Black magic for money. How to make black magic spells for money that real work

 How to make powerful black magic spells for money that workWealth has always interested humanity. To attract money, used different spells. In our days, has become a popular real black magic for money  read at home that works, but if you follow all the rules to make ritual. This may require a strong spells, your confidence and faith in the actions, as well as a few extra items, such as coins, fabric, thread, candles, paper and more. The rest is a matter of experience and practice.This magical effect is strong enough, so do not make rituals for fun — they should be treated responsibly.

Example of a simple black magic spells for  money

To properly do money spell, you need to observe a few simple rules:
All the spells for finance are performed on the growing moon.
Your faith in action and effectiveness Black magic of the spell must be strong. In this case you can not doubt.
Expiration date money spells -
1-3 years. Therefore, after this time, the ritual must be repeated.
Before casting the spell, it is necessary to clearly define the goal, for which welfare is needed: if the funds raised are stored, not used, then there will be little value from such material wealth. Any money should work.
After casting powerful black magic for money  it is necessary to act, and not lie, relaxed, on the couch in anticipation that the money will flow like rain on your head. Money spell only helps to attract finances and in every way contributes to this. Work instead of a person — the spell willdont work

How to make black magic for money spell using a coin of 5 cents

This spell will be done only during the new moon or moon rising. If you do this at another time, instead of prosperity and prosperity, you can draw losses, waste and failure.
For  casting fast blackmagic spells  for money, it is necessary:
— find in the wallet a coin of 5 cents (nickel). (If you use another ethone, it always works or money comes in small amounts)
— wait for the new moon or the new moon
-Learn the text spell
On the day you take a coin in hand, go to the open window, holding the money — with the right hand, the coin is supported for the obverse and the reverse, rolling it clockwise along the left palm. Each reading of the spell must have three laps.
The text  spell of the best black magic for money  must be recited by heart, 3 times, while still looking at the moon:
«I'm coming to the market as a salesman,
I return quickly, like a falcon.
I am bringing home a profit and a treasure,
Let me have so much money,
So that in my house there was no free space.
It is very important during the spell not to think about material goods, try to let go of these thoughts. The next month, a magic coin needs to be worn constantly, and at the end of this time, a coin should be spent on some important or useful thing. On the new moon, you must make a spell with a new coin.

Strong black magic for money rituals and spells

Consider a few simple but powerful spells and rituals that you can read at home from the category „black magic for money“ The first is that you can give your financial troubles to a person, for example, begging or homeless.
Passing your misfortune to someone
To do this, you must give alms directly into the hands of the supplicant, imperceptibly pronouncing the following text:
»Poverty goes to poverty, evil people go to evil people, from me (your name) go to you. I give my failures to you. Let it be so, for so it is. "
Remember that it is necessary to give alms in the hands of a person, and not throw in his hat or a glass — this will not bring the proper result. Thus, you give part of your financial problems, attracting long-awaited prosperity.

Black magic for money with moon

The money spells made to the moon is quite effective. There are many variants of such rituals, however, we will consider only a few of the most effective and popular rituals.
So, to make a powerful black magic spell for money using the moon, you need a clear glass with plain water. Actions are performed at home, on a full moon. The glass is placed on the windowsill, so that the moonlight reflects in the water — it will charge the water with powerful energy and strength. After this enchanted water you need to wash yourself, reading this text:
«How could you, the moon, be thin and full, so I will have a lot of riches.»
Possible consequences
Casting any spell leaves a mark on human energy and real black magick for money is no exception. Before applying to the Higher Powers for money, it is necessary to decide for what purpose you need money and whether you can cope with their energy, especially if it is a question of big money.
The consequences of money spells can be:
— There is no guarantee that money will come the way it is dreamed of. For example, a person who did the ritual will have to perform several times more work, although he dreamed of winning the lottery.
— If you do not clearly read the text of the spell and for a long time thinking about your desire to receive money may cause a misunderstanding of your request by the Higher Powers. For example, the girl very much wanted to keep a lot of money in her hands — after the ritual she got a job in the bank and now she regularly has huge money in her hands, but it's not her money.
— Money has its own, very strong energy, with which it is necessary to be able to interact. If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to entrust casting spells to a professional caster.
— If the ritual is not carried out according to the rules or any violations are committed, then it is possible to get the opposite effect from it — instead of profit and growth of prosperity, failures and losses will come
When carrying out the blackmagic spells for money it is necessary to strictly follow the rules and algorithm of the ritual, then sorcery will act accurately and quickly. The money ritual will work if done on a new moon or the growth of the moon, and the sincerity of the desire of the reading spell
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