Spells against influenza

 In periods of acute epidemics of influenza, colds and viral illnesses not only wants to recover from the disease, but also to prevent its occurrence. Medicine is capable of it, but you can enhance the effect by using ancient spells against the flu and other illnesses.
Spell for good health after a bath
The most efficient is the spell after a bath or bath.
You will need a large plate of cold water to which a few teaspoons of salt had been previously dissolved. Before and after the ritual is necessary to cast a spell:
«Mother Nature, give me liberty -
The heat I grant, but only for the sake of itself.
Let me sleep soundly at night,
Day — to work hard.
Give me health urgently,
To live a long time to „
The key is to wash the face steamed seven times while looking in the mirror. Looking to take your impossible. The water should be cold, but not icy. People sign says that the only way to scare away the bad and get a charge of healthy energy. Repeat this ritual can be as often as you want, but all you need to do the right thing and in the same sequence.
Spells for those who are ill with influenza
Those who have the flu or the common cold, can also use the same ancient spell, which has more than 500 years. It is called “whisper the Seer.» To start, you need garlic. It will have to take food before and after a spell — it will expel you from disease, giving greater strength body and spirit.
You will need two cloves of garlic. One need to take a right hand before the spell, biting off half or part. Then hold the pulp along the left hand from the wrist to the elbow on the inside, eat and read the second half of the spell itself:
«I see your strength, because she has decided to destroy me. I see your weakness, for it is you, and cast out. Off go, away go away, away go. In the name of the world, in the name of good, my word hard. „
Next, you need to take the second clove of garlic in his left hand and biting off half, hold on flesh for his right hand. Reading repeated spells. This spell helps not only at the first symptoms, but when the raging disease.
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