Curse: Energy Attack

The custom of cursing enemies, much to their kilometers and the whole family all sorts of misfortunes, was born in ancient times. How to appeal to the supreme power in the search for justice. History is replete with legends and tales of misfortune bring on jewelry, mirrors, daggers, antique furniture and the concepts that go beyond the material world view.

In other words, we are talking about the energy attack, which may fall under any person who accidentally finds himself in the circumstances in the wrong place at the wrong time. Such stories have enough in our days.
Rock the town

More recently, the municipal council of the city of Carlisle severoangliyskogo seriously discussing the issue: whether to demolish it set a «stone curse.» Local people believed that the stone brought to their city lot misfortunes.

In recent years Carlisle has suffered from the epidemic of foot and mouth disease, its inhabitants were killed in floods and massively lost their jobs, and even the local football team went into decline. All these misfortunes began shortly after the city council decided to honor the new millennium set in the stone with an ancient curse against the evildoers.

The curse on the old English language up in 1069 words chiseled into the granite monolith, which weighs 14 tons, for the first time it was read by the Archbishop of Glasgow in 1525. While the border of England and Scotland, which took place in the area of Carlisle, was a zone where none of these countries could not maintain order.

Visited this area then the Pope called it «the most lawless place on earth.» When the Pope left, Archbishop cursed all the local brigands, hunted cattle theft, violence and looting.

Now, members of the council Carlisle was made a formal proposal to demolish the stone. However, this operation may be about 7.5 thousand pounds sterling. Therefore, some other board members did not see the vital need to address the «curse of Stone», believing that the victim's loss of the city has other financial priorities. And so it is pristine monument of antiquity, tormenting the minds of the locals question about his future.
Mirror  world

In 2006, French antiques dealers appealed to the press with an unusual request: to warn owners of antique shops and antique lovers that they are in any case did not buy an antique mirror framed in mahogany with the inscription «Louis Arpo, 1743.» And, having learned anything about him, immediately informed the Paris antiques dealers association, for this old thing is dangerous days of life.

This is a mirror in the luxurious carved frame in the past after making 267 years has caused the death of 38 people. Parapsychologists have argued that the rays reflected mirror, causing a brain hemorrhage. Most of these people died from stroke. But the true mystery of the mirror-killers did not know anybody. Specialists in antiques believe in only one: a mirror can kill dozens of people.

The French newspapers told the story in detail of this mirror. And about him would never have remembered if a professor of criminology are not asked to make a few pictures to show them a mirror in his lectures. And it turned out that the mirrors in stock, the police, where it was stored as a material evidence since 1910, no.

Theft occurred in 2006, and since then the mirror-killer no one knows anything. Beautiful antiques changed owners a long time, taking away their souls in the mirror, and if it still exists, then surely awaits its next victim ...

The worst situation

Mentally unstable people who are viewing a picture, painted by Bill Stoneham, became ill, they lost consciousness, began to cry. In 1972, the artist sketched an old photograph, where he was photographed at the age of five.

For the first time the picture was shown to the owner and art critic of the newspaper «Los Angeles Times,» who then died. Was it a coincidence, we can only guess. But then the painting was purchased by actor John Marley, who died in 1984.

Then the fun begins. The picture was found at the dump piles of debris. The family that found her, brought home and in the first night of a small four-year daughter came running into the bedroom, screaming parents, the children are fighting in the picture.

The next night, the children were in the picture behind the door. The following night the head of the family put the camera on the inclusion of the motion in the room where hung the picture. The camcorder worked a few times.

The painting was exhibited at the online auction eBay. Soon e-mail addresses administrators began to come disturbing letters of complaint to the deteriorating state of health, loss of consciousness and cardiac pain. So the auction organizers were forced to escort Lot cautionary remark that further fueled interest in the picture.

Over 30,000 people visited the page of the site — and the picture, finally, 'was sold for 1025 USD. Its for my newly renovated Art Gallery has acquired Kim Smith, who lived in a small town near Chicago. And that could put an end, but the address of Smith's letters began to arrive again.

People complained after seeing the pictures on the poor health of the evil that emanated from her. The services offered to Ed and Lorraine Warren, known as drive out demons in Amitvilskom home.

The ghosts of two children, is said to haunt this house. And psychics claimed: «We have seen the boy. He wore a light shirt and shorts. His sister was always in the shade. He seemed to be defending it. Their names were Tom and Laura, and they are like two peas in a pod similar to the children portrayed in the picture…. „

Express death

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo during their travel in the car Mercedes is the spark from which the First World War broke out. And then began all alone and totally amazing story of the devastation associated with the vehicle itself.

