Magic Help Athletes. Change outcome of sporting events. Impact on competitors.

One can endlessly worry about the «failures» of our athletes, as well as admire their victories and athletic feats. However, it is time to move from words to deeds.
Already, sport — it's not just a sport in its purest form. This competition not only athletes but also coaches, biochemists, inventory, etc. And now came the big sport, other specialists of bioenergetics (magicians, healers, psychics), and the results of the athletes is largely dependent on the skill of a specialist.
A good specialist in the field of energy-effects know what to do and how to make a medal contender I could not sleep until morning, either — there was a severe headache, either — the fear and uncertainty before the start. In a short time can be a healthy, well-trained athlete dislocate so that it will be difficult to move.
 Similarly, a good professional can help «their» athletes — quickly restore power, a good rest before the start, «pump up» his energy — and endurance athletes to increase significantly. Due to this improved result.
 Can a long story that can make a good specialist, but it is — too much. The main thing — coaches and athletes should realize that this was a need for a special group of professionals in the field of energy-information exchange.
At one time, 30-40 years ago, many athletes and their coaches were skeptical about the various kinds of stimulants. Today — each athlete is under the strict doping control.
 The energy (magical) effects on the athletes while no one is not any emotion. Few who believe in it. However, it exists.
 Magic in a big sport there is a long time. Some magicians are working randomly, from time to time, to win the sweepstakes. Other magicians together and work on some professional team.
 In general, the magic of the sport has two directions:
— Positive impact on their team, their athletes;
— Negative impact on the opposing team, athletes and rivals.
Let us consider each direction separately.
By the positive energy (magical) effects is the mascot selection, which brings victory and good luck. That mascot can be the national anthem, flag, that is, the total national unifying principle, which charges each athlete's patriotism. Living talisman that brings success, may be coach of the team. Especially if the coach has repeatedly led various teams who coached to outstanding achievements.
Also, the positive effect will be on who manages the team, such as the Olympic team. Lead the team must not official, but an athlete who has achieved outstanding success in sport, for example, 2-3-time Olympic champion. Such a person is not only an excellent physical data, by which he became a champion, and confirmed the title of best repeatedly over several years. The main thing — he won, thanks to their superior know-how in the spiritual plane.
Most of these people emit light. They have a strong energy donors. And if the team or lead a delegation will be exactly the kind of person he would like a tip icebreaker, which cuts the ice and confidently leads the entire team to victory.
Most of the negative magic or other attacks on each of his players, he takes over. For example, experts opposing team trying to psychologically and magically undermine the physical and psychological state of the coach and athlete in rhythmic gymnastics. Head of Delegation, which is known and respected throughout the world, capable of most of the magical attacks to reduce to zero only for its spiritual qualities. And from a psychological point of view, even a single word he uttered his players, can return them faith in themselves and in the victory. After all, he won and he knows how to win. And that is why every athlete believes him.
In addition to the head of the delegation, having a strong spiritual energy, it is desirable that at each event attended by several well-known athletes to support their team. Their total personal energy will inspire the team calm, confidence and faith in victory.
Support team can provide actors, singers and musicians. In a city where the event is run, they can arrange a charity concert, energizing joy of athletes and their fans. It is immediately reflected in the game. Of course, these concerts cost money. But in today's world, where there is a war of minds, natural resources and military power, winning sports begin to occupy an increasingly important place and are working on the country's image. And it is worth paying for.
For example, the World Hockey Championship, which took place in Canada, including the Russian national team fans were not only well-known athletes, numerous world champions in hockey, but also artists, politicians, and businessmen. Largely thanks to their efforts, the invisible energy and fortitude, Russian hockey team became world champion in the most difficult fight with the owners of the fields, which are also on their part to support the entire Canada. But the qualitative superiority of moral support and energy in the most difficult moment was just on the side of the Russian national team.
 Victory talisman for a specific athlete can be a picture a loved one (mother, father, wife, husband, child). Photo mascot should always carry with them to take on the competition. As well as the most important — is to dedicate their performances a loved one. This will help to mobilize before the start of or during the game. In addition, the athlete will get invisible energetic support from his loved one, as well as his entire family.
Prayer is also capable of performing miracles. When many people are praying at the same time and ask God to help his team, that team will win, for which prayer was a sincere, and the number of worshipers was more. The preponderance of fine energy plan is very important.
As for the positive support of the team of experts (mages, healers, psychics), any of these professionals is able to transfer part of its energy, calmness and confidence to any athlete or coach. Thanks to the energetic effects, athletes quickly restored power to heal faster than injuries of varying severity.
