How to make Black magic for Revenge on someone or enemy with picture (using photo). Spells & Protection for side effect

How to make Black magic for Revenge on someone or enemy with picture (using photo). Spells & Protection for side effectSometimes black magic for revenge - this is the only thing that can be done. Especially useful are such methods, if other possibilities influence on someone you do not have. Learn how to make black magic for revenge on enemy you can on this site.


Black magic spells for revenge on someone - what you need to know about this

When you do revenge for enemy, you must be prepared for the fact that this has the opposite effect and is punishable. If the victim of your witchcraft removes black magic of revenge, the spell will come back and harm you.There are many protection spells that will remove black magick for revenge spell from you or send it back to the victim But it's this article on my site that how to make blackmagic for revenge using photo enemy, including using the picture.If you come to black magic in a really critical situation, most likely, no penalty and retribution you do not get. It will not be, if you punish a thief, murderer or rapist of your native person But for this there are special rituals, which are much safer to use than curse. There are actions and deeds that you do not need to leave unpunished. When deciding to make black magick spells for revenge on the enemy with picture, first If this is a positive answer, choose one of the rituals described below or order rituals from me - a strong witch with a lot of experience in the world of magic.


How to make revenge with black magick on the someone with photograph, but without using black magic spells & rituals


There are ways of revenge on a person and without the use of spells, but the consequences do not cancel. Also this does not negate the appropriate attitude and concentration on harming your enemy. In order for a person to gradually lose health and beauty, his or her photos are thrown into the mud or swamp. Suitable any pond with noxious water. Try to palm off the enemy berries, which before you collected in the cemetery. They act in the same way as earth and other objects from this place. If you get a picture of your enemy and bury the picture on someone's grave, the enemy will be ill. And the photograph, which was put in the coffin to the deceased, leads to death. The picture can also be pierced by a red-hot candle (but not a lighter!). Any parts of the body can be pierced, they will be harmed specifically. If you have the opportunity to get the urine of your enemy, you can make it start to turn yellow and go to the next world no later than in 1-2 years. Buy a fertilized chicken egg. At night on Tuesday or Saturday go to where there is no one. Ritual is done only on the street, at home and in general indoors it is dangerous to do it. Have yourself a white natural wax or a white candle. At the blunt end of the egg, make a small hole and release the protein. You can pour it directly to the ground. In the same hole pour urine, simultaneously utter the name of your enemy. The hole is covered with wax, and then bury the egg in the ground. Then immediately go home, without turning around and without talking to anyone on the road. When you come home immediately go to bed. Black magic for Revenge on the enemy will work immediately after the rotten egg in the ground.

If your enemy has a garden, you can spoil it by pouring water to the ground, which was washed by the deceased. Nothing will grow on this earth, not even weeds. You can make a curse for drunkenness. To do this, after any holiday, collect all the glasses from which they drank alcohol. Drain all that is left in them, in one bowl. This remains and drink them categorically can not, because it leads to dependence on alcohol. But they can be poured or given a drink under the guise of treat your enemy.


Black magic for Blackmagic spells for revenge  on someone using spells


If you can get a broom that has a floor in the house after removal of the deceased, then you can make a curse with it. Your enemy will have pain in his legs, and medicine can not help him. It is necessary to put a carpet with these brooms with these words: "They can not walk a dead leg." Let it be so! "
The curse will be given to the one who will walk first on this carpet. You can use the rug near the door to the apartment.
The night before the full moon make a curse on the nails. Arrange in the form of a circle seven black natural candles and light them. Buy a small piece of black cloth. In the center of the circle of the candles, seven nails should be put and the text should be told 7 times: "The horse is in soap, the iron is in the oven." The spirit is burning, the oven is lighting. "Turn your name to the boiling, sharp stones, over the swamps, Dark pools, without sleep, without rest, day and night there will be no peace and happiness for you. "You always suffer, in darkness and darkness, to stay in the darkness!" "I close up the dark one, I lock up the secret!"
When all the candles are burnt (you can take thin candles that burn only 15-20 minutes), collect nails prepared with a cloth and wrap them in it. Do not touch the nails with your bare hands, only with this cloth. They must be put under the threshold of your enemy. The fabric should be buried in the cemetery, near the fence, but on the inside. It is done at midnight.
Curse "Hairpin" is done with 3 needles. Each of them is to be held over a candle flame with the words: "The one who offended me, let him find grief and wretchedness." I curse, I call evil, I punish terrible revenge. "The needle is my punishing punishment!"
After that, put out the candle and wrap the needles in a black cloth. Go to the house where your enemy lives. Insert the first needle in its door jamb, say six times: "I curse the living here." Do the same with the second needle, the words of the cursing revenge spell are also spoken 6 times: "I curse my enemy." And for the third, also, say a spell 6 times and stick it into the corner of the door: "I curse the enemy who lives here."
Revenge using a hornet's nest. To do this, take the knife by the blade, and turn the knob around it and say: "The Wasp quickly stings, the curse quickly takes the enemy to the grave." The sting of the aspen hurts, the body burns from it, and from my curse (name), be ill and burn to the grave , To the death of the ambulance.The word is said, the deed is done! "
The knife must be pinned to the enemy in the house, stuck in the door jamb or put under the threshold. It's strictly forbidden to grab the handle - the curse will go into the person who will take it first.
Black magic for revenge, spells are often made with salt. The text of the spell is like this: "I do not pour salt, but I call the pain, I do not give anything, I have strength in the name of stealing." Demons are dashing, take away his peace, Do not miss his days, do not sleep during the nights, Do not know happiness under the moon or under the sun! Key, the lock.
Salt on the threshold of your enemy.
You can try to get the hair of a person who needs revenge with the help of black magic. For example, to gather from clothes unnoticed, or, when you're at his place, to collect hair from the comb. After that, you need a fast river. Throw the enemy's hair into the river and say: "As in the river, the hair flows away, so happiness (name) runs away!"
The fate of your enemy will be unhappy.
There is also a black magic spells  for revenge spell through the grave earth. When you take the land, be sure to leave a gift on the grave. Just so come to the cemetery and take the land can not, you must give something in return. The land must be dry. On it, read the text of the spell: "I spit in the grass, fumigate it with smoke, cover it with ash, sweep it with a broom." "Black dead sand - I'll put my enemy in a sack!" . Spit three times over your left shoulder and say: "May it be so".
Read, then three times spit over your shoulder and say the final words followed 7 times. Land cast into the garden or under the threshold of your enemy.


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