Immediately after the outbreak of war in Europe, Mercedes went into the hands of the famous Austrian cavalry officer, Gen. Pateveka. While Mercedes was used as a staff car, he managed to earn a reputation as a black messenger, but the owner chased military setbacks.

After the disastrous defeat at Vapevo Patevek resigned and returned to his homeland, where he had gone mad. Meanwhile, the car went to the youngest officer in the same regiment, for which the acquisition was in the same way unhappy.

In early 1915 the captain, received a car crashed into the bumper of the truck and was killed, along with a driver and two soldiers. After signing the peace treaty Mercedes finished military service and was in the hands of civilians.

Its first owner was the commandant of the post-war Yugoslavia. Although the car is used very rarely, he still was involved in several incidents, and the most serious of these occurred in the autumn of 1919, when the car flipped on the turn, killing the driver and stripping of the commandant of the hand.

In 1923 the government sold the crew of the auction, and it became the property of a successful physician. After two years of totally carefree operation of the vehicle, he met his death at the wheel when the car turned over once again. Two peasant, standing on the sidelines, too, died.

But then the bloody history has not ended. Of the last four civilian car owners, only one died due to fatal accident on the road. This man turned out to be the only exception, a wealthy jeweler, took his own life by himself.

Suffered not only the hosts: the Serbian fell under the wheels of a farmer, died in the collision the owner of the garage when the car after checking the ominous made their repairs. The last owner of the car, Tibor Hirshfipd, died in a head-on collision with a bus while returning from a wedding, and with him four of his passengers. The number of victims of accidents related to Mercedes-Benz, so that is just creepy: Twenty-two people! Luckily for motorists, the car is now safely locked in the Vienna Museum.

At least know the story of a luxury Porsche, driven by broke in 1955, Hollywood star James Dean. When, after the car accident was taken to a car wash, car mechanic fell and broke his leg. Engine and propeller shaft from it were sold to two amateur racing driver, who set them on their cars — and both died on the same race.

Porsche Body came to the exhibition dedicated to the memory of Dean, where the opening day of the fire started — that's three more corpses. In Sacramento, the machine fell on his leash and broke her hip teenager, on the way to the next place of attraction, it fell out of the body and killed a pedestrian, in Oregon the same truck, vezshy car crashed into the wall of the store, in New Orleans “Porsche» fell off the its supporting structures, and immediately broke into several pieces.

Finally, in 1960 the machine was out of sight for a long time, and after that fell from a train while traveling to an exhibition in Los Angeles.

Cursed phone number

Bulgarian mobile operator Mobitel has ceased to give out a phone number 0888-883-888, after all his people had died a premature death. The first owner of this number was the general director of the company Vladimir Grashnov, in 2001 he died at age 48 from cancer.

Then the room got kind of Konstantin Dimitrov, he was involved in any criminal disassembly, and killed him. After this number has Dishliev Constantine, who was also not different law-abiding — a drug dealer. He was also killed.

As a result, Mobitel decided that three dead, one subscriber numbers in four years — this is too much, and stopped to give him. Official comments, why this is done, the company is not given, but it is unlikely there could be other explanations.

Not just a movie ...

The position of honorary director of the film crew, as a rule, immediately takes someone who works at his own scenario, if the plot of the film revolves around supernatural forces.

These films include «The Exorcist» in 1973. Before the film came out, the crew hit trouble. As if the dark forces took revenge for the mention of them. The film was based on real events that occurred with 13-year-old boy from Washington, in 1949, subjected to exorcism. And still the name of this is already an old man keeps a secret.

The first actor Jack died Makgouran. A week after the shooting death scene of his hero, he was seriously ill and later died. Swedish actor Max von Sydow in a couple of hours of the shooting received a telegram about the death of his brother in the shooting death of Linda Blair, grandfather, the leading role. 5-year-old daughter of Jason Miller, the actor's supporting roles, got in a car accident and died without regaining consciousness.

Curse of the «Exorcist» and passed on the DVD: there have been occasions when the audience threw up during the showing of the film, they are faint or go into a fit of hysterics. During the Italian premiere in Rome ribbon lightning struck the crucifix, which had about 400 years old.

