Business magic rituals

Lack of money — a matter of time and mood. In magic, there are quite a number of rituals, charms and prayers that will help you protect your business from the evil eye and spoilage, keep a job, does not stick to the authorities, and of course that had money.

Many people believe that they are all excellent, and therefore there is no need to use «Babkin means.» And we are not compelled to put the charms in advance or read the plots to improve the status and the capital increase. Can you wait until you run into trouble, and perhaps you will always carry. If you do not consider yourself a minion of fortune, it is best to stock up on amulets.

Can not be sure that your business will pass all the troubles and misfortunes, and your money will only multiply. Very often, people are envious of those who have what is not theirs. They do not know what you are all dalos hard work, and think that you are «huckster» dishonest (and this is the most pleasant of what they think about you).

His angry emotions, they destroy your power and energy of your business. As a result you can get the evil eye on the goods, damage to business, the money for themselves, for your family members and many different other troubles (who in his own way, jealous of you).

What would you do — in advance of energy to fuel itself and protect its business or the prayers and amulets to deal with the case of trouble — it's up to you.

If the trouble occurred, we first need to check whether there is corruption, the evil eye on you or on your business, product. Say for sure about the others' presence and their own negative energy programs can only be a specialist.

Only when the negative effects will be removed, you can perform the ceremony for the further success.

As an example I can cite the following case. Familiar entrepreneur, having his shop, has successfully developed. His wife had a fight with a woman, and she, with malice put a spell on the store for business. Since then, our entrepreneur overcame the officials, it is unclear how syplyuschiesya trouble. The matter came to a halt.

If he guesses to see a specialist, you will be able to resume a good time. The magician himself can not offer help until its told to do so — he can only watch from the sidelines — so our world is arranged.

You can also give a lot of recommendations for people who want to improve their position in the team to gain a foothold in it, to stave off the attacks of the head and the higher authorities (tax, various checks). This does not mean that having made any rituals you can work in a slipshod manner. The rites are aimed only at eliminating unnecessary fault-finding and verification.

If you wish to improve their financial situation can also apply to the magician. For maximum results you want to combine their efforts with the efforts of the magician. The fact that the lack of money generated in a special way, depending on the unhealthy, unstable energy from a misunderstanding of money and other problems. First, flatten all (or part) of these reasons, and then do a ceremony to raise money.

I want to clarify what it means to a misunderstanding of money.

We have your money egregore (energy substance in the small world) and if your vibration is not the same as its essence, can not wait for the money. Simultaneously with the work on this issue, you can view your horoscope. It often happens that the fate of the program to be laid down in debt, in poverty. But as a rule, the same individual horoscope offers its owner a few loopholes. Here, the main thing — the magician uglyadet your opportunities and make the appropriate ritual.

Here I want to give you an example from my practice.

I was approached by a young man with a request to make him a mascot for the money. I did. Presented. After 1.5-2 weeks later he comes back and gives it needs the money for the service. He said: «During this time, I did not add salary (he is a policeman), I was no formalized succession and I have not found a wallet on the street with the money.» I gave the money and just think that he will never be rich and full life will be faced with the uncleanliness of others towards him.

What can you learn from this example?

Do not just wait for the results, and work in this direction. Depending on the ceremony, a more or less long time to feel the effect.

The result of the money rite depends largely on your desire — if you do (on a subconscious level) prepyatstvuete efforts of the Magician, that all his efforts ultimately come to naught — the success, at best, will be short-lived.

Sometimes the ritual required repeated several times, and if it is not a magician performed, the recurrence can vary from two to several dozen times. Usually — 3-9 times is enough to get the effect.

To you had money, we suggest to follow the old signs.

Traditional signs, money rituals.

Debt is not better to give the evening and the morning — will voditsya money.
Do not leave an empty bottle on the table — is lack of money (you can keep under the table).
Do not sit on the table — will be poor.

You can not put the keys on the table, hat, sitting on the table — not in the home Money voditsya.
Whistling in the house — all the money in whistler.
If the nails are cut on Tuesday and Friday — the rich are always going.

To do this we must always keep the house broom broom up.
Buy a needle in a Monday and Thursday slide it along with the thread in a sweater on the chest.
Take the money with his left hand, and give the right one.

Do not lend money on Tuesday — will be in debt for life.
Donate on Christmas Eve at the church money, any amount. Over money before you give them, say the words: «To the church is not a mother, that I am not the father.» You will have the money to appear from nowhere.

Need to borrow money from someone at the new moon, and give to the defective. And be sure to give small denominations.
Money does not occupy the evening, do not give and do not consider: voditsya will not.
At night, put the money under the oilcloth, and not on the table. Goals will be.

Do not pick a trifle, especially if it is at a crossroads, as many diseases to reduce the fines. No fines will cost you, and lifted her to lose health and strength.
All the small thing in the house throw at the corners, saying: «Let arrives at my house!»
Trifle not sweep: the larger pile, the more money will be.

During the funeral, quietly throw down the money, saying: «As a dead man, a servant of God (name), does not depart from the tomb, and the servant of God (name) of the money from the bag, shall not depart from the house. Amen»
Not in the same apartment metite different brooms.

Bills in your wallet to keep in order: that was not crushed, that all bills are of the same rank together for them — another denomination banknotes.
Rubles and dollars are not put together, but in different pockets.

Found in the morning on an empty stomach the money, do not pick up.
On Monday, do not make any payments and the debt is not given.
At the first cuckoo bryaknite pocket money, so were carried out.
When right away to see the new moon, show him the coin.

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