Black Magic for Sex

Spells black magic for sex is very much popular for women and men. This can be done in a short period of time or forever. Black magic for sex is a strange magical ritual. It allows you to awaken in man a sexual attraction to someone. Black magic for sex is magic with a special technique, which is aimed at sexually active girl or guy.

Features black magic for sex

These spells has the following advantages:

— getting fast results
— high efficiency
— your love begins to feel sexual attraction, a few hours after the ceremony
— such rituals are not difficult to implement
— do not need to purchase expensive items (gold, animals, and so on)
— methods of casting spells understandable to everyone.
But, despite the large number of advantages, such rituals have some drawbacks. Women (girls) has a strong aura, so not all can act black magick for sex. And not every man might conjure. If he has a strong antipathy and dislike towards the girl, then the magic will be powerless.

Real Black magic spells for sex using the ritual with salt

This ritual will help to have sex with the person, even if informed of such contact was not. Need a photo men, a handful of salt and seven drops of water. In the photo the man should be alone. On the saucer dropped water and throws salt, saying the following words:

«As salt water is absorbed as water gives his all, and my lover, i (name), (name) will desire, but not he rest, yet all will not take me. Amen!».
The text of the spell is repeated 3 times. At the end of the ritual, salt is poured in the photo evenly. Salt should remain in the picture to obtain the desired result.

Attract a girl using true black magic for sex

Many people think that any spells black magic for love does not differ by gender. But it's not. You cannot use a spell intended to attract men, seduction women. For men black magic spell requires less effort. Because they lend themselves well to female charms. Women's love spells much more difficult.
Let's consider the simple sexual ritual.
For his performance, it is necessary to take a piece of soap that was used by the girl, pepper, a Cup of cold water and you should gather up a few drops of their own sweat. The ritual is done only on Friday. Must begin exactly at eleven o'clock in the morning. In water mix all ingredients. After that sinks and soap, smoothing, repeated the words:
«My Dream for you, come to me in a dream. Amen.»
There is also another simple black magic spell for sex
Lit 12 candles. Reopened the door and, guiding it in the direction of the smoke, read the words:
«the Vast my words. Like the flowers of the people bypassed, not trample and appreciate and cherish. The lion is of a hare does not escape the mouse from the grain does not die, it would have idolized, ran, trying, saw (name) and (name). Amen.»
After the door closed and the candles extinguished.

Authentic Black magic for sex to read for a couple

This sex spell can only be used for married. The whole ritual  is done using the shared bed. Because the bed is able to ignite the passion of all available. For the ritual you need to go to Church and purchase one wax candle. Begin your magical actions are recommended shortly before the arrival of the spouse. On the headboard of the bed is a candle and the words,
«Like a candle lit, and the passion to (name), I release! Feelings, strong and unrestrained.  Let the passion of the mind will darken, Yes, intoxicate, intoxicates, Yes! To feet (name) was shaking, his lips were dry, and the hands themselves to (name) was attracted. Herself to a great passion I have for him was, to desire me like a dream, the strongest was! Amen.»
They say 3, 7 or 21 times. The candle needs to burn completely before the arrival of the wife or husband. The result comes very quickly. You can tune in to the proximity of the nearest night.
Black magic for sex on waxing moon
A magical ritual is done during the waxing moon. The best day is Friday. You need to take two red candles and photo. For a stronger effect to get any item from the wardrobe of a loved one. The ritual is done in a relaxed state, so it is recommended that before taking a bath. We light one candle and put in front of him. Look at the picture and take up a second candle and clothing. Getting them smooth and say the words:
«In the sea-ocean on the island of Buyan burning stone Alatir is on fire burns, and a servant of God… (name) burns-burns, not burns, I,… (name) the road does not forget. Whether I shall keep my word forever and ever. Amen.»
Words are repeated until the third part of the candle will not burn. If you want a stronger effect, then you should wait until the candle completely burns out. In the coming days, the second candle should be lit in the presence of the coveted object. This spell can be used even to attract a complete stranger. The main thing that was a good picture.