Instructive story filmed in 1979 film «The Amityville Horror.» The tape was filmed on the book by writer Jay Anson. It it was a strange house, which moved in the Evil. Passing a friend a few chapters of the book in manuscript, a writer in the truest sense of that signed the death sentence: it was burned in a fire at his home with the children. But damn manuscript survived. When the publisher was bringing in the advertising agency, a copy of the new book, his car suddenly caught fire.

Showered with misfortunes and performers that movie. Who plays a little, Joe died of cancer. He died after a starring role in 13 years, Dan Blocker, who played the role of Cartwright. Yang Sheng Chinese actor, who plays a cook, pursued by disease and privation, committed suicide by choking gas. Surprised everyone, and death Laurent Green, who starred in the film. He died suddenly of pneumonia.

For six years, died and four actors associated with the movie «Poltergeist,» the first victim of the damned movie was a young Hollywood star, who plays the heroine's older sister Heather. Dominique Dunn was strangled lover.

The most noticeable was the death of 12-year-old Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne. O'Rourke went to hospital with suspected influenza, and the next day, suddenly died. 60-year-old actor Julian Beck died of stomach cancer. 53-year-old Will Sampson, who played the doctor, spent on the set of ritual exorcism, died a year later from kidney failure.

Some believe that the angry ghosts of the dead, as used in the filming of real human bones.


Women applying for «Oscar», as a rule, telling horror stories about the family misfortune, teaching them the owners of the coveted statuettes. And provides relevant statistics.

In 2001, Julia Roberts won the «Oscar» for the film «Erin Brockovich.» And three months later broke up with Benjamin's brother-how.

In 2002, Halle Berry, received the trophy for «Monster's Ball.» She met a few years to musician Eric Benet, and left him after many problems and scandals.

In 2005, Hilary Swank took home a statuette for his film «The Girl in a million.» A year later she divorced her husband, with whom he lived for 13 years.

In 2006, Reese Witherspoon won her Oscar for «Walk the Line.» After 8 months she is divorcing Ryan Phillippe, with whom she lived, it seemed, in a happy marriage.

Another victim of «oskarnogo curse» was Sandra Bullock, who found out about her husband's betrayal with the model Michelle McGee, nicknamed «bomb.»

Is «Oscar curse» actually exist?

The strength proved a curse scholars

People in ancient times knew the power of curses and wary of using them in vain. Then it was forgotten, materialistic science declared witchcraft, spells, damage inventions ignorant ancestors, endowed with the natural phenomena of nature by supernatural forces.

And now we rush «black» words without knowing their true meaning, and not even knowing the consequences. But it is the consequences of scientists interested in curses. And pushed them to do… biological theory of heredity.

Biologists around the world have been assured that all the hereditary information for which the organism develops, lies in the chromosomes, in large protein chains of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It was here that are «blueprints», which in the strict technological sequence from the fertilized egg being built.

And although later sounded puzzled voice, pointing to the fact that the information contained in the chromosomes, is clearly not enough to build a full-body, still hoping that this «deficit» of genetic information ever will certainly be found.

So thought up until a few years ago, the doctor of biology, member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Peter Gariaev did not make the experiment, which has already become a textbook.

He picked up the frog embryo and placed him in a cell made of metal permalloy, impervious to any radiation, including electromagnetic waves of any range. The camera was set up favorable conditions for development of the embryo, the atmosphere, pressure, temperature, humidity and light conditions. Everything, as in his native swamp.

Nevertheless, the tadpole has developed a monster, and soon died. Again and again, Gariaev experience again and again got the same result — developed nonviable mutant, in complete isolation from external influences embryo is clearly not enough genetic information for the full development. But that meant only one thing: a chromosome does not contain all the information, some of it comes from outside.

But in what form can pass external information? But only in the form of some radiation, some of the wave command signals. Gariaev found it a precise definition: wave genes that affect DNA, organize its work. And these waves are not only electromagnetic but also the acoustic (sound).

To test this theory, he turned to curses. A check on the seeds produced plants Arabidopsis thaliana, which was studied as well as the famous fly Drosophila. What happened after the irradiation plant, «damn» in waves, just terrified.

The power of swear words that hit the poor plant was like… irradiation at 40 000 X-ray. From such a strike torn strands of DNA, chromosomes split up, scattered and messed up genes.

It is amazing that all these terrible events did not depend on the volume. If you shout and whisper the result was the same.

It can be argued that checked the ravages of millennia of curses transmitted by inheritance. This energy exposure to the same extent and impact on the person, and all that surrounds it.

These words work and how to run the program, and certain events can be disastrous and salutary.

Knew this truth before us and were able to use it.

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