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Cancers occur more often, despite the fact that the modern man takes care of his health is better than it was 50 years ago. Ironically, in the days of the big shocks — wars, revolutions, and diseases such as cancer, are much rarer. In this connection I wish to express my point of view, the fact that oncology is the result of inner experience of a personal nature, and, of course, is one of the karmic diseases. But the fact that any cancer — a disease of karma, just gives hope of a cure.
Sergey wrote about the difficult path that has passed himself healed of melanoma. Those interested can read more about this in the book «Diagnosis of karma.» I will only say that his personal experiences formed the basis for subsequent healing method author. The first step of the man who wants to be healed of cancer or heal — is to get rid of the patient experience.

Experiences that changed the country and the government, or of the fact that her husband left her for another woman, or that there was not a career. Higher powers more than mortal sins do not like the human ingratitude, and severely punish those who can not appreciate what they have. So the first step — remove the negative, and to convince a cancer patient person, that's just life is a great price and a great value.

Now, in a nutshell, what is the oncology in terms of physiological processes. Our body is constantly born and die, millions of cells. Young cells are changed to «jobs» are old, and the work of progress. When young cancer cells do not mature in the planned nature of the cells of the skin, muscles, or the gastric mucosa. They are young, as if just born, throughout the period of his life. These cells can not perform any function — they eat, isolated and compress surrounding organs. That's it!
Poisoning of the body is due to the fact that unplanned young cells secrete waste products directly into the surrounding tissues, which are not designed for this. Cancer patients lose weight because the normal diet is not enough for the entire body, and the young «gluttons» nutrients are not absorbed, and the person loses much of its weight. Besides young cancer cells put pressure on surrounding organs, for example, cover the lumen of the esophagus. And this is enough to man died of starvation.

Now a little about how to treat oncology official medicine. All methods — chemotherapy, radiation, warming the patient in the field of high frequency — is a destructive action directed first against the young cells, and eventually against the whole of the patient. I'm not saying give up by official medicine — in oncology, as a rule, work doctors are honest and decent, laid on the altar of cancer his entire life. But if you want to help a loved one get better, you can try to do it in parallel with the official treatment. On the first point, I had already written. Remove the claim to life, to feel its value. How you do it — you decide, you can surely find the right words to convince you dear people to give up their experiences.

Now actually the magical ways of treating cancer.

To begin with, the easiest thing to do pereklad valuable thing and take this thing to the cemetery. Can do it to anyone who is just interested in Magic. Moral aspects of this, I do not discuss, you decide.
If you still want to cure cancer, do not forget about safety precautions — regularly clean, throwing off his film, do not eat «bloody» food during the course of treatment. I have to say my opinion about the plot, which are used in the treatment of cancer: the main thing — to understand, from what you eliminate people, representing the formation of cancer cells, and try to change it with his energy. The forces to which you are applying will help you only if you know exactly what you want. The motto «To all were healthy» does not work, this is more toast than directed desire.

I want to say about the church egregore. Not very much it helps in this case, because the Orthodox Church is that everyone is just punishment. Good cleaning damage or curse Church copes poorly with cancer, consider this.

Well, now several plots to treat various forms of cancer.

1. Before reading the plot, find the birch dry bush, with his mangled lower branches, put them in a vacant lot and set fire to a cross. When going from the branches to the sky smoke, read it
«How to dry off the burning sore, not growing, not a living, so angry with him burn build-up with the servant of God (name). Key, lock, language. Amen. „
If you do not “make friends with the Orthodox egregors read instead of» servant of God "-" born, named, «and instead of» Amen "-" So be it! "
2. Tear the threads of the coil with black threads at midnight and read
«As this thread is broken, broken, broken, so rvis, cancer itself is torn, the growth does not come on. You have no place on the body servant (name), but I'll leave this thread on the bobbin. Amen!
Threads burn the ashes to the crossroads, farming coins!
3. Set off to the cemetery and wait for someone to bring to bury. Imperceptibly cast in grave detail and say:
»Buy off you, cancer, copper coin for your place. From (name) cancer go down, go to his place. Take as cancer in the grave pennies and body servants of God (name) do not touch.
In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. "
4. Take out the eyes of a living cancer by speaking to them, and bury under the aspen, give the dog cancer.
The plot: «You can not see me, and that I have (name) you have not seen, from cancer (name) not suffered and suffered.»
Read 9 times. Mercy attributed to the crossroads (with money — not a small amount).
5. From breast cancer. Patients should let myself touch nipples lactating dog that whelp first, then touch their breasts and say three times:
«Who is breast feeding, he will be able to eat a cancer! Command you, cancer, to get off my chest and breast-feeding women to climb! Key. Lock. Language. Amen. Amen. Amen.

In conclusion, some herbal tinctures of cancer:
Recipe first
1 tbsp dried black currant buds
1 tbsp. l. clover blossoms
1 tbsp Calendula (inflorescences)
1 tbsp prickly thistle (flowers)
1 tbsp elderberry
1 tbsp root cowberry
Brew 1 tablespoon of the collection in 2 cups of boiling water. Drink 3 times a day on an empty stomach before eating.
Second recipe
1 tbsp peony seeds
1 tbsp Peony root
1 tbsp of arnica
1 tbsp Grass Galium
1 tbsp Kukushka cry root. One and a half tablespoons of mixture brewed cup of boiling water. Insist half an hour, it is necessary to drink the whole infusion in one day

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