Purse and attract money spells

 First, let's dispel the myth that somehow affects the purse or the absence of receipt of receipt. It is a myth, which is based on very clear and understandable principles. Another thing that is not trying, or not wanting to delve into these guidelines, the term «bag» adapted for the understanding and he, in some opinions, was the subject of the causality of receipt. 
So. Purse as color, shape and material does not and helps to enter the money.
But. Wallet tells you (and others) about how things are in your money matters. And the presence of a purse can tell that is true and what is not true in the issue of money orders.
Material purse
The first thing is to say, this stuff purse. In magic, sympathetic to the three types of material, from which can be made your wallet. It's leather, suede and fabric.
Each material has its own characteristics reflects monetary channel, or how you feel about money.
Veal represents stability and confidence in its monetary abundance. And even if the owner of the wallet there tensions in the money, it is unlikely to deplete their stock to the bottom.
Suede. This purse is preferred by those who hope not only himself and is considering several sources of money in the wallet.
Tissue. The ratio of money for such a person is very superficial. Periods of stability followed by periods of lack of money due to uncontrolled spending.
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Exotic Materials for porse
Exotic materials such as crocodile or stingray skin, not quite as simple in direct and figurative sense. This wallet says that the owner is outside the box to the issue of money. Of course, it might be nice if people knew exactly what was going on. But it may adversely affect its business, or rather to symbolize the beginning of money problems, if people are not ready for a new mode of operation with the money.
Color Purse
Material purse — some of those tips that we can get. Next in importance and relevance should be the color of the purse.
Black and brown. These two colors are best suited to make a purse the same color to save money. And the reason is not that «black — the color of money» and that the owner of the purse, choosing a color for your «safe hand» agree with the approaches that exist in the world of money. And, strictly speaking, this agreement is mutual.
Yellow, gold. Second on the activity and interest in color purse, with the only difference is that these colors are soft and pliable in terms of man's relationship to money. We can say that this approach is most common among people in creative professions, the arts, those who do not put the material at the center.
Other colors. Blue, blue, red, purple and similar colors, which can be found on sale — color «on the fan.» The existence or desire to buy a purse says that people are not willing to use a standard scheme for making money. That he was willing to have them, and have many, but not quite know how this will happen.
The only exception is the fact, when people are presented with a purse, as if to encourage his aspirations.
The form of the purse
The form of the purse — the next element of the reflection of your physical capabilities.
The rectangular vertical. This form is most common in purses, which are called purse. The owner of this purse a few fussy, swift, and tries to put into it as much as possible. And in the truest sense — wear them, and figurative — to earn.
The rectangular horizontal. This form tells about a man thoroughly, for which only a transit point purse. Usually, it kept some cash and the rest is smelted in a more secure location. This is an active purse, and an active approach to money.
Round or oval shape. This forms the purse is somewhat limited, and said that the owner of a few pressed for money, or, to put it more precisely, it is not always enough money for all.
Filling the purse
Filling the purse, or what he represents inside, as well an important characteristic to understand your attitude to money.
The presence of branch points for the little things that a man scrupulous and accurate in the calculations and actions. And his «integrity rating of» enhanced if it does not keep it a trifle.
Department of purse
Branches are used as a wallet for credit cards for discount cards and business cards. And then, and another, and the third could be described as a positive experience in the field of money and the negative
Since credit card and discount card, which is constantly used by a person says about a good control of their spending.
But if this store discount cards, which are used at least one time per month, this indicates that the person is engaged in self-restraint.
And so to keep in your wallet, business cards, their own and others, generally not worth it. Of course, they may relate to money, but only indirectly, because the coordinates are important, not the card.
Replacement of the purse
If you decide to replace the purse, then buy it «one size larger.» That is, if only for one department or one function is greater than in the previous year. Do not «cut» themselves in the possibilities, because it speaks of your inner willingness to limit yourself.
Buying a new purse
If you have never had a purse, and you decide to buy it again, do not rush to buy. Pay attention to his sense of relevance to the subject. It should be «at hand» and liking — like, to have, but not from a position of prestige and glamor, but from the standpoint of rationality and calculation — that these categories operate on the money.
The loss or theft of a purse
The loss or theft of a purse is no reason for panic, but to think is worth. Indeed, the absence of the purse — it's financial difficulties, even for five minutes. Such an event usually indicates either that the people in the careless spending, or that he has gone from under the nose of his benefit (money). In any case, you should consider that it is not so.
The cost of the purse
What is important is not so much the cost of the purse as a producer. Old, well-known brand, although it is more expensive, has established itself in the world or the country as a stable and proven company that «knows a lot about money.»
Brand new, unknown and unproven companies that might produce the goods is not less well-known brands, however the campaign «on the pig in a poke.» As far as they are competent and reflect how well all the work with the money? Time will tell.
Purse-a gift
A very important step because it requires knowledge and understanding of not only the nature of man, but his attitude toward money. You can not guess, and then at least your wallet will get dusty, and at best will be thrown.
If you are presented with a purse, then compare it with what you have. If he is better in every way, this is a good tip for his shift. And a good description of your growth.
But if it is worse, less, more often it indicates that the donor wants to get into your own business. And what — you know.
And in the en
Of course, this is not all there is to talk about the magic of money and the purse in particular. But even knowing these few principles will help you feel more confident and spend their money more prudently.

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