Business magic-magical secrets of success

Currently, the business magic relevant as ever. She was born in the time of the emergence of commodity-money relations. Then the merchants trying to attract as many customers and are protected from competition.

Business magic  is divided into 5 types:

1. protective magic
2. magic to attract customers
3. Magic attracting money and bleeding cash flows
4. Magic attract good luck
 5. magic cleaning
Some believe that the magic of the business is the same as raising money. But in reality, without protection and without treatment for a long stream of money to attract wealth is impossible. So before you start any rituals associated with the business, start by cleaning monetary space, your energy field and space for your business.

Business Magic rituals

 The first thing that starts cleaning the magic in the business — is diagnostic. A good start to check whether damage to your affairs and who sent down, if available. And then to conduct themselves cleansing rituals.
Here's one of them:
Spread out on a nettle leaf in each corner of your office or place of business. On each sheet read psalms numbered 127, 50 and 90. Take as many church candles as you have room and place them in the center of each. Light up and speak over each «all the curses that damage, all negative, burn in the fire of this sacred candles. Suppose my business from now on will be clean, let me bring wealth». This ritual takes place on the waning moon, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, at sunset. Candles should burn itself out, and the leaves get, without touching them with your hands, the next morning, and either bury them in the ground, or flush the toilet.
 Immediately after the rite of purification is desirable to hold the rite of the defense. Magic defense will not allow harm your cash flow, and make your business safe. That's one of the ceremonies:
 Take the red woolen thread 780-80 cm long, go to her office and all the corners of its premises, tied at each corner on the site. Next, stand or sit in the center of the office, after reading Psalm 90 at each node, and drop from the church crickets a drop of wax. Then stand on the threshold, tie the ends of the strands in a rope circle and say: «I close all the way and the evil way, put the defense on their thresholds. My case is going well and all my enemies will calm down. Whether my ward is strong and powerful, God-blessed Christ». On a perfect rite know no one should. Necessary to carry out the ritual of growing moon, preferably closer to the full moon, op Wednesdays and Thursdays.
But after these rituals can already begin and the rites at attracting money and clients, pumping cash flow, etc. But remember that all the ceremonies on the business must be a secret, do not tell anyone about it. If you are unable to establish a business with magic yourself, you can seek help from an experienced magician or on our forum. Magician will not only help your business, but will select a suitable mascot, and luck will never let you leave, and the forum will help you tips on how to make your business to develop.

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