Magic and Hair

Since ancient times, people believed that the hair and the magic associated. Circumcision is considered a way of hair to change his fate, but because of haircuts treated with caution and care. Hair care and circumcision were not just hygiene — there was lots of rites and rituals, which had to be followed. It was believed that hair — it's kind of a conductor, allowing our bodies to get outside, from the cosmos, the life force and energy.
If you are going to a beauty salon today to make a new hairstyle, try to remember some of the recommendations of the ancient sages. Perhaps, you have this procedure will become a magic ritual to help change lives for the better. For example, if you are often are unsuccessful, unlucky in some area, find a new hairdresser. It is better to go to the master, who was cutting you when everything was fine, when luck accompanies you everywhere.
How to choose a master? It must be an energetic, cheerful, fun person to whom you just pull. Remember, a hairdresser, working, changes and hair, and your aura, and therefore do not trust who will have to cut you. Independent persons, accustomed to all the problems in their life without outside help, the master must choose younger than me or same age — the hairdresser who is older than you, can affect some of the events in your life.
Old beliefs prohibit cutting hair themselves. Today, the ban has lost meaning — a beauty salon will help you create a unique, unique image. It was believed that the self-cutting leads to a strong deformation of the biological field of man, and the problems after such events may worsen. Fix damage caused then, later, will be difficult. Even the ancients believed that the cut and brush rights should someone of the same sex. However, a visit to the master of the opposite sex is not a ban — the main thing between you did not have too much gravity, or would threaten your personal life.
Wanting to give himself up, you can sign up for procedures such as body shaping, beauty sessions, choose a convenient day. But the cut is best done in accordance with the lunar calendar. It is believed that the waning moon do not cut hair, they will grow worse. Optimum period for cutting — Full Moon. But those who want to stop hair loss, it is best to just cut one's hair, and the moon is decreasing.
Such advice is often touch and nail care, pedicure equipment Gehwol and manicure — this procedure can be called magical rituals. Is set and the day of the week. So, paint and hair cut is best on Mondays and Saturdays — these days with regrown roots you remove a lot of negative energy and get rid of the accumulated problems. But on Sunday, it is not recommended to be cut, say they can cut their luck and good fortune. However, chronic losers can take a chance and try to change the destiny by cutting of Sunday.
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