7 laws of attracting money into your life

Almost everyone, with few exceptions, dreams about her own well-being and prosperity. Money — is a tool without which prosperity is impossible. Why do some of the money, like enchanted, sidestep, and to other well, just stick to?

We have studied some of the laws of attracting money. To understand the complex issues of behavior of cash flows, it is best to start over, that is, from childhood. We all come from there.

Change the setting

As the money belonged to your parents? What have you heard from them about this? These statements are likely to later become yours, because children are always just soak up the philosophy of their parents. Take a sheet of paper and write down the 2-3 line negative phrases that you often hear in the parental home.

For example: «You know — we do not have the money for it!»

«Money from the sky did not fall, grow up — you will know how hard they get»

«Honest people are not swimming in money»

«The righteous income can not build stone house»

«We live in poverty, but the truth»

Try to remember as many of these allegations. Think how often you do now eat them? Do try to use them to explain their financial problems? Which of these phrases they hear from you now about your children?

Maybe you're lucky and you've never heard of a child and do not drink now, such allegations. If they do exist in your subconscious mind, write a blank line under each of the negative assertions new — positive. For example:

«You know — we do not have the money for it!» New: «I always have money to buy that I think are necessary»

«Money from the sky did not fall, grow up — you will know how hard it gets the» new «I am easy to get income from any source.»

Once you have the desire to tell a familiar negative phrase stop yourself and say the opposite. At first, it can strain or seem is just a fun game, but do not hurry to give up on this — the game still will bear fruit.

Law of energy conservation

Of course, to get the result, in any case, it is required to invest a sufficient amount of energy. The musicians, who rehearsed for 10 hours a day, athletes train in the gym, students, during the session intently reading books, be sure to get the fruit, the results of their efforts.

If you have money to bypass the party, consider whether there is enough energy you put into them? How many hours a day do you specifically think about it, working on the financial result? Out of nothing, and nothing will — rightly so. If you are 100% passionate about another subject, the money simply can not come to you — they have no free space in your subconscious.

What we offer in this case, the various practices?

Business Coaching

The consultants recommend a daily basis to give the financial sector for at least 3 hours a day. No, it's not just a reflection of how well you rest on your own villa (although dreams are also welcome), but specific steps: — make your own personal business plan

— Think about what part of the income you can defer and where to invest

— Keep records of income and expenditure

— Learn the labor market: perhaps somewhere beyond your service you will pay more than your current job

— Watch for sales! Any purchase — it is your financial affairs

— Build plans. Do not hesitate and do not limit yourself — the goal should engage the imagination. Why be shy? Taxes do not dream.

— Work with the subconscious. Meditate.

For example, alone, turn on soft music and rest comfortably in a chair. Make sure that your legs or arms were not crossed position. Breathe deeply and calmly. Concentrate on your breathing, and when you feel that you did it, talk to your subconscious. «Part of the unconscious that is responsible for my welfare, please answer — why… (the essence of your problem).»

Finally, always thank your subconscious mind. The result of this «conversation» may surprise you. For example, you may find that all your problems for fear of losing the love of parents, or to part with his beloved habit.

— Write and read the affirmations of his mind the well-being. On this too takes time, and it is better to spare.


«I attract money!» — Is nice, but it is not enough: we need specifics. «By May 2008, I get income from the X thousand rubles» — is better. Burn this affirmation, read her mind, do not let go of my head. Just remember: A figure can not exceed your current income by more than 3 times — Psychologists have noticed that on this result does not make the turn coming.

Why is «income» rather than «salary»? Because it is not necessary to limit the universe — perhaps she will find ways to enrich you in the form of bonuses, free trips, scoring a valuable gift. Is not beneficial to block the channel and limit his salary.

Engage in the income of his life — a great success, but does not guarantee financial success. After all, the costs will rise, but the problem remains unsolved. Therefore, affirmations such as «My income has always outweigh the costs — I save, save money and multiply» is also very important.

Some of the rules of making affirmations:

Currently (not «I want» or «I» and «I get», «I am»)

«I» or «mine» — an obligatory part of the statement

Add the word «easy», «comfortable», «most convenient» in order not to get into a position where you have to get the desired voltage with a huge.

Do not use negative words. «I can easily get a beautiful new car,» better than «I get rid of this terrible old car».

Feng Shui

According to this doctrine, it is necessary to find and strengthen the south-eastern sector of your home — this is the area to attract wealth and financial success.

If possible, arrange a place in the blue-green or blue colors. It is recommended to place the wooden furniture, fresh flowers and paintings of nature (forest, meadow). The most effective is placing a fountain in the area, or at least his image. Inspired by the aquatic theme, do not buy now «9 shaft,» or other image elements terrible!

Another powerful way to attract wealth into the house — an aquarium. Just keep an eye on his condition, and if you do not have the patience and love to fish, switch to the other characters.

For example — the money tree, which can be purchased at a flower shop. If you are unable to care for plants, you can make an artificial «money tree» — attach notes of different denominations to the decorative twig and get what you want.

It is useful to place the welfare of the characters here, like a bowl full of fruit, jewelry, and special items that are sold in salons feng shui — the coin of happiness, «Toad of wealth,» the envelope to raise money, the character «Wealth» and others.

Compliance with Laws

It is not only about the specific laws enacted in the country, but also philosophical, like «How come — and gone,» «Money is attracted to money,» «What he gave — that is your» or «deceived the other — and deceive you» .
Money is like to not only score, but honesty.

Of course, you can give a thousand and one example of unrighteous wealth, but if you analyze, as a rule, the result of the owner or his descendants are always sad. The best way to earn money — do it with passion, pleasure and excitement.

And finally about the most important — a sense of proportion and the ability to «release» their desire. It's sad to become a slave to his goal and bring the practice of raising money to fanaticism. Life is richer and there is enough interesting things. Leave room for them!

Harmony — one of the best forms of existence!

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