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Beauty & Healing Magic spells

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    Bioenergy diagnostics of the sick patient is made by multiple indicators: general status of biological field, changing biological field over a sick organ, aura and its colors, chakras, availability of bioenergy punctured or negative. 

  Very often such diagnostics indicates the disease not only for one organ on which traditional medicine has given its conclusion in the form of diagnosis, but the disease of several organs. In this case I provide treatment of all infected organs and tissues by the disease regardless of doctors diagnostics.

Techniques magical effect with a gentle, gradual exposure: runic magic, pagan magic, European ceremonial magic, psy-magic, Muslim magic or Buddhist magic .


-Weight loss spell. Remove Obesity curse

- Anti-autism spells (remove curse)

-Increase your weight (get fat) spell 

-Get rid of stretch marks spell 

-"Restore hair" (against hair loss) spell 

-Increase hair growth spell 

-Stop the growth of unwanted hair spell

-Skin/Acne Healing Spell 

-Skin Rejuvenation spell (getting rid of wrinkles) 

-Better musical voice spell 

-Strengthen and increase nail growth spell 

-Penis Enlargement spell 

-Breast augmentation spell 

Treatment with photos and phantom. treatment technique

30.11.2000 Red Mercury

  Often in practice, the magician there are times when the patient does not agree to come to the reception and come to his relatives for...

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Channeling. Kryon - DNA Revealed

30.11.2001 Red Mercury

LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING"DNA Revealed" This live channelling was Given in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Saturday, March 13, 2010To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled...

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On the causes of female infertility

30.11.2001 Red Mercury

Of course, there are medical reasons for infertility. But I have to say about them will not, on this you can easily tell the doctor...

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oncology treatment

30.11.2001 Red Mercury

What is cancer? When a cancer? Rules for the treatment of cancer of Mages. Plots of cancer. Herbal tinctures from raka. Magic - Cancer TreatmentCancers...

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Energy causes of disease

30.11.2001 Red Mercury

When we catch cold, or break a leg, then begin treatment. Swallow pills, drink potions, to respect the day ... Fear of pain. But when...

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Curse Infertility.

30.11.2001 Red Mercury

INFERTILITYIf you have just a case - Infertility (miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy), but you and the men are all in order, I recommend that you...

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Scientists have told you how to change the DNA at home

9.01.2002 Red Mercury

Exercise can not only change the appearance of man, but also affect its DNA. Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden say that after 20...

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Magic and Hair

27.07.2002 Red Mercury

Since ancient times, people believed that the hair and the magic associated. Circumcision is considered a way of hair to change his fate, but because of haircuts treated with caution and care.

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Autistics - aliens among us

14.09.2005 Red Mercury

They are just like us. Only other. Our world outside. Them — inside. They are deep introverts undiscovered talent with a phenomenal memory, nepriemlyaschie any false, can not fit into our society with its external conventions.

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