Curse via SMS, MMS or Email

Mobile phones and their energy is sometimes used for the curse of poverty, or a curse sms. That is, when you are jealous — even new shoes… or a cottage in Mallorca, it does not matter. In any case, want you to be neither one nor the other had not.
In the modern magic of today even developed special techniques that allow harm in this case, and again, through your faithful friend — the mobile phone.
It is very convenient for a man: do not catch the person to whom you want to do harm, there is something to pour, pour. I went to a black magician, has paid money to learn what program and how it is run — and wait for the result.

And there you have to confirm the story of my client:

Nick — the owner of a small factory for 16 years, using the well-deserved reputation. But since he was a strict leader, he has, of course, there were many detractors. Only it does not undermine the can, as he performed his job honestly.

But once the trouble began to pour in on him one after another. First came to public inspection and found a sort of minor tax mistakes, but fanned them into huge problems. Then, when the family of Nicholas went on vacation to Europe, their apartment was robbed. The last straw was incomprehensible losses at the factory Nick's: decreased sales, production has gone much defective broke an expensive machine.

Of course, Nicholas was very upset, and his health weakened. Nick's wife suggested that something was wrong, and she came to me to remove damage.
I began to ask what could happen in a strange lately, as seen in the Nicholas damage to lack of money. Maybe there were any threats? Woman thoughtful and remembered that there was no threat, but her husband came to a strange SMS. And when we began to understand, we have found a link of the SMS and the problems that have piled on top of Nicholas.

The first SMS was one word "....". And then there was a strange check in the enterprise. This was followed by SMS — the word "...." — the spouses and the apartment was robbed. The third was simply SMS the number "...". This figure was carrying information about the cost of damages, which was a factory of Nicholas

I will not describe our work together to remove corruption, which have guided him, but I will say: well, that his wife had come in time. After this case recovered in a factory, and the family began to live as before. By the way, after removing the curse of Nick began to call and curse the wife of one of the dismissed employees. The woman who made a curse for the SMS.

Please note that the information carried destructive not the words or numbers, and energy invested experienced magician promises aimed at the destruction.

 How to make a curse via SMS or MMS?

I'm not going to tell all the details of this ritual, although I know it well.
Psi is a ritual magic.
Look my video   Death Curse via Cell Phone

In the psi-magic, there are two basic methods, describe them in brief surveillance.

In the first case (simpler) mag sends SMS text with content of special so-called «trigger words». Trigger word — it is a word that starts in the mind of the object defined processes. There are many words in a variety of cases and needs. The consciousness of the object reads the word, it gets into the subconscious and start implementing some algorithms on the basis of a computer virus. This method may not always work depending on the degree of consciousness of the object of his awareness and the level of the system, as well as on the presence or absence of it a special psy-defense.

The second method is more complex, and that is where this starts the psi-magic.
The method consists in the fact that the Magician is initially creates a certain spell with given properties, well it fulfills and structures. It then creates a special, adapted to spell a set of pictures (or one image), as well as some sound, recorded at a certain frequency of vibration. In this video, audio series «flashing» spell, and then that «the premise of happiness» is sent via MMS message object.

Just to tell you that the first method, and second, are difficult without an understanding of the mechanisms and principles of human consciousness and the subconscious, the vibration frequencies and channels of perception, as well as other basic (at least) knowledge of Psi magic.

Psi magic — it's one of those kinds of magic, the magician who really have great power and can be read as any information from someone else's consciousness, and to implement the program there in the flesh to the complex structures and behaviors, ideas, and pictures of the world. Such things as hypnosis and telepathy — this is only a few, more or less well-known sections of the Psi magic.

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