How to Become Rich using Magic and Spells

how to become rich using magic spells Since ancient times, people's ideas about money are surrounded by a magical aura. And this is not surprising: long noticed that a vast fortune can be lost in a few days, and surprising success can help the poor quickly earn untold riches. People are always aggressively looking for the secrets of metamorphosis. Perhaps it is because the signs were created. Welcome to the superstitions connected with, and finance.

 1.  To the house was wealth, do not waste money earned daily wages — even the entire amount stay the night at home.

 2. Do not count the money at sunset. Also, do not pass them from hand to hand after dark — it is recommended to throw banknotes and coins on the floor, so they picked the person to whom they are intended.

3.  Always keep in your purse big bill. Fit and irredeemable small coin, received a gift from a good man, as soon as the salary or the proceeds of a successful transaction. According to legend, that kind of money charged by the energy of the owner of the purse and guarantee profits. The main thing — do not waste your mascot!

4.  Notes in your wallet should be based on face-to master.

5. To make money in your wallet were carried out, after buying the things he should not be left blank. If given everything to the penny — the financial problems will pursue master's purse, yet will be a new thing.

6. Hiding things in the closet for the season, put in the pockets of small bills.

7. As soon as possible and give to needy spend the money you won, received as a gift, or picked up. An even greater danger lies in the profits earned by dishonest means.

8. True is that people are always unhappy repel money and attract them without any problems is obtained from the optimists and the vitality.

9. Respect the money. Do not store them crumpled, crumpled, as well as in their pockets without a purse.

10. Money in your wallet should be sorted — notes of the same value for them — both. Dollar or Euro are advised to put in a different department wallet. Do not put the bill to the department for coins.

11. Do not store in a purse documents, and even more so — old checks, coupons for travel and all the used tickets. Quickly dispose of non-functional things!

12. More money to recalculate. They say that after this procedure is useful to compress them in their hands and tell the tone of the master: «I do not piddle.»

13. Do not take on Monday, do not borrow on Tuesday and do not give money debt on Friday.

14. Take the money is recommended to his left hand, and give — right.

15. When you see the right side of the new moon — open your wallet and show him the money.

And the most important magical rule — pay the money should not be your primary goal. Dream, build grandiose plans and achieve results, but even large bills are only a means to get what you want. Many esoteric argue that this approach will help you a lot faster to improve the financial status.
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