Curse odors. The effect on the human mind by odors.

Smells affect olfactory receptors. Information from these receptors perceive and analyze the brain. Thus, the smells — the same source of information, as sight, hearing, and others. Through smells can influence human consciousness.
In many religious systems scents used in ritual practice. Each scent has its own properties. Ancient science of aromatherapy treatments based on natural scents. However, smells can be both enjoyable and useful, but also harmful. Most people strongly react to odors. If at home or at the workplace you will feel bad, it might be an indication that you are sorting out damage — of course, if you can not find the source of the smell explainable. How does that happen? The adepts of the dark teachings of many working on a variety of «aromatic» compounds, and then will test them on their victims. The composition of such a mixture can include unwelcome ingredients: cat urine, webbed wings bat droppings of various animals, burnt hair, etc. In short, everything that a normal person is disgusting, goes into action. Affecting the sense of smell of the victim, the smell of a malicious mix sets her mind on a certain way. Different composition of the mixture will cause different reactions on the part of a person who seeks a magical attack. Potion sprayed in the place where the child is most of the time. Foul mixture can simply be poured on the floor, or printed on the basis of such a bedside rug, a piece of paper, cloth, and abandoned in a remote place. You are now ready to inflict damage. The victim, without even knowing it, tune to the desired fashion and will be fully prepared to take damage. The message will be carried out unwanted energy again through smell — material «intermediary» curse.
How to behave when in the house or at work detected an unpleasant odor? As already mentioned, it is necessary to exclude the possibility that the smell is completely safe source — such as spoiled food, traces of life of your pets, etc. In the search, be extremely careful. Detection of suspicious-smelling items may mean that you have found the material carrier of damage. Especially dangerous are these findings: pieces of skin or animal skin, crumpled piece of paper, folded scraps of fabric. Touch the hands of such a subject can not. Select it with the forceps, clamps, or any other suitable device and place in a plastic bag. Now your job is to carry the object away from the house and burned. At the same time, say three times a plot, «smoke, sparks lie. Come, damage, back whence it came. Do not I burn — Saint Peter burn. Not my fire radiates — the angels in heaven dawn incensed. Amen „instead of the conspiracy can be continuously read the prayer“ Our Father. » That place in the house where you found the source of the smell, wash with holy water. Try to remember who you were at a party recently. Let your intuition tell you the culprit. Try not to denigrate their suspicions innocent person. It also happens that the bad smell in the house there and without any source material, sometimes — in strictly certain hours or days. The most thorough search fails. This is — a manifestation of a strong deterioration in odor. Layman can not afford to make such a complicated magical operation, so most likely you are dealing with a professional magician. It does not help elementary magical operations. Get help from a specialist in the field of magic defense.

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