Black magic

Black Magic for many people associated with the bloody sacrifice, unbridled sex, pointing to human damage, or death, etc. etc. What is the difference between black magic from other magic?
The roots of black magic goes into the darkest depths of the subconscious, and this is its main attraction, but it represents much more than just a love of evil and mysterious fascination idols.

It's — titanic attempt to glorify the man, to put it to a place that is usually provided only the religious thought of God.

Black magic — it's impact on a person or object, with the purpose to cause harm. Black Magic — is primarily an attack or injury (pointing damage, etc.). However, and black magic, white magic, and use the same laws of nature, affecting the same energy, while putting to cause harm.

Black magic is in itself a very dangerous even for the magician: the energy, aimed at an attack could «impact» to return to the Magician. Do not start practicing black magic to the development of other types of magic.

Envolt — an instrument of black magic, aiming to link to (and sometimes plain doll simulates the target). Often referred to as the usual guidance envoltom damage by means of special words (spells) or action envolt one of the most frequently used tools of black magic.

Types of witchcraft

Ceremonial magic, ritual magic — is aimed at the impact with the help of spirits, demons, summoning evil forces. Legendary Sabbath can also be attributed to the ceremonial magic.

Satanism, often referred to as black magic, although it is more a religion, sometimes using black magic.

Battle Magic — the kind of black magic, directed mostly to a duel of two magicians (often black magic). To combat magic are many types of astral combat. However, despite some of the effectiveness of these arts, these arts rather contrived to divert the idle curious and to conceal the truth.

The legendary battle of shamans in the astral plane: the astral images of shamans two grappled with each other in battle, the battle lasted until the victory of one of the shamans. This is an example of astral fight (not to be confused with astral arts). Combat magic is still not only the astral combat, experienced magician will be able to get away from astral attack, simply by closing their power.

Nevertheless, the attack on another magical wizard (even weaker and experienced) can be fatal for the attacker, a weak magnetic field and can not possibly win, but to drag him to a quite capable.

Love magic, omens — aims to be forced to do anything against his will (fall in love with another, just to feel the passion). I believe the magic of love kind of black magic, precisely because love spell, it's still violence against the person.

Voodoo Magic — often refers to black magic, but rather, just the magic of ethnicity or religion.

Gray magic — an interesting hybrid of black and white magic. Grey Mage usually presents itself as a «white», while the damage may bring. However, the gray magic is directed mainly to defense.

One of the most difficult questions of practical magic — Demonology. Complicated because there are several opinions about the usefulness of the forces and energies of the evil spirits in the realm of practical magic.

The fact that the demonic nature are an absolute evil, subject only to force, it is not likely to help the human race, but can cause harm and destruction — that is their purpose and meaning.

Therefore, opinions on the use of demonic magic in practice: some argue that using them is simply impossible, because of the fear of being attacked by evil spirits, while others are more optimistic and even strongly advised to seek the help of evil spirits (in certain cases), arguing that that focused on the good spirits can not bend that can be evil.

Those who are not afraid of such arguments, offered a detailed list of the names, signatures, the appearance of manifestations of demons, attributed to the magical tradition, as well as the influence of each daemon are taken from the popular medieval book Lesser Key of Solomon, or as it is called — Lemegeton. The book depicted the hidden secrets Goetija.

(Goetia — the art of evocation and control spirits of darkness)

Books on Black Magic

The most famous books on black magic can be attributed Grimoire, such as the Grand Grimoire, ceremonial magic, the Necronomicon, the Book of Dagon.

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