person just like his parents or siblings. But the thing is he lost or sold his soul during reincarnation. So he was born having only his physical body, with a mind and emotions.
A powerful magician can find the child’s lost soul in other worlds and, using the power of rituals or spells, give it back to the child. Sometimes, magicians have to transplant part of the child’s mother’s or father’s soul. Anyways, the child’s autism will be cured (given the magician is powerful enough).
A lost soul
It can happen during an argument between the parents of the baby who hasn’t been born yet. The soul which is still not very well attached to the baby’s tiny body runs away in fear and then can’t find the way back. So the magician starts looking for it and in 92-96% of cases brings it back.
Damage of the child’s chakras during the caring of a pregnancy
It can happen as a result of an evil eye curse or a black curse put on the child’s mother or father before the conception. The negative energy aimed at one of the parents was so strong that it mixed up the baby’s energy channels so they dysfunction after the child’s born or don’t function at all.
Practicing black magic is dangerous for a mother, too (even if she just visits a magical salon or an unprofessional magician). If no negative influence affected the mother, it affected her energetically weak baby who will later be born to have autism.
Damage of the child’s chakras during infancy
Children may develop autism after they turn 2, 3 or 4. The reason of the diseases also lies in an evil eye curse, hex, or a family curse which in this generation manifests itself in this way.
Energy maldevelopment
Energy maldevelopment is one of the main reasons causing children autism. There are several factors contributing to it:
— one of the parents (especially the mother) practiced various energy patters during the carrying of a pregnancy;
— the mother tried to treat herself or improve her state with the help of energy passes, prayers;
— one of the members of the family has a very strong energy (like that of a psychic or a magician);
— the mother or both parents visited an anomalous zone, such as old cemeteries, churches or monasteries.
The reason of children autism can be determined only by a magician or a witch. You should understand that your child’s energy development didn’t go the way the higher powers wanted it. Thus, first he develops, let’s say, the fifths and sixth chakras (instead of the first and the second chakras) and all the energy which can’t be discharged for some reason, concentrates in the mental body. As you know, people with autism are often way smarter than an average person.
The disease can also be caused by the vital body dysfunction and the child simply has no strengths to display signs of conscious communication. If you know how many combinations there are if our chakras are switched, you will understand why there are so many reasons of children autism and why these children are so alike.
Fortunately, for a strong magician, this disease is an open book and he can read it easily. So, instead of hoping that your child’s autism (“incurable” as the doctors said) will disappear miraculously, find a good magician. Who knows, maybe he or she can make your child healthy?
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