TOP 3 best spells for female sexuality

 A large part of female power — in the beauty and the ability to attract, please and create the desire to have a strong half of mankind. By that seeks long most women, and this can help the time-tested and their predecessors spells.
Spells, rituals and ceremonies of the women's appeal, there is already a long time ago. For centuries, girls and women have resorted to them; No wonder so tenacious was and still is a myth about irresistible, if not diabolical witch charm barely. No wonder many famous stories of women who do not have natural beauty, was surprisingly a lot of admirers and imitators.
Spells that enhance sexuality, act as a cross between a ritual on the attractive appearance and omens. Having decided to resort to their help, choose the one that is right for you in your particular case, not to be trapped.
Spells to appeal to men
The first spell will become more beautiful and to attract male attention. It does not have strong sexual bindings and akin, rather, ordinary folk recipe of beauty — but acting on the bioenergetic level.
To use it, get clean water. It is better to take it out of the spring, key, or buy ready-made, but do not take the tap. In an extreme case, of course, you can use the water from the tap, but the effect of it will be much less. Let the water settle overnight and filled with force, wash it with the first beam and said to himself: «Leave terrible, get out all the flaws, with the first beam, the last water. The key, lock,, tongue. „
The second spell as attracting the opposite sex, but on a different level — not outer beauty, and a strong desire. Actions for training — the same, but the water previously added quite a bit of sugar.
The text of the spell is: “Being me is sweeter than sugar water, beautiful morning dew, you need white light. Key lock yes, said it might be fulfilled. „
Finally, the third spell directed at a specific man. Wash for this purpose should be at sunset. Bathe, imagine his face and say to himself:
 “As the world live without the sun, because without me you do not see the light, I look so much to me. As I said, so be it. „
From time to time this action can be repeated. Stronger effect will be, if you prefer to use the necessary preparations on the growing moon. The universe will require you to some action, otherwise it will not work. Be prepared to respond to the signs of Doom, if your goal is to attract a particular man, or if you just want to please everybody around — still set a clear goal in front of you and determine the cause. Since you and the universe will be easier to achieve the desired.
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