 For example, during a tennis match, which lasts a long time, often wins the tennis player who was able to tune in to the match, was calm and confident of victory. If it is calm and confidence is higher than that of his opponent, even more skilled opponent, the opponent slowly starts to get nervous, make mistakes and end up losing.
There are times when the racket 100 wins. in 20 rackets in the world. Everyone is talking about some kind of miracle. In fact, there are no miracles, it's simple. During a tennis match tennis player two can be represented in the form of two vessels, interconnected invisible tube. The more energy at a particular point is one of the tennis players, the less energy is another. There is a struggle of personal mastery, not only on the physical level, but most importantly — on a thin energy-level.
Maybe you noticed that lately there are often «miracles» when clearly weaker tennis player wins strong tennis player. Here, the reason lies not only in the fact that the athletes themselves through nominees play in the sweepstakes and win large sums of money, which, incidentally, a while ago was suspected of one of the players.
The main reason is that it is the magicians, psychics successfully play in the tote. Even before the tennis match is realistic look — because the energy and the possibility of any of the tennis players, and bet on a high rate. Especially after the first set, when the leader revealed a match. In the second set, the leader suddenly begins to make mistakes. And lose the entire match.
Now for the negative direction of magic in the sport. It lies in the power suppression of rival teams or athletes rivals.
I have often watched during the competition is changing power in athletes — and not always for the better. No external effects of energy-is clearly not happened.
In this case, the experts can thicken or thin out the blood strongly athlete degrade the performance of an organ, cause headaches, asthma attacks and even increase the blood levels of substances that are doping. Although this athlete did not take anything illegal. Thus, the athlete becomes a champion, a doping test does not pass. And he not only loses the medal and earned a fair fee for a win, but it is also disqualified in disgrace a few years.
For example, in boxing power influence is somewhat different than in tennis. Since the short-lived boxing match, the specialist does not affect the athlete during the match, and before him.
If the magician entered an order for a particular boxing match, he finds the most vulnerable spot boxer chooses a method and begins to impact. Indeed, quite professionally impact at least for the heart to a boxer, even the most prepared, and began to «thaw» in the eyes. It becomes sluggish, the impact force is not the same, no stamina, he begins to sweat and lose the battle.
Sometimes it is possible to organize a fan of a team to perform simple magic tricks that their team won.
One example — the European Football Championship, when fans bought thousands of Spanish team improvised voodoo dolls Russian national team players, and pierced them with needles. It seems such a trifle, but twice in the game with the Spanish football team Russia played listlessly, admitted many mistakes.
But no one thinks about the consequences of what will turn this effect for athletes and magicians, psychics themselves.
Athletes, on which magicians often make bets and support them with their energy, quickly pulled out the top twenty, and sometimes the top ten athletes of the world. But from time to time with them into trouble. That is a serious injury that is difficult to treat, then attack the bandits, who make everything of value out of the house, the press begins to «eat» the athlete for alleged match-fixing. These are the consequences of the energy impact fee for the victory.
Implications for the magicians and are sad. During won or earned money in this way they pay their own health or the health of their loved ones. Nothing happens for a reason. All you have to pay. So witch service are not cheap. and certainly not free.
Naturally, practicing magicians and psychics who are actively working with athletes and coaches will never tell the whole world on trade secrets — and how to influence their success. It's just that the killer would come on TV and said to all the cases from his practice. That's why on the skills to influence and affect individual athletes, or the whole team, no one knows anything and are unlikely to know until they do not want to.
Most of the specialists of such a plan work alone, but sometimes for the sake of higher purpose, for example, from a sense of patriotism for their country and their team, they are combined. There is no need to arrange a gathering (coven). There is Internet, through which you can discuss all the details of the object, time and force of impact. This is about the same as hackers sometimes do.
Together, a group of magicians can make a discord in the team, which is a real favorite. And then the trouble starts in the team. That a leading player in a friendly match is injured and will not be able to help his team. Either the coach suddenly «sore» head, and he can not concentrate, to give valuable advice to their players. From any athlete leaves a wife and trying to win it all, which was acquired by overwork. This list could go on. The team is falling apart, its dogged by controversy, there is no single unifying the whole, there is no aspirations to win. And this team is like a colossus with feet of clay, it becomes a «victim» almost the weakest team.
Very often, an athlete is a personal magician, who with the help of various techniques makes him a champion.

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