Curse Infertility

If you have just a case — Infertility (miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy), but you and the men are all in order, I recommend that you find a specialist — a healer, sorcerer, magician — who would have checked your energy for the influence of the past, and also various external and internal negative programs, and if there would remove this negative. Furthermore, in difficult or severe cases of infertility to properly start up the organs of reproduction, including the uterus, but it is a matter of professionalism healer. My task now — to help you understand the possible causes of your infertility, so I will describe the problems that are most often vstechatsya in my practice.

1. Infertility is a curse

Curse — one of the worst acts of black magic. And more recently, people have lost the fear and conscience, curse anyone not getting, including their loved ones. Committed in moments of high emotional shock, it is so strong that it can destroy lives, not only the fate of the damned, but his descendants until the fourth knee when cursing and man, and the children and grandchildren. Damned if you do not, you may be caught in the hand through the ancestors. Curse you, or that, as I said, you must define a specialist. But some of the special features of the curse, it is directed to infertility, I can give you. They are:
-Existence of old or stillborn babies die before three years
-Sterile marriages among relatives
-Have children with scoliosis and the mentally retarded
-In the family, many widows or widowers
-In the family a lot of single women
-Ectopic pregnancy
-In the family lot of drunks, drug addicts
, Many non-believers who have fallen away from the faith or relatives
The curse of infertility «for nothing» can not be a matter of karma. If these symptoms you find me in yourself and your family, relatives, I recommend you to search the Master

2. Infertility in damage

Blight affects men and women differently. This is due to the fact that the sexes are different entry points of energy in the body. Babies are powered equally through the parietal fontanelle, when the child begins to develop in accordance with the program of the same sex, fontanel closes. Men continue to be powered by the heavenly Father (top) through the point crown, women begins to nurture Mother Earth (bottom), the entry point — sexual organs, uterus. whose breakdown can carry infertility. That's why do egilet (eyeballs) a man demanding, complex push the program through all the energy centers, to destroy them. Hence the «induced» impotent bad things — and «x» is not necessary, and denego not, things do not go, disease. And the woman any external energy aggression (damage) it meets the uterus. Now it is clear that in order to practice witchcraft against you, and sexual function detorozhnaya suffer and ALWAYS ALWAYS, first energetically and then outgrowing the physical plane (unintelligible inflammation, dysfunction, fibroids, infertility). in addition, to be honest, 9 out of 10 if the woman suggest, it is «down» — to hurt like a woman, was sexually unattractive, I could not sleep with men, was frigid, childless, lonely. That infertility. Usually this is the revenge of a woman or the other (the reasons will not discuss), or the desire to turn away from the woman guy husband. Here are some signs of women's Blight:
-If a woman has spots on his face and a good analysis
-If a woman can not get pregnant (infertility?) And from a medical point of view, everything is in order
-If a young strong woman does not menstruate, constant delays or very poor selection
-If for no reason you can quickly lose weight (dry) or fullness (spreads)
-If she meets a guy, but can not marry
-If the doctors give different diagnoses, but no treatment results
-If you do not like to look at myself in the mirror
-If you are in the church is bad or you do not like to go there
-If a cross is lost, or a constant desire to take it off
-If you have a lengthy breakdown, do not want to move, work and live
Spoiling for infertility is dangerous because, in contrast to the curse, originally especially in the physical woman, she may not be apparent. As I wrote above, the women initially damage does not go up or down, the power stroke once finds purpose — the uterus. Young, energetic woman can be a long time just to not pay any attention to that, work, interesting life, having friends, as long as the question arises about the marriage or a child. Women cry at parties — and have health and strength, and have no children. There comes a time to hospitals and clinics, treatment is not known what to know what, and infertility though henna.

Cause infertility and genital diseases can also be a deterioration, inherited

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