Retroactivity in Magic

The magical effects of having a deleterious nature, has the ability to return to the one who gave birth to him.
Magic — not a craft but an art that should deal with people, confident in their knowledge and abilities. Turning to the mysterious forces that you need to know about them as much as possible, and re-evaluation of their skills can do much harm.

The following points shed light on the nature of the retroactivity of rituals or the so-called boomerang, as well as an additional security measures in the Magic.

1) The effective area of «boomerang»

Kickback may relate not only the magic of the operator (a person who commits a magical operation), but also the surrounding living things. It all depends on the degree of magical protection, strength, energy field and the health of the operator.

in the case of the «return» was the first to suffer a pet of the operator;
more children may be affected and the weakest members of the family;
the operator will suffer if his or her own aura have breakdowns or he is sick, so the rituals is not recommended in a state of illness or depression.

2) In addition to the unwanted «return» after the magical manipulation of violence and destruction, have similar properties and common rituals with blood.

3) Protection

must be able to provide the energy cocoon around itself. In ceremonial magic imagination contributes to the magic circle of candles, stones, rope and any other circumference.

mirror protection (with mirrors) is used to cordon off the victim, the reflections of various attacks and sending them back;

floating devices (with water) is applied selectively, when you need to reflect the blows without losing the connection to the victim;

amulets — a traditional magical defense, which operates around the clock. It may look like a pentagram, worn on the chest;

stones, protecting against kickback in Magic, this is — black agate, rock crystal, chrysoprase, onyx, and a cat's eye. All of them are powerful energy storage, which is then slowly released. Therefore, they must be periodically cleaned. For example, using running water, flowing water stream, river, etc.

4) sweeping trails and breaking channel

On carrying out the operations of magic does not need to know strangers.
You also need to be able to cover our tracks, which could see another magician, when the victim became suspicious and ask for help. To do so, after work, you need to break a channel through which the impact is on the object. This complex process is called «breaking the channel» or «loop».

Magic program (represented as a dark cord coming out of his head or chest of the operator), which is directed to an object in the ritual, as it is removed from the field operator and closes the center of the solar plexus of the victim (the object). It is necessary to mark the aura of the operator could not see another occult expert who can recognize a magical effect by studying the human biofield.

5) Undo

It is used when:

protection of victims is extremely strong;
in the case of incorrect operation;
If for any reason, the operator realizes that hasty or ill-received;
if the operator operated without protection;
if there has been interference with the forces beyond the control of the operator, or intervened more powerful magician.

Side effect — separate rather cumbersome operation that can perform a professional magician.

6) The boundaries of influence

A man practicing magic, it is difficult to distinguish between what you want to do, and that is a violation of the laws of magic. And sometimes also it is very difficult to stop if he starts to notice the effectiveness of their rituals.

Money, love, personal power, power, or recognition is not given a reason. And enter the world of magic with the world-not the consumer. This leads to serious errors, fix that will not only operators, but also his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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