The cause of AIDS - an imbalance in the chakras

Bioenergotherapist explained the cause of AIDS

Our forefathers knew what to think out just what modern scholars, researchers. However, the knowledge is lost, the old men go away, lost a unique life experience of generations ...

Part of this knowledge are: as people will, people's stories. But sometimes lost understanding. And without factual knowledge — just dead water epics. But the knowledge to understand — it is living water.
I want to remember Sergei Gagarin, one of the few Russian bioenergotherapist who conducted special studies in 80 of the last century in the USSR Academy of Sciences. Several years ago, deceased, the known bioenergotherapist and healer once intelligibly and clearly explained to many people's signs.

The author of these lines were many of his recordings, which give answers to many questions. For example, why an ax or a knife blade can not keep up, but must stick to a wooden deck? And why is sitting on the corner of the table may hinder marriage / marriage for the next seven years?

And all, if you look, very simple: the property of the element of metal — the destruction of structures. With the destruction of an energy structures, which flows on a knife blade or ax their edge, this thread is called «line of Albert,» which destroy the structures in the surrounding space, creating a negative zone.

To counteract this phenomenon, among all nations to apply knowledge of the properties of the element of wood, namely the blocking structures. A knife or an ax stuck in the wooden chopping block. During the meal, and peasants, aristocrats, and knives and daggers stuck into the surface of the table.

With respect to the angles of the table is also used old knowledge, but a different level — the properties of symbolic systems used to create amulets, charms and talismans (runes, kabbalistic signs and so on). At the junction of the object edges, that is, on the corner connecting plane, is draining the energy flow of energy in the form of needles.

Agree that most table top (plane), the table is located at the solar plexus. Mainstream science recognizes that the solar plexus — the vital center (ganglion), but does not explain why.

In Eastern philosophy is regarded as the solar plexus energy center (chakra Manipura), which transforms and redistributes energy from the chakras with the excess energy in the chakras, where she was responsible for the deficiency and the immune system.

The periodic table to find at the corner of harm to human health will not bring, but if it is permanent, it is imbalance of power supply system of the body, there are a variety of diseases. Do I need a sick person in this state to get married at all, not just the next seven years? First you need to restore health.

Or is this moment: old grandchildren are warmer and better than their parents. Even if the old object, when they were driven in the summer of grandchildren, what happens when their parents take? Old men and grandchildren miss each other, start to hurt. The child again becomes nervous, inflated, and returned to the old disease. It's all about the energy exchange.

A man of middle age energy transfer is stable, ordered, in the elderly — is insufficient in children — is redundant. Old men and grandchildren help each other, reducing hyperactivity, and supporting some of the other toes. So, take care of old people, they deserve a dignified retirement. This is the wisdom that neither is the people, come down to us through the generations… Well, or the phrase «In a healthy body — healthy mind». Goals of mankind can confirm it.

By the way, belongs to Sergei Gagarin and the explanation of such a terrible disease like AIDS. It is known that conventional medicine has not yet accepted his interpretation. But the most interesting thing is that nobody yet been refuted, although the 90 on the subject unfolded the whole debate in the scientific and pseudo-scientific circles!

Its essence is as follows. Any impact on the person or his reaction to the effects of frequency parameters can be described. In terms of energy, the following happens. In the normal state of man there are seven major chakras unpaired, which carry energy exchange in the organs and life-support systems. These energy centers of energy transfer is carried out in certain frequency bands.

The central chakra, Manipura, located in the solar plexus of man, is responsible for the distribution of energy among the other chakras. In Manipur transformed energy of the chakras, where there is a surplus of energy — to transfer it to those chakra, where it is not enough. This chakra is responsible for the immune system.

70s of last century (estimated time of AIDS) — the time hippie craze during rhythmic rock. Noticed that the «abuse» rhythmic rock music a person is a surplus of energy in the so-called lower chakras — and svathiskhane mulathare, which among other things, «responsible» for the sexual activity of man.

Rhythmic rock music supported by artificial recharge of the chakras, and they do not work: how to take energy from the outside, and give it away. And, ultimately, destroyed ...

And if the energy transfer in some mess up the chakras, other chakras begin to «chase» go the extra energy to maintain the system as a whole. The rest of the chakras take on additional workload as a result of energy for the activities of the organism as a whole is not enough. That is not the strength to suppress the infection, to maintain the health and so on. Here is the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome!

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