Energy causes of disease

When we catch cold, or break a leg, then begin treatment. Swallow pills, drink potions, to respect the day… Fear of pain. But when the soul is sick, many, despite the fact that the pain is much more physical, at best, to let things take their course, and at worst — make yourself worse. Meanwhile, the fight with the power to disease, and, most importantly, perhaps.
Our energy — this is our second invisible intangible body. And it needs to be protected more than the body of biological, because the quality of human life, the level of well-being, the desire to live and work in the end, depend on the state of his mental health. Unfortunately, the soul is very vulnerable. Evil eye, damage, curse — a disease of the energy system, which are often overlooked, and we just go and complain to the «black line» in life and curse the world. A yet, this behavior is death. But more about that later. Now dwell upon themselves ailments.

The first and most common of them — it's evil eye. What happens: jealous, annoyed, angry or experiencing other strong negative feelings that one can influence our aura, of course, affect badly. It occurs most often unconsciously, but negative energy, sent a strong impulse, usually successfully reaches its destination, and this is where the problems start.

Keep in mind that such a psychic attack is implemented by an unkind look. The organism enters the fight with a foreign negative energy, which, in its turn, attracts negative energy reserves of the subtle world (to use with our own emotions, hurt someone, anger, feelings of sadness, etc., be sure to arise in response). As a result, the person becomes sluggish, lethargic, lose interest in life.

As for the damage, then there is a serious matter. This evil is the deliberate, purposeful, and to reflect the impact of such a powerful force a person will require huge amounts of energy. Hence the long serious illness, chronic fatigue, psychological problems. The fact that the damage as powerful bunch of negative energy can not only attract the wrong material in the form of failure and disease, but it has also a sufficient force to cause a negative change in behavior, with prolonged exposure and the nature of the victim.

It is in the physical world, plus and minus converge, and the world's negative energy attracts negative. Changing mindset of people, their views, attitudes, we throw out the negative energy itself, which «wander» in space, acquires new forms of similar energy and sooner or later will still return to the «owner» under the law boomerang. So do not be slow to anger, screaming, a grudge against anyone (even if you think it's worth it) — you will make yourself worse. Find the strength to understand and regret the object of his anger.

You stepped on the foot, inadvertently pushed? Apparently, people in a hurry or very scattered — in both cases, he can sympathize. You drenched contemptuous or envious looks? In this individual, most likely a serious inferiority complex, with all the ensuing consequences.
Are you tired of the gloomy environment of indifferent persons without a shadow of good will? Smile at them, wish good luck to mind — people have now really hard life, a lot of problems, even though someone today lucky ones!

By doing so, you are blocking the energy level evil head off its growth — an avalanche if suddenly encounters an obstacle and falling apart. Moreover, you train yourself to think positive, positive energy spills out into a single information field and created an opportunity to attract the appropriate type of information. Remember, in the world of things really «let well enough alone», a perfect world — the good acquires good and evil — evil. Give as much genuine (!) Good thoughts, words, actions, and you will see how amazing way to change your life and, most importantly, your mood. Unable bleak look at the world at least once a generator of good feeling!

We can not ignore this kind of energetic influences as programming. It is of two types: positive and negative. The essence of programming is that our minds are entered wrong stable complexes beliefs, attitudes, understanding of the world system.

The simplest example: getting the company weeping loser, man, an hour or communicated „in their wake,“ infected with a pessimistic view. With prolonged exposure of this kind is the programming, ie breaking the old perception of the world and the values and principles of the formation caused by the program.

This „disease“ is dangerous because people do not realize in the ongoing changes to it, does not understand that it ceases to govern themselves, that his thoughts and behavior in fact already do not belong, but are something unusual for him. „Programmed“ person throws favorite work for prestigious part with my boyfriend for the sake of public opinion, afraid to help the girl, because it is not accepted in his company, etc.

In fairness it should be mentioned that there is also a positive programming. It is an original make-up energy of optimism, love for people and self-belief, derived from a rare case of mentally healthy balanced + + confident + good people. Of course, in this case the person is also instilled views, it is not inherent (ie, there was a violent change of consciousness), but the difference is that these views do not destroy the person, do not create disharmony in the relationship between the individual and reality and do not contribute to the spread and augmentation of evil.

What can be advised as prophylaxis energy ills? Practical magic developed a number of techniques exist to prevent and neutralize the evil eye and spoilage.

Here are some of them:

• Get to your date of birth (not to be confused with happy birthday) to noon on the growing moon mirror (round — for women, rectangular — for men). In the afternoon of the same day Bring the mirror to his lips and exhale three times said: „Purchased as instructed. Reflects the fact that the self you know. “ Then place a mirror in the area of the 4th energy center (in the thoracic cavity) reflection of yourself and wear. „Dirty“ energy will not hurt you.

• If you have trouble sleeping, before going to bed, it's a mirror put it under the pillow to the place where it will head down the reflecting surface. Can rest in peace.

• On the back of any clothing will wear a safety pin tip down, after maintaining it in the eastern corner of the house for three days or one day for the icon.

• Remember: the best time to organize any psychic attack — morning and evening dawn, noon, and all the time dominated the Dark Moon (Moon). On such days, avoid linger on street corners, to explain to strangers how to get somewhere, conflicts and quarrels, and after the sun goes down as little as possible by holding it in your hands sharp and pointed objects, be extremely careful with fire, boiling water, electric shock, acids etc. (There is an increased risk of injury!).

In general, we recommend a positive attitude and a good attitude to the world as a guarantee that you are able to withstand any negative effects. Engage in interesting work, help someone learn something new and interesting, in a word, feel it necessary, meaningful, unique.

Tell yourself once and for all, that, in any case, life is beautiful. Watch a movie of the same name. Imagine what would you feel to know that the terminally ill and will die soon, how would change your attitude to pressing problems, to what brings grief, even for life. Draw anywhere where we can, positive emotions. Enjoy life. And you go around the side of those who are always „not okay.“

Good luck to you!

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