As thoughts govern health and why we get sick

Contrary to the mistaken popular belief most people, illness and other illnesses appear not only due to accidental coincidence of circumstances or susceptibility of the organism, but also because of our mood. Strengthen and restore health, you can not just pills, diets and warm clothing.

Why do we get sick

Many people are faced with an incomprehensible situation for them — they drink vitamins, dress warmly, as well as use other precautions to not get sick. In the end, they still get sick, and the reason for them is a great mystery. Everything is simple — human immune system consists of the physiological and from the energy component.
A person can get sick, even with the strongest body. Physiology and energy are closely related to each other and have a common ground. The balance is disrupted when our lives come to negative emotions, attitudes and thoughts. They tend to sit firmly in the mind, destroying his inner world imperceptibly. Weak energy is transformed into illness or poor health.
That is why many psychologists say that the right attitude is able to cure the patient from any ailment. There are many stories about how the power of thought people were driven out of his body, even cancer. Thoughts run health — which is why doctors around the world recommend avoiding prolonged depression and nervous situations. It removes from the balance of our body.

How to strengthen the health of the power of thought

It is logical to assume that if we lose the immune system, destroying the energy balance, we can rebuild him. Of course the right attitude will help cope with the disease, however, make up for the energy sector is much more difficult than to squander it in times of stress.
Your main goal on the way to a healthy body and energy balance — this is the right idea. Every day you need to think about the good only. Even psychologists say that a good mood helps in the healing process during the neural overload or insomnia.
To achieve a good mood can be chemically — by eating the right foods, for example by increasing the dose of vitamins. You can do it psychologically — by introducing into their lives interesting events (walks, meet with loved ones, with friends). From eating sugary foods should be noted. This can not only be muffins and chocolate, but with a large variety of fruit sugar content.
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