Curses and quantum physics

Have you ever had the feeling that some unknown force prevents all attempts to reach the goal? No matter how you try, no matter how to dodge, whatever you do — the result is zero. Bud is the whole vast universe took up arms against you and try to thwart his plans. The result is an impression that the obstruction interferes perform simple actions is purely spiritual.
Most writers use this feature as a special literary device. So the hero of the narrative, often contrary to logic and common sense something constantly interferes implement his plan. The role of spiritual interference can play other characters and random events. In order to illustrate the above attempt to address the situation in which the main character calls his beloved long-distance calls. From speaking with the lady of his heart can tear accidentally looking at the light neighbors, line noise, and even the sudden blackout in the building. As a result, he did manage to get through, but only at the very end of the story. All this, of course, has a right to exist in the literature, but what is the case in real life?

The theory of the existence of a thin invisible obstacles in reality transformed into different shapes. People of old blamed his troubles curse fate and even divine intervention. Still, considering all of these factors can be identified in the context of a complex chain of events affecting the progress of man. It is clear that at first glance is unrelated to each other accidents can alienate people from achieving this goal. A curse is to have a causative effect on the victim did not have a specific reason, and are the result of a confluence of some strange circumstances. Since time immemorial curses memorized much faster than good wishes and prosperity. And in the case of naturally occurring disasters are his only reason.
In the case of fate, subtle obstacles in reality appear as a program, moving the pieces on the board. As you approach the target of action of such programs are becoming more concrete, and feelings — blurred and serious.

So what really are programmed by someone or something steps, forcing the person to move through life in a certain direction? Perhaps, quantum physics has found an answer to this question. It is believed that the large gathering of energy and motion of matter, all potential models of reality ever end. A cursed people can move in his own mind towards a certain goal, leaving a path of its kind should be visible to everyone around. And because the human mind is a sort of quantum machines is difficult to determine at what point in life where there are changes that affect the program of its existence, which proves the materialization of thought, which is changing the fields, and they in turn, influence and event.

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