What is the evil eye. How to protect against the evil eye

Evil eye — perhaps the most well-known and common type curse. Not surprisingly, the medieval theologians considered poisonous look bad man. This poison can be transported directly to the air, carrying with it the evil.
Such a view can not confront people with fine mental organization, vulnerable and conscientious. The greatest danger is to children, whose psyche is still immature. Until now, the debate continues about the innate ability of some people to the evil eye. Most researchers agree that innate capacity for evil eye there, and at a time when such a person is experiencing jealousy, anger and other negative feelings may impact the application of energy to another person — the evil eye
Diagnosis of the evil eye — a difficult exercise. It all depends on the strength of the impact. Common signs of a possible evil eye in adults: weight loss, partial paralysis, blindness, mental disorders, impotence, frigidity, and others. Suspect may be in the evil eye if these symptoms occurred suddenly, as they say, against a background of well-being. Children who jinxed intentionally evil eye symptoms manifested most clearly. This wanton kapriznichane, pallor, nausea, vomiting, cramps, fever, and sweating.

What can cause the evil eye?

Well-being in the broadest sense. But from this it does not follow that those who achieved success at risk the evil eye. Most people naturally have a fairly strong protection from negative energy. But children do need protection from the evil eye damage. The easiest way to protect your baby, have long used traditional magic, is that the child's clothing vdevayut pin necessarily osgrym end down pin must not be visible. Directional flow of negative energy runs into the metal pins and drains into the ground. Such a «lightning rod» is recommended for all children and adolescents: it is advisable to wear from infancy and adulthood. Best «prevention» evil eye for adults — daily shower. Negative energy accumulated during the day, leave the water, dissolve completely. In severe cases, an adult or a child, been targeting bad luck, can not do without the help of a witch.
Newborn does not pass the rite of baptism, perhaps more than any risks to get the evil eye. Therefore unbaptized infants do not show even the closest friends. Especially dangerous when the newborn look «over the head» that is standing at the head end of the crib. It is sufficient to send a negative energy, the baby was severely damaged.
Jinx can not only man, but also a pet. For the city dweller is much less important than for the village. The signs of the evil eye, for example, cows can be a sharp deterioration of appetite, redness of milk, trembling of the limbs, fearfulness, and others. In order to protect the animals from the evil eye, they add salt in the evening, at least once a week. A much higher risk of newborn animals whammy. The villages are very serious about the hotel. Immediately after birth, the calf and the cow's udder fumigated with incense, it helps prevent the negative energy
City pet owners may also be affected. Their pets are often victims of the evil eye. Sometimes quite casually thrown phrases like, «Oh, what a cute dog!» To spoil your appetite for the animal, it became restless, aggressive, disobedient. In such cases, said method helps: pet with salt, normal or blessed in the church. This should be done in the dark, of course, making sure that the salt crystals have not got the eyes and groin area of your pet.
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