10 misconceptions about big money

Money and Business. A huge number of people continue to languish for one simple reason — they believe in the common misconceptions about the ways to achieve wealth. Our task — to dispel these misconceptions.

One of the major misconceptions — link education and wealth. In fact, these two things have absolutely no connection. On the contrary, successful, as a rule, are poor. And all the rich people in the school were bad students. In order to get rich — not needed knowledge. Need a great desire.

The second error — all the rich people come from wealthy families. In fact it is not. Rich parents just a good springboard for the launch, no more. On the contrary, many billionaires have made their fortunes from scratch.

The third fallacy — the profession does not allow me to be rich. This is also not true. In any profession, you can succeed. Most importantly, the right to apply their knowledge and skills.

Fourth misconception — the impact event. Many people believe that wealth can fall on them from the sky, if they are in the right time in the right place. In fact, none of the states have been received in this way. You have to do things in order to succeed. You can start a business with, buy a laptop on credit, rent the smallest room in the city and work there will be one on one with your PC, eventually also through years of hard work you will go to the office in the center and will earn his millions through hard work, dedication and of course knowledge, not chance.

Fifth mistake — I was born and grew up in a country. In fact, there are millionaires in any, even the poorest country. It's not the reality — in case you!

The sixth mistake — I have too much time to start a business and become rich. I have a family, elderly parents, I have to take care of them. If I stop work and start a business, who will feed them? At the root of the wrong approach!

Seventh error — now can not get rich without the initial capital. This statement does not hold water. The modern world is full of smart features!

Eighth misleading — to become rich, you must work hard. Do you think rich people work hard? No! They work reasonably. A lot of hard and inject only the poor.

Ninth misleading — there is no money to invest in the business. Money can always be found! Try to indulge in something. Postpone the sly. Remember, the sea is formed of small droplets!

Tenth misleading — I have no way to get a good job and earn a good salary. Do you really think that you can get a lot of money in the form of salary? You are mistaken. Work — a temporary source of income. As long as you work — money is once stopped working — no money. Rich people are different. They receive no salary, and income. They do not work for money, money works for them.

Make and you have money work for you and you are sure to be rich and happy!

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