Treatment with photos and phantom. treatment technique

Often in practice, the magician there are times when the patient does not agree to come to the reception and come to his relatives for help in solving the problem. In this case it is necessary to carry out treatment of the patient by means of photography. Let us consider the example of the process of treatment of alcoholism.

The first thing that is necessary in this matter, it is natural to picture the patient, full-length, and preferably black and white. Then it is necessary to send a man who came to ask about the treatment of the patient, to the church, ordered prayers for the health of the patient, as well as to bring the church to make a candle safe conduct.

Make safe conduct of any third party with a prayer for healing a person from the disease. Then, with the help of church candles diagnose pictures through the chakras, finding organizama affected area. If this is not enough, to make a diagnosis on the wax. And then, just as the chakras, burn film with pictures representing that this is reality, not in the photo.
Next, you need to picture with scepter cause «Canon for sick», distributing information throughout the picture. Then, of course need to make one or a series of pantacles designed to fill a niche in the minds of a broken human spirits. It can be Pentacle appealing to his spirituality, calling to do what or good deed, to draw attention to the family, etc. This process usually ends.

So, it must be said about the additional steps that have to take place in the case of treatment on a photo of almost all diseases:

Prayer service at the church to pray for health.
Manufacturing of safe conduct for the treatment of disease or to block the effects caused by the disease.
Cleaning the patient. — It should be noted that the picture is much more difficult to clean the patient than on the physical plane, so you have complete control over the events taking place.
Drawing on a photo prayer or canon for the sick.
Production of one or more pantacles aimed at filling the cleaned psychological niche.

Work with photography is much more complex than a man. Constantly monitor (with frame pendulum wax) processes taking place. Only after long days of work with different forms of problems, you will learn how to fully feel what happens to a man whose picture you have in your hands
Distant Healing human phantom

Quantum physics has shown that the physical vacuum are present in a latent form of particles and antiparticles. The physical vacuum is a carrier of all other fields. Russian scientists have been able to combine the interaction of all known fields in the Unified Field Theory after the introduction of the new interaction — information. Were the source of its torsion field (or fields of spin), a bearer of information in the Subtle World. Torsion fields spread instantly and without energy.

The invisible world is not clear from the ordinary point of view, is not available to conventional knowledge, but this does not mean that it is not. Existence of an invisible (Slim) Mira fully confirmed by the new scientific concepts. Any most rational, no matter how scientific, version — it is primarily a projection of the mind of the world, therefore, is a reflection not of the world, and the mind itself.
Science has come to the understanding of the knowledge that has spirituality. Repeatedly tested and experimentally validated psychic phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, materialization and dematerialization forced to accept the reality of new, previously unknown to science, the fundamental laws that are based on close interaction of human consciousness with the world.

Not once scientists instantly get answers to questions that are searched in vain for many years. Thus, Friedrich August Kekule had a dream about a formula D. Mendeleev — periodic table of elements, Niels Bohr — the structure of the atom, as a result of Nostradamus saw the future of trance. Many prominent scientists believe that the emergence of new knowledge can not be explained without assuming the existence of a higher power, some of the World Bank data, are drawn from the knowledge. Renowned physicist GI Shilov writes: «Intuition — the ability to penetrate the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious mind is connected to the universal consciousness. Intuition allows you to communicate with the subconscious mind and thus have access to the source of knowledge. „

The impact on the consciousness of the vacuum causes the development of events that can lead to the birth of the vacuum of elementary particles, which make up atoms, molecules join together in forming all the possible states of matter. Torsion fields have memory. Any source of torsion field polarizes the vacuum. As a result, the back elements of the physical vacuum guided by torsion field this spring, repeating its structure. Invisible to the naked eye is called the spin spatial structure in use phantom.
Because own torsion field have all the bodies of nature, the human phantoms formed objects. The article by Professor A. Chernetsky “Energy emptiness» says: «If you create a mental image in any place, for example, in the corner of the room, the device will lock the» shell "(aura) of the phantom, if mentally blur the image, the" shell " disappear — the device did not show. " According to the academician of Thorns: «A person can directly perceive and transform torsion fields. The idea is torsion nature. „

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