Sexual binding
Sex love spell is also called a binding spell. This ceremony focused on the occurrence of sexual desire in men. There are many different prilosec, which can be executed without the use of photographs: Red binding spell. For the ritual you must prepare a thick red thread. The ritual is performed only on the growing moon. While reading the plot, tie knots on a string.
«Bind (name) to (name) Tightly so long! To break and unravel nobody was able to Divide and to separate, no one has succeeded! But (name) only wanted me Yes, dream about me! To his thoughts, Yes thoughts was sent to me! And at other women and see he could not love they could not! The force of men with me was the one!».
The spell needs to be said 7 times. The number of nodes in the end should be an odd number. Upon completion of the ceremony, thread with knots hiding in a safe place. This can't go anywhere. Talking about the perfect ritual is also prohibited. Prisska water is the simplest ritual black magic for sex. The main thing a man and a woman necessarily must have sexual contact.
Casting magic requires a glass of Holy water.
On the water during a full moon read the spell:
«Let the man who is with me to-mouth kissing, but in bed, lay down, let forget about the sorrows and troubles. Let my neck and arms wrapped around and lips passionate sizelove. Let the blue water is Holy in my life helps. Let you lead me on the leash, but let it be so, as I said. Amen.»
Black magic for sex using candy
Taken any candy and she recited the spell:
«like the candy you will be pleasant and sweet. So I loved thee. Amen. Amen. Amen.»
This candy is required to treat a man. While he will chew it, need 3 more times to whisper the spell. This ritual is able to attract a guy or a man only for a few days. But when performing this magic will not have negative consequences.
Strong black magic to have sex with a rope
Does white rope and make knots along the length. If the result is an even number of knots, the ritual can continue on. If an odd number, then the magic should be postponed for a few days. On a string with an even number of knots to say those words:
«No matter How long the rope was, the knot will still last. How would you (name) did not go away from me, my words will kill you. Let the soul loves, the servant of God name, the soul of (name). Amen. Amen, Amen.»
After that, the rope throws to home sagovornika. Powerful black magic spells for sex by using the Apple. Apples are very often used in magic rituals. Ritual conducted with them, have a rapid result. The magic begins to operate after a couple of days. This ritual is also able to bring my husband into the family. But the other woman will receive a negative consequence. It could be cancer. For the ritual is selected, the red ripe Apple, 3x4 picture of your beloved. The Apple is cut in half and the photo is placed between the two halves. To cut the fruit you want to buy a new knife. To do the ritual can be like night and day. After all preparations are done, Apple is taken in hand and read the spell:
«My beloved (name), come back to me (name). Come back to me forever, come back to me as soon as possible. Let forgotten other girls, let it be their faces smeared with mud. And is the girl that you took, let him die and rot. Let all my tears drop, it will pass. Let the breast of her hole is formed. Hear me, Mother Earth. I wish you and the sacrifice you bring.»
Then Apple buried in the ground along with the knife. As soon as Apple will make the worm come to pass magic.
Simple black magic for sex with cigarettes
Suitable only for smokers. Must be done at dawn, nothing should distract, requires complete silence. Takes one cigarette and on it is written the name of a loved one. Lit a votive candle, and  from the flame. Cigarette smoked to the end, and the ash is shaken in the left hand. The butt is also required to extinguish the same hand. After this spoken phrase:
«How to collect the ash, then we'll go.»
Next, the ash is blown away. The ritual with the help of socks. Bought a plain pair of socks. It is not recommended to choose print. At the time of purchase the phrase:
«Legs, wear a cute weave».
Then on the reverse side are embroidered with small crosses, and again, read the plot. These socks need to give a lover. Every time wearing them, he will think about you. To do the binding only if the person is confident in his love. Because most of the powerful black magic for sex are made for life, and cancel their effects very difficult. Clean magic per person is almost impossible. Need the help of a healer or caster. After the ritual it is necessary to conduct washing with salted water. At night it is recommended to recite the «our father».
Such treatments soothe the soul and heart. Remember that  strong black magic spell for sex should be undertaken only if you have the desire of physical satisfaction. After all, such rituals are not intended for long family relationships.
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